Cloning Contest! :D

Well, this isn’t a contest, but this is a reminder you have about ONE WEEK from the time I’m typing this to enter my Costume Contest 😉 Please enter! Now for the cloning part 😛

So, I figured out a different cloning glitch, since someone who was trading me cheated me 😦 so I will be doing cloning again! Here’s some info:

  • USER AND PASS REQUIRED ~ If you don’t want anyone, including me, in your account, then I can’t clone it, sorry. I need to be able to LOG INTO your account to clone.
  • WHAT IT CLONES ~ It only clones the outfit you are currently wearing, no back-items, no membership, no Name. The Clone’s name is always “Red Lizard”
  • IS IT FREE ~ Yes, it is free. There are some instances where I will ask to make 2 clones. 1 for you, 1 for me. But I don’t charge money, or glitches. 

I think that’s it, comment if you need to 😉

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I will only do ohsomany per week, so please be forewarned you may have to wait a few days for your own clone. 


I cloned CO’s account (You can ask him 😛 ), and then he let me make my own clone of his outfit! Look: (Username: Zama-air) USERNAME: Clonesbynameless1


6 thoughts on “Cloning Contest! :D

  1. First comment! :p hey nameless, were you able to view the costumes I sent in for the contest? (Via email) if not, do you want me to try the avatar studio again?

    • Thanks 🙂 Most people who actually know the cloning glitch don’t even want to do it for some people as a favor, but I don’t mind *shrug*

    • I generally prefer to do it by email, or in private chats on Xat. If you want your account cloned, you have to have the items you want cloned ON your Poptropican (Excluding back items), and I will need your username and password, since yes, I must be logged in to clone.

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