An Apology-Filled Update!

Hello fellow freaks of nature! I know some of you are shouting stuff like:”GET THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES! ALSO WAKE LARRY UP! THAT LAZY BUM HAS GOT TO SEE THIS! AND HAND ME A TURKEY LEG! I HAVEN’T EATEN SINCE NOON! THIS IS A CHICKEN LEG! GET YOUR POULTRY RIGHT!”  Well PARDON ME for poor poultry identification skills! Also, I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging, it’s just that my examinations are coming in a month and apparently, I’m supposed to study?Weird. Anyway, time for a MEGA UPDATE!!! Update……..update……….update…………………… 

  1. Survival Island is now available on iPAD! Completely free! Well, you know, minus the cost of the iPad. So…………….top hats?What?
  2. MYSTERIOUS LINK! Where does it lead you to?Here’s a hint! It starts with an “M” and ends with “-ission Atlantis Island Info Page”. What’s that?You’ll have to see for yourself! MYSTERY………………………..
  3. The first episode of Mission Atlantis-Mission Atlantis:Into The Deep will be released to members next Thursday, April 17! Also known as BIRTHDAY THURSDAY! It’s Nameless UnDEFINed’s birthday! Or is it mine? Hmm……………OH YEAH! Survival Island:Crash Landing will also be released on that day to non-members because OF COURSE IT WILL BE!!!
  4. You know the iPad handheld that was started by the PHB but then the Creators were like “Oh no they didn’t!” and then they were like “There ain’t no such thing brotha! That was just some rumour!”Well IT IS REAL! It was a tablet handheld really. But as if any actual human can tell the difference right?

And that was all! PUT DOWN YOUR PITCHFORKS!!!


2 thoughts on “An Apology-Filled Update!

  1. Haha, happy early bday bk!

    And just letting you know, mine was March 29th and I started the iPad thing, which the PHB said was a lie* ….

    And don’t worry, I know I’m not keeping up with posting lately either… I’m working on my PreGED’s, and math kicks my butt….

    I like chicken….


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