The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 42- Keep Calm and Venture On

Brave Tomato: Hi… BT here. …I’d rather not say what happened last time-

Audience Member: Where the heck have you been?! You haven’t posted a new episode since September! You do this every year-

Brave Tomato: In other news, a short while ago was the three-year anniversary of the first episode! Good times *slight smile*… well, let’s get started!

Audience Member: Hey, you didn’t answer my-

*curtains open*

Quiet Snake: *pinches self* OW! Oh come on… ow!

Bendy Tornado: What are you doing?

Quiet Snake: This is too bad to be true. I have to be dreaming. A really weird lucid dream. Little Miss K’s not back, Alice is alive, it has to be a dream! *heh* When I wake up, she’d probably be asking me what the heck is up with me, but oh well! Wake up, me! Wake up!!! OW!

Curious Bee: *puts hand on QS’s shoulder* I hate to say it, but it was true.

Quiet Snake: No! It’s not! It can’t be true!

Blue Skull: It is…

*A sad silence*

Curious Bee: As we were doing, we were going to EP…

Nice Sword: I think I see the island…

Curious Bee: We can stop at the Soda Pop Shop- a bite to eat could take our minds off of it.

*they land at EP*

*meanwhile somewhere on REd Island*

Violet: So you finally got rid of that Alice chick?

Krimson: She was gonna die either way anyway. I just did her a favor by getting her over it, Violet.

Violet: When are we gonna do something about Miranda, then?

Krimson: Soon, Violet, real soon…

*Violet notices a mark on Krimson’s skin*

Violet: You have something on your arm there, Krimson…

Krimson: Hm? *looks at arm* Oh… that. Don’t mind it, Violet. It’s nothing.

Violet: *blinks a few times* Um… Krimson? Why is it spreading-

*The mark on the skin starts to spread a little as if it is cracking like glass*

Krimson: I said don’t mind it!

Violet: But I will mind it, Krimson. Tell me what’s going on.

Krimson: It’s none of your buisness, Violet! I thought I taught you better than to ask such questions!

Violet: I have the right to be concerned, Krimson. Tell me what’s going on, now.

Krimson: *firmly* I won’t.

Violet: But the cracking skin is the sign of a tenebris-

Krimson: *reacts* How did you know!?

Violet: Krimson, when I first met you, I thought I was just dealing with an ordinary ghost girl who did a good girl gone bad kind of thing. I didn’t think you were a tenebris infesting a body! I let you out of that portal because I thought I could trust you! And you never even bothered to tell me you were a tenebris controlling someone?!

Krimson: *angry* I trusted you, Violet. And you turn away from me now of all times?!

Violet: The other ex-REd members were right, Ruby! You keep secrets and you don’t care about us! I did so much for you, but I don’t remember you ever returning any of my favors!

Krimson: DON’T! CALL! ME! RUBY! *shoots a fireball at Violet*

*Violet teleports away before the fireball gets to her*

Krimson: You know I will find you, Violet! * teleports*

*Back on Early Poptropica*

Quiet Snake: Another strawberry shake, please…

Waiter: Another one? Miss, that’s your fourth shake today!

Quiet Snake: Me an my friends have been going through some rough times, my friend. Rough times…

Waiter: That does sound like it stinks, miss, but you need to slow down on those shakes!

Blue Skull: You’re gonna give yourself brain freeze, Madeline!

Quiet Snake: Of course- ow… *holds head*

Curious Bee: Let’s just ask for the check and call it a day, QS…

Quiet Snake: Fine…

Curious Bee: Don’t worry, QS, it’s on me… *puts money down* Keep the change. *to the others* Let’s go… *gets up*

*as soon as they head out, Violet teleports the CB group over to her, in a field by the city of Early Poptropica*

Blue Skull: Huh?

Bendy Tornado: How did we get here?

Violet: Guys!

*the CB group turn and see Violet*

Curious Bee: You! You betrayed us! *has sword in hand*

Violet: Woah, woah, calm down, Miranda! Yes I did betray you-

Blue Skull: You’re darn right you did!

Violet: And I’m sorry!

Blue Skull: You better be sorry- wait, what did you say?

Violet: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. The only reason I did all of that was because I was… afraid…

Curious Bee: Of Krimson?

Violet: Yeah… of her… well, be careful, because I think she’s going to chase after me….

Nice Sword: *nervous* Uh…Violet?

Violet: You don’t have to call me Violet anymore. I mean, I didn’t know she was a tenebris! I didn’t want my soul to be corrupted too! I mean, I’m glad I broke away from her, finally. I even thought she was an outright villain!-

*Violet sees the nervous looks on the CB groups’ faces*

Violet: … she’s right behind me, isn’t she?

