Hey guys, sorry for the bad title, I really couldn’t think of anything else to put for it šŸ˜› So, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the Glitches Galore page, and they’re relating to each other (At least the ones I’m talking about are šŸ˜› ), in one way. Having log-in troubles.

See, a lot of people say they use Internet Explorer to play Poptropica. Well, I started with using that a very long time ago, before I was an old and un-wise woman. Then, when I came to blogging, I was using Google Chrome to play Poptropica. Then, Chrome began crashing too often (Long story, it was my laptop), so my dad said to try different browsers.

If you don’t really know what a browser is, but people tell you to try a different one, then let me explain. A browser is the type of Internet People Screen (I’m trying, okay? šŸ˜› ), and it shows the internet in different ways with different settings. Some browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The last browser I was using was Opera. But it made Updated Islands really slow, and Safari wouldn’t let me play it at all šŸ˜›

Keep in mind, my Operating System is Windows Vista, which is kinda old, and a lot of browsers are outdated for my kind of System. I’m saving up for a computer…

So, I tried Firefox for about 1 hour, and it wouldn’t let me play Poptropica AT ALL. Not to mention, it wouldn’t work for Xat either. Then I went to Opera, but it was slower. I have a slow laptop, who cares? Just be forewarne-

This is getting very off topic… The whole point of the post was to tell you guys that using Internet Explorer for Poptropica can possibly keep you from logging in if your Poptropican is on an Updated Island. There… So, try Opera if your OS is out of date too šŸ˜‰

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: Sorry, but I hope my rambling helped some of you…

PS AGAIN: I’m going through comments on the blog, and I’m replying some answers that will hopefully help them, or future readers, whether they’re old or not šŸ˜›


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  1. I used Internet Explorer as well and I cant log in on any browser now. The person at Poptropica trying to help me said it as a regional problem. So I cant ever log in again I guess šŸ˜¦

  2. ok thank you i emailed you but the email is not under the name Silver Fire. Its under the name Scarlett or Scarlett Rose. Thank you soooo much šŸ™‚

    • Sorry for the late reply, but I did get it, and Poptropica was acting up for me (My flash ya know?), so I’m going to try again.

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