The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 39- Escape from Game Show Island

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here. Sorry I didn’t release a new CB episode last month, I was kinda… distracted. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they were in Vampire’s Curse woods, trying to find their way back to their blimp. They didn’t expect to have to save two vampires from a vampire hunter, but they did. And Alamar (now Adam) called them to Game Show Island. So yeah. On with the episode!

*Curtains open*

Bendy Tornado: Game Show Island dead ahead!

Quiet Snake: I don’t get it.

Curious Bee: What don’t you get?

Quiet Snake: Why is an island ruled by a robot revolution called “Game Show Island”?

Curious Bee: I-

Alice: That was how the robots took over the whole dang place. They were winning game show after game show and were rewarded with so much money that they could establish themselves as “the new masters of Poptropica”.

Curious Bee: Um… thanks Alice.

Alice: You’re welcome.

Blue Skull: Do you think we should dock? I think people tend to stare at a blimp floating still over the ocean.

Curious Bee: Sure, we’ll dock.

*the blimp docks*

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: Oh look at what dropped in- more human scum! *turns to a girl holding a parasol* Adjust the parasol, Mindy. I do not wish to rust in the sun.

Mindy: *sighs* Anything for you, Mrs. Nutsnbolts.

Nice Sword: What’s going on here?

Quiet Snake: It’s like a role reversal here!

Mindy: You don’t know?

Curious Bee: No, we know.

Mindy: Why are you tourists here? This island is not exactly a great tourist attraction.

Bendy Tornado: A friend of ours works here, and he needs our help with something.

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: Mindy! Why are you talking to those human scums, you human scum?!

Mindy: On my way! Sorry, I wish I could talk to you more, but I have a job to do. *runs towards Mrs. Nutsnbolts*

Quiet Snake: I feel really bad for Mindy.

Curious Bee: I know. I wish there was something we could do so everyone’s happy.

Alice: Let’s not forget about ghost friend #4.

Nice Sword: Adam, yeah. Let’s go to the factory.

*They head left, getting disapproving gestures from the robots as they pass by.*

*They approach a giant building, the factory*

Blue Skull: Who’s willing to bet that’s where Adam works?

Curious Bee: Only one way to find out…

*the CB group enters the facillity*

Adam: Oh good, you’re here!

Curious Bee: Hey, Adam.

Adam: *looks* Who’s the new girl?

Alice: I’m Alice. Pleased to be in the presence of another ghost.

*the other workers stare at Adam, confused*

Adam: Um… it’s a metaphor.

*the workers go back to what they were doing*

Curious Bee: *whispers to Alice* Don’t declare ghosts in public. We don’t want anyone to freak out, okay?

Alice: Yeah, like this world hasn’t seen weirder stuff in its lifetime.

Quiet Snake: This place is huge!

Adam: It is, isn’t it? This kind of place is somewhat of a paradise for people like me!

Nice Sword: Really?

Adam: Yeah. I’ve been a mechanics kind of guy since I was 8. Started with cola and candy rockets, then I expanded into electrical and metal work when I was 13.

Alice: You sound like a prodigy.

Adam: Yeah, I won some awards here and there. However, when I was 17, I was working on my first robot, drank from my water bottle, which was damp, when I accidentally touched a frayed live wire.

Blue Skull: Ouch.

Adam: It was more than a mere “ouch”.

Nice Sword: Oh, I’m sorry.

Adam: Nobody ever thought that Adam Milas would die from such a silly mistake as an accidental electricution. So yeah. When I woke up, I screamed at the sight of my body (who wouldn’t?). Sparks were flying all over it, and my body’s hair was frizzed like a mad doctor’s would be. And then Krimson found me, she liked that I was good with mechanics and made me a REd member. She brainwashed me, in a way, and made me construct all these machines, including the Portal to Nowhere. Krimson even said to me that there really was no such place as nowhere, there’s a way out. Luckily, you guys came in…

Bendy Tornado: Wait, what was that last part?