Krimson: Glad you finally noticed, Violet. *smirks*

Quiet Snake: NOPE NOPE NOPE! *runs away and hides behind a tree*

Krimson: …really?

Curious Bee: Krimson! *takes out her sword* Why did you kill Alice?! Why?!

Krimson: I’m not here for you yet, Miranda…

Curious Bee: That doesn’t answer my question, Krimson!

*Krimson sets up a wall of fire that seperates the CB group from her and Violet*

Curious Bee: Gah!

Krimson: Now where were we Violet?

Violet: Stop this, Ruby!

Krimson: Don’t call me that!

Violet: Don’t call me Violet!

*The CB group can’t really see what’s going on behind the firewall, but they know that a battle is brewing between them*

Bendy Tornado: What’s going on!?

Curious Bee: I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good!

*A fireball that was dodged by Violet dashes through the wall, missing them just barely*

Group: GAH!

Quiet Snake: What’s going on!?

Curious Bee: *looks intently at the wall*

*cut to Krimson’s and Violet’s battle. Violet’s back is against a tree as she struggles*

Krimson: You know, Violet, you’re much stronger than I thought you would be.

Violet: My name’s not Violet! It’s Viola!

Krimson: *darkly* You were a coward this whole time, you know, for sticking with a tenebris. Even when I was gone, you were afraid the rest of my kind would come after you for not rescuing their queen. I thought you were supposed to be a brave one, Violet. I thought you were supposed to be my spy.

Violet: Ruby! If you can hear me, don’t let Krimson over take you! Snap out of it! Break free! Break free, Ruby! She’s still there! Break free!

Krimson: I’ll break. But not free.

Violet: *shouts* Good luck, Mirand-

*she takes her black-poisoned blade and swipes it across Violet’s neck, and Violet  disintigrates*

Krimson: Goodbye, Violet. You were a good ally.

Curious Bee: *can hear her and gasps* Viola!

Krimson: *looks at the wall of fire* Oh, of course. Them. *puts firewall down*

Curious Bee: *runs up to her* What did you do to Viola?!

Krimson: *keeps CB a certain distance away by pointing her sword in front of her* I only sent her where ghosts are meant to go, that’s all… just like Sasha had, except…involuntary.

Curious Bee: Why is your skin cracking?

Krimson: It’d be foolish of me to tell you until you find out for yourself, Miranda.

*she disappears*

Curious Bee: ?…

Quiet Snake: ………I need another milkshake…

Bendy Tornado: You have had enough, Madeline…. and we all have had enough of Krimson.

Curious Bee: I agree. I’m tired of waiting! We need to end her once and for all…

Nice Sword: You know she’s a tenebris…. Dr. Jupiter told us about them…

Bendy Tornado: *sternly* Dr. Jupiter was never honest with us, though. Although the existance is true, verified by Viola, the facts he told us are likely lies.

Nice Sword: That’s true…. I guess that means we need to do research I guess…..

Curious Bee: But where’s a decent library?…

Quiet Snake: We’re in the 21st century, CB! We can check the internet! There’s an internet cafe over in Counterfiet Island we can check…

Curious Bee: That sounds good to me… *looks on* You know guys, what’s coming up is probably going to risk everything. All we can do is keep calm and venture on, y’know. There will probably be more sacrifices and stuff…. but once this is all over, we can, you know, move on…

Quiet Snake: I can’t wait until that day!

Blue Skull: Seriously!

Curious Bee: Well… to the internet cafe we go!

*the CB group head off to the blimp. As soon as they go off, a figure reappears by the tree*

Violet: *smirks* Too bad for Krimson, I got myself out of the blade’s way just in time……….. *vanishes again*

*curtains close*

Audience Member: Aren’t you gonna answer my question now?!

Brave Tomato: Um…. yeah, about that. I have an important announcement to make. This season will be the last in the 3-year-long Curious Bee series. I have no idea if you’ve been on the Official Guide page lately, but it does say it there too. And Episode 45 + epilogue will be the series finale. It does kinda pain me to say this, it really does. But it does have to end eventually, and it’s coming pretty close. I just thought you’d like to know… it’s better to say this now instead of waiting for that episode to come and you guys be confused when I start talking about an “epilogue” mid-episode.  I’ll give more details on it in the future, but in the meantime, BT out on this tone… *walks off stage*

9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 42- Keep Calm and Venture On

  1. I will continue Curious Bee if I have to!! Besides, CB is meh idol!!! Brave Tomato. May I continue this series when it ends?

  2. Wowzers… The end? This was the series that inspired me to become a writer………. Well, I guess nothing lasts forever 😛

    I don’t know if I’m not supposed to ask, but if you haven’t already written to the epilogue… If you need anymore characters between now and then, would you use me? My name at least 😛

    I love the CB series. *pinches face* Owie.. X(

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