The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 40- Q+A Special

Brave Tomato: Oh, it’s been a while since I did this…

*a portal opens up and the CB group stumble out of the portal*

Curious Bee: What the?

Alice: What the heck is going on???

Quiet Snake: I thought we were done with random portal travels!

Brave Tomato: Sorry, guys. I know it’s been a while, but portal traveling is not over.

Alice: Who the heck are you?

Brave Tomato: Hi, Alice, Brave Tomato, entertainer, in the flesh!

Alice: …hi. How did you know-

Curious Bee: It’s a long story.

Brave Tomato: Besides, tonight, you’re not the ones asking the questions. You’re answering them!

Alice: What-

Brave Tomato: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Episode 40 Q+A special!

*the group sees the audience*

Blue Skull: A what?

Brave Tomato: A Question and Answer special! You’re going to answer questions from the audience! Come on, come on, sit down.

*The CB group sits down on chairs set up on the stage*

Quiet Snake: Why are we doing this?

Brave Tomato: Because I say so. Now hustle! You have 20 questions to answer and little time to do so!

Alice: *to group* What the heck is going on? How did we get on stage?

Bendy Tornado: To this day, we don’t understand any of this stuff.

Brave Tomato: Let’s start this thing off, shall we? We’re only limited to 20 questions so… let’s start this thing off, shall we? *turns to CB group* Just answer the questions, please. Don’t ruin this for me. *to audience* Let’s see… how about you? *points*

Strange Cat: *stands up* This question’s for you, Alice. What are the islands you’ve completed?

Alice: *groans* Why did I get the first question-

*BT glares at Alice*

Alice: …what was the question? The islands I’ve completed?  Well, there’s that freakazoid spider lady and her island…that’s one… and then there’s the island with the crazy psycho teacher guy…that’s two. And if you count the incident at that dang prison, that’s three. I don’t count it, though- I was a witness to that. *glares at CB*

Curious Bee: What?

Alice: Nothing. So that’s two. Two islands completed.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Beefy Whale: I have two questions, actually. CB, how old are you?

Curious Bee: I’m 15. Kinda weird if you ask me. I started exploring when I was 12, so time flies really fast, I guess. My birthday’s in April.

Beefy Whale: And to Blue Skull, on what island were you born?

Blue Skull: I was born on 24 Carrot Island. My cousin lived nearby, so we used to hang out and stuff. But then we moved to Time Tangled shortly after my little sis, Icy Frieda Skull, was born. She’s….7 now? As much of a pain in the butt as she used to be, I miss her.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Small Thunder: I have 3 questions. First to Quiet Snake: since when did you keep start keeeping so many things in your bag?

Quiet Snake: I got this bag from my mom when I was 9. She said that when I was ready, I couldd use this thing on my journey! Well, I thought I was ready too early, so I ran away. This bag never left my side. It has a ton of pockets and can hold a bunch of these card-a-ma-jigs. *takes out a clear cube, then borrows CB’s glasses*

Curious Bee: Hey-

Quiet Snake: Just place an object into one of these cubes- *puts glasses in cube and it contracts into a card*- and it could fit easily into the bag!

Alice: So THAT’s how you do it… I never knew that those things seen on TV actually work.

Curious Bee: Can I have my glasses back, please?

Quiet Snake: Sure! *presses button and the card becomes her glasses again, then she gives them back to CB* I’m done.

Small Thunder: *slight laugh* Anyways… Nice Sword, how did you know about Krimson’s past when she kidnapped you?

Nice Sword: Oh, that. I didn’t know Krimson’s backstory right away. You see, while CB was fighting her I don’t know where, Callie snuck in and told me about Krimson’s past, so I can use it to my advantage and feel useful during that final encounter. I couldn’t believe she was actually a cheerleader.

Brave Tomato: See Everred Plot Part 2: Inferno for details.

Nice Sword: Huh?

Small Thunder: Last question. Bendy Tornado, what’s your favorite island and why?

Bendy Tornado: Nothing beats my home island, Shark Tooth Island. Nothing. When I was young, I used to go to the beach all the time, but then that Booga shark came and my family didn’t want me near the water at the beach anymore. However, I’m still proud to call it home. The island’s recovering from the attack day by day, and I’m sure things will be fully functional again soon.

Brave Tomato: I can connect…. anyways, next question! *points*

Young Singer: CB, do you miss Sasha, or wish that she was still with you? I mean, you guys are the best of friends, right?

Alice: Who’s Sasha?

Curious Bee: *sigh*

Bendy Tornado: *to Alice* She doesn’t like to talk about it much.

Curious Bee: No, no, it’s fine. I do miss her. A lot. I mean, when I was in Captain Crawfish’s dream, I swear I really wanted to knock over those beds, hammocks, and cannons those pirate copies were sleeping on, as revenge for being the one responsible for her death. I am sad that she’s not physically with me, but I know that she’s in a better place now, so I’m happy for her as well. There are times though when I especially miss her.

Brave Tomato: Next question…. *points*

Speedy Whale: Quiet Snake, what island did you grow up on? Did you ever move from island to island?

Quiet Snake: I grew up in EP, like CB did.

Curious Bee: You did?

Quiet Snake: Yeah, but not in the same establishment as you, though. My family and I have a summer home in Shark Tooth Island, but that’s about it. My main home was always in EP, but Shark Tooth has my summer home. *thinks* Speaking of, was that place damaged at all?

Brave Tomato: A hole in the roof like most of the other houses, that’s all.

Quiet Snake: Oh okay, phew!

Brave Tomato: Next… *points*

Silver Noodle: Hey “Lauren”… ha, just kidding! Nice Sword, if you could live on any island, where would it be and why?