Adam: I was getting to that part. Lucklily, you guys came in and-

Bendy Tornado: No, no, before that.

Adam: Oh. Krimson even said that there is no such place as nowhere”. There is a way out.

*awkward silence*

Quiet Snake: …what? HOW?!

Adam: The only way out is if someone opens the portal and leaves it that way.

Alice: *turns to CB* Hey, Miranda, Adam just told us some important information. Why don’t you look so surprised?

Curious Bee: Because I already knew.

Nice Sword: Wait, you knew?!

Curious Bee: Yeah. One night, Marcus came into my dream- that’s apparantly his power- and told me the information about the portal as well.

Bendy Tornado: Why didn’t you tell us?

Quiet Snake: *annoyed* YEAH, why didn’t you tell us, CB?!

Curious Bee: I didn’t know if it was legitimate or just my mind playing tricks on me. I didn’t want you guys to freak over something that might not be real.

Nice Sword: Yeah, it would be silly to tell us something that’s not real.

Quiet Snake: But you still could’ve told us!

Curious Bee: Sorry. *Turns to Adam* So if you’re happy here, then why did you call us here?

Adam: I never said I was happy here. I said I would be happy in a place like this. I need you guys to-

*the boss of the factory, BossBot3000 sneaks up behind Adam*

BossBot3000: In the name of Holmes, Happy Foot, what are you doing? Lacking off the job, I see?

Adam: Well, I uh-

BossBot3000: Get back to the convetor belts- or you’re fired!

Adam: *looks at CB group, then back* You know what? You can’t fire me- I quit! I don’t need this stupid job.

BossBot3000: How dare you give me that attitude. I’m calling security!

*the robot pushes a button and red lights start flashing, and the only exit and the windows become barred off*

Adam: Hey, you’ll find more workers!

BossBot3000: Foolish human scum, you seem to be forgetting that you are no longer in charge of us! You think we would just let you oppress us again?! I don’t think so.

Adam: You have no idea who you’re talking to, buddy.

*The red lights suddenly turn off and the place goes black*

Quiet Snake: Hey, who turned off the lights?!

Adam: I did, just now.

BossBot3000: What is this? The light switch is far from here and you had not budged!

Adam: I didn’t even have to move.

*The normal lights turn back on*

Adam: And that was me, too.

Quiet Snake: Um… Adam? What happened to your clothes?

*Adam looks down and notices he’s wearing his REd outfit. He sighs, annoyed.*

Adam: Dang it. I hate when this happens.

Curious Bee: I can explain- whenever a REd member uses their powers, their REd clothes are on. Same thing happened to Marcus.

Quiet Snake: But what about Isadora at the beach?

Curious Bee: I guess it only applies to long-term use. She only used her powers briefly at the beach.

Adam: We’re out of here. *turns to CB group* Stand by me.

*The CB group stand close to Adam and he and the rest of the group teleport to the roof of the factory.*

Adam: *pants a little* Everyone here?

*The CB group nods*

Curious Bee: So… why did you call us here?

Adam: I seriously needed some moral support in order to do that.

Alice: That’s all? That’s the only reason you called us here?

Adam: Pretty much. And I needed a way to escape this place. Your blimp will do nicely.

*speakers turning on can be heard*

Adam: Uh oh.

Quiet Snake: Uh oh what?

*The TV on main street statics into Holmes’s appearance*

Holmes: This is your leader, Holmes, speaking.

Nice Sword: Who’s that?

Alice: The robot that started this whole dang revolution.

Holmes: I order all robots to find and apprehend Happy Foot and his accomplices. He had quit his slavery at the Robot Factory and insulted our society. Whoever brings me those human scums will get a full year’s supply of oil!

*BossBot3000 exits the factory and looks around*

BossBot3000: *steaming* HAPPY FOOT!

Adam: Now would be a good time to go. We have to stay high on the rooftops, otherwise, the robots would find us.

