A Message From Nameless UnDEFINed

You guys all know Nameless UnDEFINed right? Poptropica blogger, blogging here since January, like me but way more famous and female and f-awesome? Well, she emailed me and told me to tell you guys that she’ll be a little inactive for the next few days-about a week, maybe even seven days, I don’t know. Anyway, she just wants to relax and take it easy for a while. I’m not sure if I should tell you guys this but her family got into a car accident and I guess she’s kind of stressed out about it. But anyway, the point is she’ll be inactive this week. So looks like you guys are stuck with me! I have so much planned. Hehehehehe……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



I really have nothing planned. I’m just gonna wing it. Kind of like school. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!?


9 thoughts on “A Message From Nameless UnDEFINed

  1. Thanks BK c: and it’s okay, I would’ve put the reason if I were posting it.



  2. I already knew about the accident. I was literally emailing her when it happened and she sent me a pic. Luckily, it’s nothing seriously and nobody was hurt. I guess you must be more freaked out then you let on, Nameless… I can’t wait to see your posts again. Don’t worry, everything will be alright! *whispering* PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME WITH BK!!!!!!!!!!

  3. O.O JK!!! JK, you know I love ya BK! In the friend way. I don’t even know you. EVERYONE CAN TELEPORT. BTW I love your posts too. Heh. TO SPACE!!!!!!

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