The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 41- Point Break

Brave Tomato: *walks onstage* Hey guys, BT here-

Audience Member: Hi. When will the CB group get here for the Q+A special? I have a question for them.

Brave Tomato: …you missed the Q+A special. That was last episode.

Audience Member: Oh come on… *frowny face*

Brave Tomato: Well, like I said, last time we saw the CB group was the Q+A special. And before we begin the episode, I’m pleased to announce that this is the season premiere of Season 5! πŸ˜‰ So sit back and enjoy the show!

*curtains open*

*A portal appears and the CB group are transported back to where they docked their blimp on the REd HQ island.*

Alice: Can someone care to explain to me what the whole question thing was about?

Curious Bee: None of us have any idea what goes on in that Stargirl’s head. I mean, she’s on our side, but she’s really odd.

Quiet Snake: Adam… need you remind us- WHY THE HECK ARE WE ON REd ISLAND?

Adam: I just want to check on some things at the HQ quickly.

Nice Sword: Umm… okay… *is a little suspicious*

*The CB group navigate in the direction of the cave*

Quiet Snake: I totally forgot how rugged this dang place is! I hate it!

Blue Skull: Yeah, well, we hate being here in general.

Alice: I’m just following you guys to where we’re going… I have no clue what you guys are talking about with this REd HQ stuff…

Curious Bee: …oh. There it is. *points to the cave*

Bendy Tornado: The cave into REd HQ…

Quiet Snake: As creepy as ever.

Curious Bee: Well… let’s go in I guess…

*The CB group and Adam enter the cave*

Nice Sword: Watch your step… there might be critters that call this place home now…

Quiet Snake: Critters? o,o

Blue Skull: Like a bear?

Nice Sword: Yeah like a- wait, what?

Blue Skull: ‘Cause, you know, bears live in caves.

Quiet Snake: Please don’t bring the thought, Eric.

Blue Skull: *looks at QS and grins* Not only bears live in caves… LIONS DO TOO-

Nice Sword: Alright, enough, Eric!

Blue Skull: Oh come on, you guys are no fun!

Alice: Shut up…

*The CB group finally reach the end of the cave*

Quiet Snake: Spiderwebs everywhere… I hate spiders…

Blue Skull: Ooh, maybe one of them is a black wido-

Nice Sword: Eric!

Alice: Does anybody else think it’s hot in here?

Adam: *looks around carefully* Everything is dusty in here… a good sign that these have been untouched for a while…

Curious Bee: That’s good news.

Adam: There’s the Portal to Nowhere- over there!

Curious Bee: Ooo boy…

Bendy Tornado: It looks pretty dusty…

Adam: I’ll check it out. *places hand on Portal to Nowhere* I can tell when an invention is used last simply by touch.

Alice: *fans self to cool self down* A superpower of yours?

Adam: No, I was always able to figure it out. The Portal to Nowhere was last used 12 months ago. *blinks* Huh?

Bendy Tornado: What is it?

Adam: The Portal was last used 12 months ago. However… everything that happened here, including Krimson’s banishment took place 14 months ago. That means that someone might have had operated the portal after Krimson was sent to Nowhere…

Curious Bee: What?

Alice: It’s hot in here… wow… I’m seeing spots…

Adam: I could be wrong though… it has to be a miscalculation. It has to be.

Bendy Tornado: I hope it’s a miscalculation.

Alice: More orange spots in my sight.. great…

Curious Bee: Alice? Are you okay?

Alice: I’m fine, Miranda… *faints*

Nice Sword: Oh!

Curious Bee: We should get out of here- it is hot in here… Alice is probably suffering from heat exhaustion.

*QS puts a cold cloth on Alice’s forehead and the boys help Alice up. In a short time, Alice regains consciousness-*

*Alice screams*

Bendy Tornado / Blue Skull / Adam: ??!!

*Alice jumps out of the boys’ arms and runs down the cave*

Curious Bee: Hey, wait up!!

Quiet Snake: Where’ya going?

*Alice doesn’t respond. The heat and her own conflicted emotions combined make her feel unstable inside…but then she trips and falls.*

Alice: *pants* Ow… this is just too crazy…

Quiet Snake: Alice!

*the group approach Alice*

Adam: Hey, what was that all about? Why did you run away?

Alice: Get away from me! All of you!

Curious Bee: Huh?

Alice: You know dang well what ‘Im talking about- I’m in a group of dimwit misfits!

Curious Bee: What do you mean?

Alice: Madeline, you are a bratty little twat who does nothing but whine all the time! Whining about every flaw in life!

*QS stares in shock, tearful*

Alice: Zachary, you’re depressed and you angst about your past all of the time! It is annoying the heck out of me!

*Bendy looks down*

Alice: Gabriella, you think you’re the nicest person in the world. Guess what? There’s no such thing as a truly nice person, so get your mind out of the gutter!

*Nice Sword looks at Alice, very confused*

Alice: Eric, you are the most unfunny “comedian” I’ve ever sacrificed my ears to listen to. Your jokes are scaring others and you’re too blind to see that!

