Ok,you guys probably guessed that my last post was a joke, especially since all the capital letters spelled HAPPY APRIL FOOLS. Well this post is not a joke, DRUMROLL PLEASE! NO! What do you mean no? JUST SHOW THE TRAILER!

ANOTHER EPISODIC ADVENTURE! BOO! BAD PUN! Hey, I didn’t come up with it! It was in the trailer!


4 thoughts on “MISSION ATLANTIS!!!

  1. Thanks bk 🙂 I hadn’t gotten to post it since I had to go to the * shivers * hospital…..

    ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


    • Your welcome!Wait,I meant “you’re”. AGH! I forgot the apostrophe. I am ashamed. I apologize to everyone who reads this comment. I must go sit in a corner and shame myself.

  2. Hey BK, I don’t know your email, and you probably don’t want to post it in the comments, so expect an email from me. My email matches my name pretty well xD

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