The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 38- Hassle in Bram’s Castle

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here-

*an audience member throws a tomato at BT, dead center of her face, the rest of the audience does the same with their tomato*

Brave Tomato: *wipes smashed tomato off her face* Glad you all got that out of your system, since last episode.

Audience Member: Why the heck is Krimson back?!

Brave Tomato: Look, I have no idea what the heck is going on with that. Well, you ruined my mood. Let’s just start the episode. As punishment, no intro.

Audience Member: *aside to another audience member* She considers not doing an intro a punishment??

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: We should get back to Main Street in no time.

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires in Love 3 probably ended by now! Thanks a lot, Alice, you made me miss the movie!

Alice: Oh, boo-hoo, Madeline. You have such a bad taste in movies, anyways.

Quiet Snake: Bad taste?! My taste is ideal, thank you very much!

Alice: That movie ruined the vampire genre!

Quiet Snake: Vampires are characters, not a genre!

Curious Bee: Guys, let’s not argue about trivial things right now. Alice, calm down. I get that you were trapped in the woods, and I don’t think it’s very fun, but, just calm down a little, okay? You too, Quiet Snake.

*Alice rolls her eyes and QS sighs, annoyed.*

Blue Skull: Umm… guys? Look up ahead.

*The CB group takes a closer look ahead*

Bendy Tornado: That doesn’t look like Main Street.

Curious Bee: Wait… were we going the wrong way?

Alice: Great job, Miranda! Let’s turn around and go the right way!

*All of a sudden, thunder cracks overhead and rain starts to fall*

Quiet Snake: Oh, come on!

Curious Bee: The castle seems to be abandoned. Well, we can just go in there temporarily to wait out the storm.

Nice Sword: But what if someone’s home?

Curious Bee: I’m sure they won’t mind.

*The group run toward the castle doors and enter. As soon as they go in, however, an arrow whizzes by right in front of them. They shriek a little and step back.*

?: Get back here, you villain!

*The CB group turn to find Cactus Von Garlic chasing a bat around the main library.*

CVG: You know the only good vampire is a dead vampire! Why do you bother acting innocent?!

Curious Bee: Umm… Hi?

CVG: Not now, children! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of doing my job?!

Bendy Tornado: Wait… you look familiar. You’re Cactus Von Garlic, Vampire Slayer, aren’t you?

CVG: Oh! Someone who recognizes me! Wonderful! Did you see my movie?

Blue Skull: We saw the beginning, but we had to go because one of us got lost in the middle of the woods.

*Alice shrugs*

CVG: *turns attention back towards bat* Aha! You really think you could get away while my fans were distracting me? Oh, no. Back to whence you came, you devil!

* CVG resumes chasing after the bat*

Nice Sword: So I’m assuming that bat’s a vampire.

Alice: You assume?

Curious Bee: You think we should help him?

Quiet Snake: No! I hate Dracula vampires.

Curious Bee: Let’s just help him.

*the CB group scatter, trying to catch the bat*

CVG: What are you children doing??! Chasing a vampire bat without a silver neckbrace and a garlic necklace? You’ll get bitten, and then I’d have to kill you!

*The bat flees into a hole in the wall before either the CB group or CVG could get to it.*

CVG: Oh, perfect! See what you kids did?? That fiend got away!

Alice: Look, Mr. Von Garlic, we did the best we could. Besides, the reason we came here at first was to seek shelter from the storm!

CVG: Well, the storms here are always on and off. You’re not only kids, you’re tourist kids! My goodness… so you might or might not be here for a while.

*QS groans*

Curious Bee: While we’re here, can we help?

CVG: I don’t need any more of your quote-on-quote “help”.

Curious Bee: What I mean is we capture the bat and bring it to you so you could kill it. You’d still be “Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Slayer”.

CVG: I’m still not convinced.


CVG: Okay, okay! Sheesh. Just, if you do somehow miraculously catch that fiend, find me immediately so I can stop its squealing little breath.