*Blue Skull looks at Alice, plain irritated*

Alice: You ghosts, you are not supposed to exist! You should be off la-dee-da-do-day-ing in the clouds or whatever!

Adam: What do you know about ghosts?!

Curious Bee: Alice-

Alice: And you, Miranda. Why is it always you in the spotlight? Every situation we’re in, you’re always the one that saves the day. You’re happy. You have everything you ever wanted: a boy, a group of friends, the opportunity to do whatever your heart desires! What about me? You’re inconsiderate of the rest of the group, and you’re too selfish to realize that! You’re dragging me into this ghost charade that I’d NEVER wanted to be a part of, and it’s giving me nightmares every night! I’m sick and tired of this- I QUIT!

*Alice storms off*

Curious Bee: Alice!

*Ignoring her, Alice disappears into the cave’s darkness*

Nice Sword: What just happened?

Blue Skull: Alice finally blew her top, I guess.

Adam: She can’t go far without a sure way off the island.

Bendy Tornado: We should give her some time to calm down… maybe it was the heat that got to her head or something….

*the group start walking toward the outside of the tunnel*

*meanwhile already outside…*

Alice: *paces outside the cave* Why did I get myself into this? This is pointless, stupid, and… now I’m trapped here, probably. Given my attitude to them, they’d be happy to leave me here. Did I really mean what I said? I’m not so sure anymore. *breathes in and out* Oh, I can’t be a hero like this. The time with Black Widow and Mr. Silva didn’t count… As much as I wish. I want to save the world, not just a community!

Krimson: *mind message to Alice* My dear Alice, what are you doing? I thought you wanted everything Miranda had. That was what you said to me.

Alice: What do you want?

Krimson: *mm* For you to get back to the group and continue being my dear little spy. *firmly* We had a deal.

Alice: Why should I listen to you? You’re even worse than they are!

Krimson: *mm* Am I?

Alice: You’re an insane wreck who hates being called by her real name. You loved a jerk, he cheated on you, and you killed yourself over it. Why can’t you just get over it?

Krimson: *mm* Shut up or I’ll-

Alice: Or you’ll what? Kill me? That’s your solution for everything: kill kill kill! Bloodshed wont change the past.

*Krimson appears next to Alice*

Krimson: Oh my oblivious dear Alice, I know that it won’t change the past… but it certainly will change the future. It’s my form of happiness. You have your happiness out of some things, I have my way of achieving happiness.

Alice: Your way is just very twisted.

Krimson: It’s easy too. *has sword in hand* Easy as one…

*Krimson telekinetically thrusts Alice against the cave wall*

Alice: Ack!

Krimson: Two…

*She places her hand around Alice’s neck against the wall to hold her down, choking her at the same time*

Krimson: …three.

*Krimson stabs Alice in the stomach*

Krimson: You know too much, my dear. I’d hate to get rid of my spy, but you disobeyed my orders. Now I’ll ensure you to rid you of your misery, making sure your ghost never comes out. You should really thank me, they’re not coming back anyways. *in a whispery tone* Besides, I told you blood would be shed if you didn’t follow my orders.

Alice: *gacks, lowly* You’re a coward. A big, freaking coward.

*Unbeknownst to Krimson, the CB group and Adam are exiting the cave*

Krimson: *twists the sword* You seem to have forgotten that I’m the one with the sword-

Quiet Snake: *screams* Alice!

*Krimson turns her head to see the CB group, horrified*

Curious Bee: *horrified* You!


*Adam runs towards Krimson, but before he can do anything, she disappears*

Alice: *quietly* Guys…

Nice Sword : Oh my gosh…

*the CB group run to Alice’s side*

Quiet Snake: I have bandages! Oh, and use this jacket that’s too small on me as a tourniquet!

Alice: Thanks, Maddie, but I don’t think that’ll change anything…

Blue Skull: Don’t say that!

Alice: I’m sorry…for everything I said… especially to you… Curious Bee…

*there is shock that Alice didn’t call CB by her middle name*

Bendy Tornado: We accept your apology, Alice.

*The rest of the group nod their heads*

Alice: Thank you so much…

Adam: It doesn’t have to be too late. I can teleport us to a hospital.

Alice: I think I’d… *voice trails off*

Curious Bee: You think you’d what?

*no response*

Curious Bee: Alice?

*still no response*

Curious Bee: Alice??!

*still nothing*

Curious Bee: No no no…. stay with me! Alice, stay with me, please!

Adam: I’m sorry, I can’t revive her with that kind of wound.

*CB gapes and closes Alice’s eyes and mouth*

Curious Bee: *cries* If I had known she was out there, I wouldn’t have let this happen to you! I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry…this is all my fault…

Adam: It’s not your fault, Miranda…

*QS breaks down and cries, and Nice Sword hugs her, comforting her. Bendy Tornado looks down, angry, and Blue Skull tries to reassure him*

Adam: Hey, Miranda, can you let me take a closer look at Alice for a second?

