The Nameless Adventures Prologue

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to wait until BT finished out with The Adventures of Curious Bee, but I may not be here that long… So I thought I would get started. Let me tell you something before I start though… I had written a first episode, but my sister spilled Hawaiian Punch on it… And I couldn’t rewrite it since I had finished writing the whole season already 😛

The DEFiANce, is a secret organization that protects glitches, from the Creator’s, and their destruction. The DEFiANce also protects Nameless. The glitch from the reset. That changed Poptropica forever. She is the most powerful glitch in all of Poptropica, because she was supposed to be deleted, in the reset, when her home disappeared. Nameless is from Monster Carnival Island. The reset, opened up her home, and the Creator’s took the entire thing down. Thus destroying all she’d ever known. Now her glitching is powerful, all the power, all the strength, from Monster Carnival, went into her code! Now she has the power of a Creator, but trapped inside the Poptropica Universe. She is the only glitch powerful enough to change the code… Sooo the Creator’s want her destroyed, the Villains want her to change the code to make them OFFICIAL ruler of Poptropica, and she just wants a break.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


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