WOW!That was a bright light.Ow.I think I’m seeing spots.

See that? Because I can’t. Luckily I have my pet bat Nightmare to read it out for me. Nightmare says SCREEEEEEEECH!!! Which means POGO STICKS ARE WANTED IN RUSSIA FOR THEIR SOFT, LUXURIOUS COATS AND THEIR HIGH PEACOCK LEVELS!!! Apparently that symbol is the icon for the upcoming POPTROPICA APP!!! YES!!! POPTROPICA IS COMING TO iPADS EVERYWHERE!!! The initial release will include the new beta-ified 24 Carrot and Time Tangled Islands! I will now proceed to slap myself until my vision returns. I wonder if shining a brighter light into my eyes will help. Peace out Poptropicans!
P.S. The brighter light did not help at all. I think I may be blind.


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