*CB moves out of the way and lets Adam take a closer look.*

Adam: Hm… Hey guys, um, I need to tell you something.

Curious Bee: What?

Adam: Not everything that dies can turn into a ghost. If you put in enough black poison on the wound, then the ghost would never form. Krimson has used that technique when she kills people, so their ghosts don’t come after her. However, occasionally, she doesn’t put enough black poison on her blade and the ghost appears anyway. Krimson would then have to send them away on her own. She did that to some spirits, including the spirit of the Kensies’ teacher.

Curious Bee: Black poison? Well, is there any in Alice?

Adam: Unfortunately, there is… but I’m not sure how much she has…

Quiet Snake: Oh my gosh…

Blue Skull: I can’t believe this just happened…

Nice Sword: I thought we took care of Krimson.

Curious Bee: I know… the thing is someone would have to have opened the portal, either by accident or on purpose. I doubt over-curious tourists come here…

Adam: The only people who know about this place are you guys and the members of REd. It has to have been one of the ex-REd members… my money’s on Violet- she was close with her.

Bendy Tornado: I think so too.

Curious Bee: That’s a good point.

Nice Sword: Adam, is there a soil-filled area on this island so we can take care of Alice?

Adam: Yeah… I’ll take care of Alice…

Quiet Snake: I don’t wanna be here anymore…

Nice Sword: Okay, QS…

Quiet Snake: Gertrude, I don’t want to be on this island any more…

Nice Sword: Okay, I’ll go with you…

Curious Bee: I’ll meet you guys at the blimp. I’m going with Adam.

*CB follows Adam*

Curious Bee: *looks down*

Adam: If this is bringing you down so much, why are you coming with me?

Curious Bee: I want to be there for her, that’s all.

Adam: If you want, you’re more than welcome to. I’ll bring Cameron over and she’ll help us.

Curious Bee: Okay…

*they reach a relatively peaceful part of the island with grassy grounds and soil*

Adam: Here we are…

Cameron: *appears nearby* Hey Adam and Miranda, what’s going on- OH MY GOSH! What happened?!

Curious Bee: Krimson…

Cameron: But I thought she was-

Adam: Apparently not.

Curious Bee: *sighs*

Cameron: I’m sorry….

Curious Bee: …

Adam: Cameron, can you help us bury Alice?

Cameron: Her ghost hasn’t formed yet, right?

Adam: No, and Im unsure if it ever will.

Cameron: Black poison?

Adam: Yeah.

Cameron: I’ll bury her…

*a portion of the ground opens up and Alice is placed in the hole, then the ground closes over her. Cameron forms a couple of flowers and plants them on the ground*

Curious Bee: I have no idea why she targeted Alice…

*Marcus appears nearby*

Marcus: I know why.

Curious Bee: Why?

Marcus: I went into her memories… that day she got lost in the woods, she encountered Krimson, who tried to make Alice her pawn, in a way. Alice was actually really jealous of you. Over time, that pressure got the better of her and she had a point break, criticizing everyone, including Krimson. Being the ticking time bomb Krimson is, she killed Alice as a result.

Curious Bee: Wow…

Cameron: Wow indeed.

Curious Bee: …I think I’m gonna go.

Adam: Bye…

*CB heads back*

*at the blimp*

Blue Skull: This really sucks…

Bendy Tornado: It does.

Nice Sword: Hey look, CB’s coming back.

*CB climbs back onto blimp*

Blue Skull: How’d it go?

Curious Bee: It went alright.

Bendy Tornado: From here, all we can do is move on.

Quiet Snake: Move on? Move on?! How do you expect us to move on after this?!

Bendy Tornado: We just do.

Nice Sword: We should just take a short break from exploring new islands… we can go to EP and settle down for a day or two, and when we’re ready, we move on.

Curious Bee: Good idea…

*the blimp flies off*

*curtains close*

*the stage is empty*

Random Narrator: *through a loudspeaker* Greetings audience. I am the random narrator from the very first episode. Brave Tomato is being a crybaby at the moment, so I’ll conclude this episode for her. Have a good Friday the 13th. *click*

Brave Tomato: *offstage* I am NOT a crybaby! *sniff*

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  1. Wowzers……………………………………………………….. Oh my Zeus……….. It’s just…. Wowzers….


      • Eep!! BT just replied to a comment of mine!?!? Wowzers!! I sent fan art of you getting stuck on skullduggery….. You were kinda green. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†


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      • I’m sorry if I’m off-topic, but do you guys ever hire?? Since I started viewing your blog a little while back, you haven’t gotten any new authors……..


    • Thanks! I actually didn’t cry while writing this episode, but I did cry while writing Cameron and Marcus’s CB Xtra. I dunno why.

  2. ERmergerdness. I love your blog! Just found it a while ago, and it seriously helps me through islands(: I’m on my 24th one now!
    -Lone Flame

  3. Next episode can there please have more bloody bit please? You can add like a spoiler tag for bloody bits. Oh, and XD for Alice’s death.

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