EDIT: HPuterpop has informed us that to best protect our accounts, we should probably keep them logged in, and opened in another window. I would do this, but I have too many accounts 😛 I suggest quickly changing your password and writing it down. Something with RanDoMLy cAPitAliZeD LEtTerS, and lots of numbers. Example:

BAD PASSWORD: I have a dog Ginger, and I love to tell people about her. I’ll make my password GinGer1pup


WARNING: Don’t use the same password I just put 😛 It’s just the random capitals and numbers that help. Remember to WRITE IT DOWN if you will not remember it well. Onto the post:

I don’t normally make posts like these, but this is a MUST. Someone is going around stealing accounts with Rare Things and it’s not funny. If they don’t change ALL the passwords back soon, then Poptropica can BLOCK their IP from playing… Did you know that? Well, then STOP. Here are the accounts that need to be returned. This is also a LEGAL CRIME because some of those accounts have PAID MEMBERSHIPS, which means you’ve BROKEN THE LAW. CHANGE THEM NOW.

  • TESSMARIAHGIO ~ This is my account. It used to have Membership. It has rare Costumes in the closet, which was PAID for.
  • CBRAREACCOUNT1000 ~ This is my Robot Account. It was stolen recently, seeing as how I can’t log in, and someone LOGGED INTO IT.
  • ROSS1DOG ~ This used to be a Member Account. This is my account… This was my best friend’s account, and he died… This is the last account of his I had left… Rare or not, this account means more to me than any other… UPDATE: HPuterpop “retrieved” the account and gave it to Nameless. Thank you HP.
  • DACLONER15 ~ This is an account of mine that I had kept away in tow for a giveaway on the blog… Now it’s gone 😦
  • DACLONER8  ~ Most of the Dacloner’s I have are gone… I know, I’ve given some away, but I kept track of the one’s I didn’t. This one, was one of them…
  • DACLONER2 ~ I guess I’m running out of accounts to log into 😦
  • LWDUMMY2  ~ I made this account a while back, but now it’s gone too.
  • IEGES39 ~ Made this a while back too, it still shows up in the Avatar Studio, but my written-down-password won’t work.
  • AHHHSNAKE! ~ Random account, just made it a month ago, Password Incorrect.

These are just accounts of mine that were stolen… Others include accounts from Pixel, Big Shark, HCM *(I believe it was retrieved though)* Little Singer *(Retrieved)*, and MANY, MANYmore… If yours was hacked or stolen, please comment. I’m going to be emailing this entire list to Poptropica and tell them they need some better security :s Please comment if you agree…

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed



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