Rumors, Rest, and Relaxati-*No! Get down! Stop it!*

Well, if you’re wondering about the title, my cat decided to jump on my head when I was thinking of it…. So much for the Relaxation part 😛 Onto the post.

Some of you may have heard some rumors, or seen some posts, of my quitting. Well, I’ll be honest, it’s half-true.

There are a lot of bullies in the Poptropica Blogging Community that I’ve learned about. Most of them are only bullies to a certain type of person, because they let things go to their head. It’s sad though, because they were once like me. Starting out. And a lot of those bullies, don’t like ME. I stand up for myself, whether they like it or not * shrug *. I don’t do well with Bullies, because that’s part of what makes them a bully. Fear.

Fear that they give other people… If I had a Poptropica Membership card for every time I’ve had a friend that was too scared to get in trouble, and a bad name in blogging from one of these Higher-Up Bullies, who is getting a lot of attention, and can say one word. Boom. They believe that person over my friend. I don’t care what those bullies say about me, I’ll be a voice. People hear me right? So I may as well help 😛 I don’t want to get anyone who works or comments on this blog in trouble, so I’ll stop here for this.

The point of the past few lines, before I began to ramble and get off track, was that I was quitting because someone was bullying me into it… I’ve been bullied offline before, and I’m not going to take that here. I began blogging so I could have the voice, that I couldn’t use offline. So why take it where I have my voice? I’m not going to quit because someone bullies me into it 😛 That’s why I’m not quitting.

I will eventually, but, not now. I’m not going to make someone who bullies people for fun, happy. I won’t be as active, in the time to come, seeing as how I want to do a lot over the summer, but hey, I’ll still be here.

Also, there’s a list of things I’ve done wrong going around, beware. Poptropica is a Child-Friendly game, and I blog about it. I’ve never said anything bad in my posts before, why would I start? Don’t let it change the way you think of me, or anyone else, because there wouldn’t be that list if it weren’t for bullies trying to push me out 😛 Which, they’ve said they were trying to do xD

I think I got sidetracked on this post, but I’ll be making one with my review of the runner-up islands soon, as well as announcing the next Runner Up. Sorry for the rambling post BT, and ST, as well as viewers. If you think it’s too off topic, feel free to let me know, I can remove it 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

#HashtagSignOff #LongPost #TheRambler #TooManyHashtags? #NeverEnoughHashtags

PS: ST, I followed you on Tweeter, log in 😛


8 thoughts on “Rumors, Rest, and Relaxati-*No! Get down! Stop it!*

  1. Don’t worry about bullies Nameless. They aren’t real. None of them are. They’re just empty-floating manifestations of nothingness just longing to be filled. Waiting for innocent creatures to stumble into their grasp. And then…nothing. Just…gone. These things are a danger to our paradise, but they aren’t real. They can’t hurt us if they aren’t real. The voices in my head. Those are real. They tell me what is real. They tell me what I must do.

      • I can tell 😛 Can you check your email in a few minutes or so? I need to ask you something 😛

        I asked BT for your email, and I completely forgot “Dude, I’m an editor, why don’t I just get his email from the comments? :s ” 😛

  2. 1. Your so right about bullies. I bet a know who started a lot of those “bad rumors, we talked about him/her over email.
    2. Don’t leave too soon, and try to keep on blogging. I love your posts! I also like BeastKings and Blake’s because they’re hilariously ridiculous.
    3. I believe it’s Twitter, not Tweeter. Sorry, I always correct that sorta stuff 😛
    4. What are the hashtags for?
    5. Confuzzled. :3

    • 1. Thank you, and he / she would just be one bully, there are more 😦
      2. Thank you! That means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to Blake and BK too!
      3. I call it that out of habit. My dad always calls it Tweeter, so I’m using reverse-psychology on him, by saying Tweeter, he’s starting to correct me saying “Twitter”. 😛 😈
      4. Hashtags are so you can search a certain Topic on Twitter I suppose. I just couldn’t think of a signature, so I’m using this for now….
      5. I love that word * goo *

  3. I don’t think you should take this down either, it’ll stop one or two rumors, maybe get a few jerks off your back, (you know who I’m talkin about) and educate people about bullies, at least a little bit.

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