Greek Giveaway WINNERS!

Hey guys, just so you know I picked at random. Whether you won or not didn’t depend on A. Who you are ~ B. How often you comment ~ C. Where you entered. It was picked by random using THIS. Congrats to the winners, and for those who didn’t win, don’t worry I’ll do more of these! 😉

The Winner Of Hades:


The Winner Of Poseidon:


The Winner Of Zeus:


I’ll email everyone their account information later 😉 Congrats!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed



7 thoughts on “Greek Giveaway WINNERS!

  1. First comment! Lol. EEEEEEEE! Did I actually win something for once? Do my eyes deceive me? That’s actually my name? You should see the dance I’m doing right now! XDDDDDD!!!! Congratulations to the other winners of Zeus and hades and better luck next time to those of you who didn’t win. If I was able to actually win something this time, then anyone can win anything any other time! Lol

    • You won 😛 Yes, that’s your name xD I’ll email your account soon. I had a Doc Appt and got busy this morning.

      • I’m sorry for not sending it, I’ll get on my email now. I was in the hospital, so I didn’t get to have anything there electronic wise, no phone or tab 😦

      • I would like this post if I had a wordpress account but
        I don’t 😦 I’m liking it on the inside
        If it’s any consolation XD

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