HEY! Bet you guys didn’t miss me right? Left? Leave? Leaf? Trees! Trees everywhere. FOREST! It’s a forest! Black forest? White forest? GREY FOREST? PURPLE, GREEN, ORANGE, RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE, SALAMANDER PINK?!?AXOLOTLS! Mexico! AAAAAAAGH!!!! SO MANY THINGS IN MY BRAIN!!!


Ok,I’m better now. Anyway, I know I haven’t been blogging for a while recently at all, but I’m back from the dead! But I refuse to walk, so no, I will not be on any post-apocalyptic horror drama television shows. I promise I’ll start blogging again now that my exams are over but first thing’s first:I have to get the Generator Rex theme song out of my head.

So make way,to start a revolution,

Make way we’re gonna have fun tonight!




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