So many Running Updates!

Sorry for the lame title, but I’ll get you the latest updates right now since BK did it last time 😉

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner ups in CYODIC announced!

The first few runner-ups in the CYODIC have been announced! Here are the Announced Islands, and click on them to read the interviews 😉 From Winning place, to last announced 😉

  2. BIKES VS. BOARDS ISLANDFirst Runner-Up of the CYDOIC
  3. FASHION CRISIS ISLANDSecond Runner-Up of the CYDOIC
  5. HOUSE OF CARDS ISLANDFourth Runner-Up of the CYDOIC

I’ll post my thoughts on each Announced Winner soon 🙂 Individually of course, that way I can include the Official Interview.

Mythology Island NFI (New Format Island) Available to Members Now!

You Members can now play the Updated Version of Mythology Island (Check out guide HERE). I’ll admit, it’s kinda buggy… And just so you guys know, Non-Members still can play the Island, just on the Old Format. Come Tomorrow though, Non-Members can play it NFI’d too!

(NOTE: When I logged in on my Member account to try something, it showed up as Member. I had done a glitch to play it the old way, as I had done to Time Tangled. I tried again without the glitch, and it was still Old Format.)

Happy Birthday Charlie!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Wowzers, I remember reading the book when I was in Public School… Man I feel old 😛 Read the Creator’s Post wishing a Happy Anniversary to Charlie Choco HERE.

Survival Island Episode 1 Guide

I know BT hasn’t had time to make a new guide, which would be for Survival Episode 1, and she has yet to respond to me uploading mine to the blog until she makes one of her own (Or if she wants to use it permanently, ya know, I’m fine with that 😛 ). So, you can check mine out HERE if you still need help

PS: Brave Tomato, or Super Thunder, I have one written for it already, and since I’m an Editor I can make a page for it, so please let me know if you would like me to upload it… Also, I’m almost done with one for Mission Atlantis Episode 1.

I’m running Out Of Updates

Honestly I am 😛 So I think that’s it, by the way, I got my own Twitter! Please please please check it out?

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I found a new sign off, so I just include a Hashtag with it now xD


5 thoughts on “So many Running Updates!

  1. Ugh I am so annoyed when I tried to play Mythology in the new format it said I hadn’t completed the island even though I had!!

    • It did that to me at Poptropolis Games… I completed it before it disappeared, and it didn’t say so!

      But I did complete Survival Episode 1 over 50 times 😀

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