Curious Bee: Sounds like a plan! *to group* Let’s split up, so we could cover more ground. Blue Skull and Nice Sword, scope the outside in case the bat tries to escape the castle. Quiet Snake and Alice, check out the towers of the castle- and no arguing in the process! Bendy and I will stay in the main hall.

*Alice rolls her eyes*

Quiet Snake: I have a bunch of butterfly nets and cardboard boxes in my bag!

*She takes nets and boxes out of her bag and gives one of each out to each of the pairs.*

Alice: How do you carry that thing?

CVG: I’ll be all over the place, tracking the creature. If I’m around when you’re trying to catch the creature, get out of the way! I don’t want to shoot a non-vampire!

*the CB group disperse*

CVG: *sighs* This is not going to end well… before I know it, all six of them will be heartless bats.

*QS and Aliice head up to the laboratory tower. As soon as they open the door, they see red liquid spilling the ground. QS screams at the sight.*

Quiet Snake: Is that… *hides behind Alice, gripping her shoulders*

Alice: No, it’s only tomato juice! *points at a tomato with a knife through it* See?

Quiet Snaike: Oh, phew! I thought it was blood!

Alice: Now, get off my shoulders, okay?!

*QS lets go of Alice’s shoulders and they investigate*

Alice: You see a bat, anywhere?

Quiet Snake: No- and I don’t want to encounter it!

*Meanwhile at the main hall*

Curious Bee: Umm… here, batty batty batty!

Bendy Toornado: Where is it?

CVG: You idiot children! Remember? It went into that hole in the wall!

*the bat flies out of the hole in the wall*

CVG: There it is! Look at that- it’s tossing around garlic! Oh, what a laugh! What a silly fool! *aims crossbow* Out of the way, children!

*Bendy and CB move out of the way. CVG continues aiming and shooting at the bat’s direction. All of the arrows miss. It flies out of the window.*

*meanwhile outside…*

Blue Skull: I think I hear chittering…

Nice Sword: Me, too…

*Blue Skull looks ahead and sees the bat*

Blue Skull: There it is!

Nice Sword: Where?

*they see the bat, and when the bat sees the two, it squeals in fear*

Blue Skull: Get the net! I’ll get the box!

*Nice Sword uses the net and manages to swipe the bat in midair*

Nice Sword: Got it!

Blue Skull: Quick, put it in the box!

*They toss the bat into the boxx and close it.*

Nice Sword: Yes! We got it!

Blue Skull: Let’s check it out!

*The two open the box slightly and look inside. The bat is there, with a clove of garlic next to it. It chitters sadly, and looks up. It cowers in the corner, hiding its body with its wings.*

Blue Skull: Wow… we caught a real-life vampire bat?

Nice Sword: We did…. but something’s off.

Blue Skulll: Off? What’s off?

Nice Sword: You’d think it’s a vampire, but when we opened the box, he’s not biting at our necks or anything.

Blue Skull: Let’s open the box a little more.

*They open the box slowly until it is completely open and the bat, taking the garlic, starts to flee*

Nice Sword: No, don’t fly away! We won’t hurt you or take you to Cactus! *turns to Blue Skull* Right, Eric?

Blue Skull: Um, yeah. Gabriella’s right. We won’t harm you. *aside to NS* You know, when you said that, you reminded me of my mother.

*The bat looks at the two, and then drops the garlic into Blue Skull’s hands*

Blue Skull: Garlic? But I don’t want to hurt you!

*The bat flies forward, chittering as if it were saying “Come on, slowpokes!”*

Nice Sword: Let’s follow it.

*They follow the bat*

*Meanwhile, right outside the castle doors*

CVG: Now where has that devil gone?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. All I know is that it flew out of the window. I’ll call Quiet Snake and Alice down to the outside. Blue Skull and Nice Sword are probably already looking.

