Cryptids and Mocktropica Collide?

I was logging into my cousin’s Poptropica Account this morning, and I noticed something… Well, let me start from the beginning…

She stinks at Poptropica 😛 Really stinks at it 😛 So she asked me to buy her this costume in the store, I think it was Prom Queen or Cheer Leader, I dunno… Maybe, ANYWAYS… She asked me to buy her this costume, so I logged into her account, and she was on Cryptids…

That’s it 😛 There’s the beginning, now to the reason this post was made, even though it’s seeming very boring…

Remember the trailer for Mocktropica Island? The one with the cows? Well, here it is. Watch it, and get a look at the guy in the green sweater…

Now, look at this guy…

Green Sweater Dude


See? I dunno if the Creators are trying to save characters, but if not… They need a new Costume Designer….. I know some peeps 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I know, boring post, the next one will be more interesting 😛


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