Love and Posts

Hey, random post here, I was browsing around the Poptropica Creator’s Blog for something to post about randomly, as usual, but I thought of going a different way.

I clicked on 2008, which as you all know is the year it all started. You know there were only SIXTY-FOUR POSTS that year? Oh my…

64, in one year… **Twitches** Do you know how many posts we already have for 2014? Obviously in the picture above, 41. And you probably just scrolled up to look at the picture again, since the first time you were busy staring at the red box xD Some of you at least.

Cool right? I mean, from the first PCB post, to the latest, do you want to know how many posts there have been?


Hah, well, there are actually 1,070… OVER ONE THOUSAND O_O **twitches again** I wonder what the 1,000th post was… I guess I’ll go look and make this post longer… Be right back. Well it figures… The 1,000 post (Unless I lost count again after the 7th time, then possibly something else…. Let me know if I am xD) is

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five years ago today

We were just looking through the archives and realized that we’ve been updating the Poptropica Creators’ Blog for over five years. That’s a long time!Five years ago today, Vlad the Viking posted a sneak peek of an Island we were working on. That turned out to be Astro-Knights Island, one of our most popular Islands of all time.Have you ever played Astro-Knights Island? Like the other 34 Islands on Poptropica, it’s free to play! So visit Poptropica now to see what you might have missed over the years.

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So, you want to do something awesome for the post? I say we get it to 1,000 `Love It’s`… There’s your challenge -_-
~~Nameless UnDEFiNed
PS: If you guys beat my challenge I will do something a little more awesome :)Good luck, and spread the word. 

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