Mad Labs

Ok,this may be one of the greatest milestones in Poptropica history so this has to be a very serious blog post.BESTOW THY FRUITS UPON THOU BOXERS.Anyway,the Creators have added an EPIC new feature,which,unfortunately,is for members-only(RAGE SESSION).Enter the POPTROPICA LABS!!!See,it’s important because it’s in bold and in all caps.It also has 3 EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!



Basically,it’s a feature where members get to test around with props and create their own islands!Yes,that’s right.The members have been given godly powers.(2ND RAGE SESSION)Oh well.Peace out Poptropicans!

P.S. To access the Poptropica Labs,just log on and click the second button in the announcements box on the Home screen(see the first pic?)HOOT HOOT!


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