*The CB group nods*

Quiet Snake: But can’t you teleport us, like, out of here? I mean, you did that outside of the factory.

Adam: I can’t. My energy drained out a lot on that. I need a little time before I can teleport us all again. So just jump.

*Adam runs and leaps from the factory roof to a nearby one. He motions the others to follow him, but the CB group wait.*

Curious Bee: We can’t jump that far!

Adam: Not a problem! I can bring the blimp over to you guys! Where is it?

Curious Bee: It’s by the museum.

Adam: Thanks! Give me a second.

*Adam continues to run across the rooftops.*

Blue Skull: That dude better hurry it up. I don’t think we can last too long up here.

*The BossBot3000 looks up and sees the CB group on the factory roof*

BossBot3000: There are the accomplices!

Bendy Tornado: Uh oh.

Gearbly: No fair! I saw them first!

BossBot3000: Admit it, Gearbly. You saw them because I did.

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: It’s the human scums that distracted my human scum Mindy before! Speaking of, where’s my parasol?!

*Mindy runs and puts the parasol over Mrs. Nutsnbolts*

Mindy: Right away! *looks up the the CB group and mouths the word “Sorry” to them*

Quiet Snake: Oh, Adam, hurry up!

*Adam flies the blimp over the factory*

Adam: Did somebody call for a blimp?

Curious Bee: Adam! *The CB group climb up the blimp*

BossBot3000: No, wait-

Adam: Let’s get out of here.

*The blimp flies away from Game Show Island*

Nice Sword: *sighs* That was too close.

Adam: Indeed.

Curious Bee: Where do you want us to drop you off?

Adam: I’ll show you where to go.

*Adam directs the blimp’s flight from the basket and it steers*

Bendy Tornado: Where are we going, Adam?

*Adam doesn’t reply*

Bendy Tornado: Adam?

Curious Bee: This path feels strangly familiar…

Alice: What do you mean?

Curious Bee: Look, there’s Cryptids Island over there. *points* And there’s Great Pumpkin Island also….

Alice: So?

Curious Bee: Wait. ADAM!

Adam: What, CB?

Curious Bee: Are you taking us where I think you’re taking us?!

Adam: Yeah. I only need to check up on a few things, though!

Curious Bee: You know we hate that place!

Adam: I know, I hate it too. I only need to check the Portal, make sure no one has used it since that incident a year ago.

Quiet Snake: We’re going to REd HQ?!

Alice: REd? You mean the crazy ghost troupe?

Nice Sword: I had bad memories of being kidnapped there. *rolls eyes*

Adam: Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. I promise.

*The blimp is directed to REd HQ Island*

*The blimp docks*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: *walks on stage* Did I ever have an episode end when the blimp docks somewhere? I don’t think I ever had. Anyways the next episode, Episode 40 will be a special episode. Wait… did I just say Episode 40? Holy cow. Keep an eye out for details on what the special is going to be like soon! And here’s a hint- I’m gonna need the help of you guys, my audience, to do it! Until next time, BT out!

*walks off stage*

Audience Member: Tell us what the special is gonna be like!

Random Announcer: It will be a surprise.

Audience Member: *sighs*

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20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 39- Escape from Game Show Island

  1. First- well, I think Adam was definitely a better guy off the bat than the other REd members.
    Too bad we can’t make a CB special about him.

    • One day, I MIGHT do a CB Xtra on him. However, I have an unfinished CB Xtra on Blue Skull hidden somewhere in my files…

  2. BT, would you be an Author on one of my POPtropica blogs?? or ?? I would like a couple more Authors and I think you would be PERFECT on them.

    Also I like the Adventures of CB, I do a Poptropica series on Heroes Of Poptropicans, the Nameless Adventures. It’s about a glitch from Monster Carnival Island, who is the last person from the Island since the reset. It has gotten alot of likes, and I hope you read it.


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