The iPad Handheld Mystery

Hey there Awesome People! You’re so awesome, I thought I’d tell you what happened to the iPad Handheld everyone is raging over…

Some people, believe Blake and I, are lying that the iPad Handheld EVEN EXISTS. But listen to this…

Someone emailed Poptropica about it, and Poptropica said it never existed… If it didn’t exist, then why does it have its own SWF Link on Poptropica? Want to see Poptropica’s response? Here ya go!

Image credit to HCM

See… What a LOT of my friends and I are wondering… If it NEVER existed (A different email that I do not have access to), then WHY does it have its own SWF Link to Poptropica??????? Anyone else wondering?

Do you guys remember when they accidentally released the Virus Hunter Mini-Game BEFORE they were supposed to? And then when people emailed Poptropica, they said it was NEVER THERE and that it DIDN’T EXIST! Even though, a good Blogging Friend of mine, Brave Tomato saw it, AND posted about it! (I’ll put the link after I go through her blog to find it xD)

Well, it does exist… It was there… And it did exist… So, maybe Poptropica was attempting to cover a little mistake of theirs? I don’t know, I’ll be honest. I don’t… But what, what if they’re doing the same thing now? It was accidentally release during a bug, and now they’re trying to convince everyone that it doesn’t?

The iPad Handheld is the last SWF Link I can find for Items… The first Link before that, is a Prize Card for the Dragons: Riders of Berk Advertisement… But, think of the numbers… The Link for iPad Handheld, is 2523… The Card before that? 2520

The two numbers between them, are most likely future prizes for Dragons, or maybe more iPad stuff… But still… That card is pretty new, which means the iPad Handheld is real, it just hasn’t come to the surface yet.

I’m not going to say anyone is wrong, but I’m going to say this feels right. If you have any thoughts on the iPad Handheld Mystery, then PLEASE comment! It does NOT take an email…

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

NOTES: These thoughts are all from Nameless UnDEFiNed, if you would like to use them, please do not take credit for them. 


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