Bendy Tornado: Let’s see if it is hiding anywhere here…

*While CB calls Alice and QS, she, CVG, and Bendy start looking for the bat*

CVG: You stay here. I’ll go check outside the walls.

*CVG exits from the main entrance area*

Curious Bee: *whispers to Bendy* Let’s follow him when he’s far enough away.

*Meanwhile, Blue Skull and Nice Sword are led to the graveyard. The bat goes into the hole of one of the chambers,

Blue Skull: What’s he going in there for?

*NS shrugs*

*After a short tie, the bat comes out of the hole, carrying wilted wolfsbane.*

Blue Skull: What kind of flowers are those?

*The bat gives the wolfsbane to NS*

Nice Sword: Wolfsbane. *turns to the bat* Where to now?

*The bat starts to head off again and Blue Skull and Nice Sword start to follow it. As the three go on their way, a voice calls behind them.*

CVG: Ahem.

*They stop in their tracks and turn around, finding CVG standing right behind them.*

CVG: You have found that wretched creature without telling me??

Nice Sword: But-

CVG: Why are you helping the enemy??!

Blue Skull: I-

CVG: *puts up crossbow* Give me that vampire. Now. And you know what? I don’t care if I shoot either of you! Young boy, you should know better. You’ve seen my movie, and you should know that vampires are not your friends! The only good vampire is a dead vampire!

Nice Sword: Run for it!

*the three, the bat leading the way, run into the forest*

Blue Skull: He’s gaining on us!

CVG: Get back here, you traitors!

*He shoots arrows at their direction. All of them miss, barely.*

Nice Sword: Maybe if we hide…

*They hide in a nearby hollow tree.*

CVG: Now where had those scoundrels gone?

*CVG goes on ahead, passing the hollow tree. The three let out a sigh of relief.*

Nice Sword: Wait, don’t go, yet. I hear more footsteps.

*CB, Bendy, Quiet Snake, and Alice enter the area and they look around.*

Bendy Tornado: Wherever Cactus goes, the vampire bat is sure to be nearby.

Curious Bee: I smell garlic… it must’ve been the smell from his hat or something.

Alice: Where’s Eric and Gabriella?

Quiet Snake: Her name is Gertrude.

Curious Bee: They haven’t been responding to my texts. That’s odd. I hope they’re okay.

*In the distance, they see what turns out to be a second vampire bat.*

Quiet Snake: Look, there it is!

*The bat stays where it is*

Bendy Tornado: Get the nets. I’ll get the box.

*CB, Alice, and QS each grab their net and head toward the bat.*

*CB tries to swipe the bat, but it shoots up in the air and lands, transforming himself into a human-like form. He has brown hair in a black hat with freckles on his cheeks. He wears a brown vest over his white shirt and wears white pants as well.*

Christopher: Good evening, kids. I’m glad to see you came to my ex-master’s castle.

Curious Bee: You’re only a teenager! Who are you?

Christopher: My name is Christopher, and Count Bram has blessed me with the vampire’s curse! I rescued her, my darling Katya, from master’s clutches, and he turned me in the process! Something inside of me cannot resist the taste of human blood. I’ve already turned one person…

Alice: Wait, there is one other vampire?

Christopher: Yes, but he’s wandering around, collecting assorted things. I’m a collector too- a collector of blood!

Quiet Snake: This guy’s crazy! Let’s make a run for it!

*The four run. Christopher makes himself a bat again and chases after the group. CB holds up a clove of garlic at Christopher. He hisses and flies off.*

*meanwhile back in the tree*

Blue Skull: There’s more of you?

*The bat chitters sadly*

NIce Sword: Why don’t you do what that Christopher guy did? Make yourself human so you can show us what you look like and you can tell us what’s going on. It’s safe in here.