Nice Sword: Oh yeah, you’re one of the ones we met on Reality TV Island! *laughs a little* Anyways, I’d live on 24 Carrot Island- I mean, that’s my home island anyways, but I love that place because everyone there is so nice! The mayor’s social and the diner’s good! The short period I was rebuilding 24 Carrot was really cool… until I got kidnapped.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Rough Fang: Quiet Snake, I notice you stuff a lot of things in your bag. This makes me wonder, how much food can you stuff in your mouth without swallowing?

Quiet Snake: *eye twiches* What do you want me to do?

Brave Tomato: You’re the answerer, Madeline. You don’t ask. You heard the asker loud and clear.

Quiet Snake: Next question please!

Curious Bee: Come on, Quiet Snake. The asker didn’t ask to demonstrate, he just asked in general.

Quiet Snake: I can fit pretty much fit as much as any other human being can- hey! Are you saying I have a big mouth??

Brave Tomato: Sorry about the manners, let’s move on to the next question… *points*

Tough Icicle (Samwow5): CB, do you want to kiss Bendy?

*awkward silence*

Tough Icicle: I had to let the question loose. *laughs a little*

Quiet Snake: Miranda an’ Zachary, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-

Bendy Tornado/ Curious Bee: Madeline! *blushing*

Brave Tomato: Um, you haven’t answered the question CB.

Curious Bee: I guess…?

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Chilly Dragon: This is to you all as a group: Did you ever take the time to thank Brave Tomato for making you all exist in Poptropica, for making all this happen, well, not the bad stuff?

Curious Bee: What are you talking about?

Bendy Tornado: Making us exist?

Quiet Snake: Huh?

Nice Sword: Wha?

Blue Skull: Making all of this happen?

Alice: I’m lost.

Brave Tomato: … you’re welcome. -.- Next question… *points*

Bronze Glove: Hey, CB, do you miss your mom?

Curious Bee: I do. Despite everything in the past, I really do. I forgave her at the Christmas play, but we still keep in contact-

Brave Tomato: Off-camera.

Curious Bee: Huh?

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Wicket: Curious Bee, what do you do for fun in Early Poptropica?

Alice: Oh come on, why is she getting all the questions now?-

*Nice Sword elbows Alice*

Alice: Oww…

Curious Bee:  When I was really little, I used to play with a little toy blimp. I’d fly it all over the backyard of my house, declaring stories as I went along. I guess that started my whole curiousity with actual travelling. When I got a little older, I liked to go to the Arcade and Soda Pop Shop, visit the museum and sometimes visit the old part of town.

Brave Tomato: Next! *points*

Syuva: Everyone, why are you so COOL??

Curious Bee: Cool?

Alice: We’re cool?

Curious Bee: We don’t know how to respond to that without sounding like total egos.

Brave Tomato: *shrugs* Next question! *points*

Nameless UnDEFined: Have you ever thought of letting a Poptropica GLITCH join the CB group?

Curious Bee: Well, we haven’t met one yet… but if he or she asks and is nice enough to go along, then why not?

Brave Tomato: Next… *points*

Loyalty (Gentle Toes): Hey Bendy, how did you come to the vandalizing gang when you were younger?

Bendy Tornado: You see, I was friends with one of the gang members, Big Bones. We were both pretty decent artists, and he dragged me into it. I was a little confused back then, and I didn’t realize how serious vandalisim really is, until we went with a bigger project I dropped out of. Thank goodness I did, though.

Brave Tomato: Next! *points*

Fierce Ring: CB, do you think there’s an afterlife for Sasha? If so, what do you think it’s like?

Curious Bee: I have no clue. But all I think of it as is a better place for her. I don’t know, really. I don’t know.

Brave Tomato: Okay guys, we only have 2 questions left! Anybody have any more?


Brave Tomato: …anyone?

?: I have two.

*A hooded figure stands up. The audience members look at the figure confused*

Brave Tomato: Okay… what’s the questions?

?: To everyone else in the group besides Miranda, how does it feel to be upstaged by Miranda every adventure you’re in?

Curious Bee: I don’t upstage anyone-

?: Save it, hero. And Alice, dear, how do you really feel about being in the group?

Alice: Well, um, they’re nice people and-

*the hooded figure disappears*

Brave Tomato: Umm… who was that?

*the audience murmurs among themselves*

Brave Tomato: *to group* Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to answer those last two questions. Looks like someone decided to break in and ruin the mood. Again.

Curious Bee: What was that all about?

Brave Tomato: No clue-

*Adam appears*

Adam: Hey, CB and company! How did you guys get here??? I mean one minute you were next to me and the next you just… disappeared!

Curious Bee: It’s a long story.

Brave Tomato: Well, I guess it’s time for you to head back! Um… good luck.

Alice: Good luck?

*a portal appears and the CB group and Adam go through*

Brave Tomato: *awkwardly* So there you have it, peeps! This had been the Q and A special! Special thanks to our askers who participated! Except that last one in the hood. BT out!

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27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 40- Q+A Special

  1. YAY!! I’m in a post by Brave Tomato !!! EEEP!!! This is AWESOMENESS!!! I’ve been wanting to ask that question for months. BTW I’m a Poptropica Glitch, that’s why I’m Nameless…. And again THIS IS AWESOMENESS!!>!>!>!>!>!!

  2. Umm, I know this is off-topica, but do you guys EVER hire Authors?? I’ve been coming ot this blog for a while now, and I haven’t seen any new ones… Plus, FYI this blog is the reason I became a Poptropican Blogger in the first place 🙂

    Nameless UnDEFiNed

  3. LOLLLLLLLLL I’t’s me Brave Eye… old bloggers may remember me…. I’m only coming back for you Brave Tomato and your stories……. I don’t play poptropica any more…. Say hi to Magic Star…. When I first saw Tough Icicle i was like what the hel??

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