OMZ guys I am SO SORRY O_O My laptop broke, and I have been SO BUSY in the past few weeks, that I never got to post the winners of the Costume Contest D: Again, I am really, very sorry, but I will fix that soon.

I know most of you are ready, but I’ve got a surprise coming up, and I’m about to start posting The Nameless Adventures here again, so I’ll be more active. I hope you missed me, and if you didn’t, well too bad because I’m back 😛

I rated all of the winners on a scale from 0 to 10. 10 being the highest score you can get. I’ll also go through all of the comments that need to be moderated. Again, I am so sorry, and I can’t change it, but I will be posting them.

Also, in advance since my next post will be announcing the rankings of the Top 3 Entries, I will be asking to put your costumes on my Blog’s Costume Page (So please let me know in the comments). I’m going to be emailing BT or ST later and asking them if I can put the winning designs on the Costume Page here. No guarantees, but I’ll ask 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed



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