The Nameless Adventures Episode 2-3

Well I know that Episode 2 was ruined in the great Hawaiian Punch Flood, but this post will make up for it. Let me explain what was going to happen in Ep. 2.

Lucky Snowball, one of Nameless’ 2 best friends, came to Spy Island to help them. Nameless is looking in the Garage next to the Bistro, for her special map. The special map radars the active Villains, and where they are. Episode 3 will be a little shorter than most episode’s, but only because Episode 4 is TWO PARTS!!!! So here is Episode 3, and R.I.P. Ep.2.

**CLANG** **CRASH*** *sigh*  This is getting worse than usual. The other’s are, Creator’s know where! Not to mention that I STILL have yet to find the map. If I were Nameless’ map, that Incredible Carrot was always stealing, where would I be. Exactly where Nameless saw IC with it last. (Oh GREAT Nameless, now you are talking about yourself as a third person! Guh-RATE!!!!) IC had stuck the map under her pillow, when I walked into the Homing, without her knowing!! OKEY-DOKEY! Where to next?? Boo-Yah… I run out of the Garage and towards where we docked the blimp. I see a couple of B.A.D. agents pushing along Poptropicans. Oh my POP! It’s Silver Penguin and Fearless Owl!! How the!????  SP saw me outta the corner of his eye and mouthed to me, Try it. It’ll work this time, there at the blimp already. Just go. When he says try it, he normally means glitching. He wants me to glitch, from HERE, to the blimp. Which is TWO MILES from here! (The last time I did it, I landed in Lucky’s lap at a business dinner, at the Bistro… He just told me spaghetti looks good on my elbow….) It’s worth a shot.

Yes! It worked !! I’m on the blimp!! Wait. I’m ON the blimp! ON TOP OF THE BLIMP!!! HELP!!!!!!!  A few minutes later I was inside and we were un-docking.    SD was the first to ask me the big question.    SD: So where are we going?? If you found the map, that is. And if you looked at it??           Me: SD, I found it, I looked at it, and found out where we are going… … …    SD: WHERE!??!?!??!?!    Me: Chill SD, it has the lowest villain levels right now, and PLENTY of places to hide. We are headed STRAIGHT for………

Sorry boys and squirrels, but this episode is a cliffhanger. I can’t tell you where they went until the next episode. But you are more than to guess in the comments. Hope you can wait that long!!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


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