*The bat nods and settles on the ground. He transforms into a teenage boy with black shaggy hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown jacket and jeans with a black and white shirt underneath.*

Drew: I’m Drew. *sighs* You know, I don’t want to be a vampire. Those things I’m collecting- the garlic and the wilted wolfsbane? They’re ingredients for a syringe to cure me of the vampire’s curse. That other vampire out there, Christopher? He was the one who turned me into a vampire. I need to cure him and myself, so I can explain to that Von Garlic fellow that there is a cure. I just couldn’t tell him- every time he sees me, he tries to kill me.

Blue Skull: Hi, Drew, I’m Blue Eric Skull, and this is Nice Gabriella Sword. Sounds like you’re going through a tough situation, buddy.

Drew: We need one more ingredient for the antidote: a mandrake root. Then, we need to go back into the castle into the lab so I can make myslef human again. Then, we should find Christopher before Cactus does and transform him back, too.

Nice Sword: Don’t worry, Drew. We’ll help you.

Drew: Thank you so much.

*Drew transforms himself back into a bat and exits the tree*

Blue Skull: Wait up!

*They follow Drew towards a blocked off cave. Drew goes in through one of the opening, and after a few seconds, comes out with the mandrake root.*

Blue Skull: You got it! Awesome!

Nice Sword: Quick, let’s go back to the castle.

*They start to run for the castle. However, shortly, they crash into the other four CB group members. They all fall upon impact.*

Quiet Snake: Owwie…

Curious Bee: What did we crash into?

Blue Skull: I think you mean “Who did we crash into?”.  

Nice Sword: You certainly came out of nowhere.

Alice: Eric! Gabriella!

Quiet Snake: Gertrude!

Nice Sword: It’s not Gertrude, Madeline.

Bendy Tornado: Um, guys? The vampire bat’s right there.

*Attention turns to Drew*

Alice: Quick! After it!

*The group start to grab their nets and getting up when Blue Skull and Nice Sword stop them*

Blue Skull: No no no no no!

Nice Sword: Wait!

CB/Bendy/Alice/QS: Huh?

Nice Sword: That’s Drew, the guy Christopher turned. He wants to cure himself and Christopher of the vampire’s curse, so he’s been collecting these three ingredients- garlic, wilted wolfsbane, and mandrake roots- to make an antidote.

Blue Skull: Yeah, he’s cool. Unlike the Christopher dude, he’s not hostile.

*The Christopher bat start to approach the group from behind, but Drew flies up to him and stops him. They speak in bat chittering. The CB group turn toward the bats.*

Drew: (What do you think you’re doing?!)

Christopher: (What’s your problem, Drew? I was just trying to eat some dinner. Aren’t you hungry also?)

Drew: (No! I would never bite my friends! Just as long as those other four don’t harm me any more…)

Christopher: (Fine, be that way.)

Drew: (There is actually an antidote against the vampire’s curse!)

Christopher: (A cure? I don’t want to be cured! I’m having too much fun as a vampire!)

Drew: (What about your precious Katya? She’d never speak to you again if you keep on acting like this!)

*Awkward silence*

Christopher: (Good point.)

Drew: Now, come with us- and don’t bite anyone!)

Christopher: (Got it.)

*Christopher and Drew fly towards the castle*

Curious Bee: So they’re not bad at all?

Blue Skull: I think Cactus is more of a villain than the vampires are.

Alice: That’s an odd thought.

Nice Sword: Let’s just follow them!

*The CB group follow the two bats toward the castle. When they reach the main entrance, however…*

CVG: Stop where you are!

*The CB group freezes, turns around,  and sees CVG, with his crossbow drawn*

Quiet Snake: *whispers to CB* Why are there always unwelcome sights behind us?

CVG: Now all of you are helping these two fiends?

Curious Bee: No, you don’t understand, we-

CVG: I’m starting to think some of you were vampires all along.

*While CVG focuses his attention on the CB group, Drew and Christopher take the ingredients and fly up to the castle laboratory.*

Bendy Tornado: Look, Mr. Von Garlic, we’re not vampires.

CVG: *aims crossbow* That’s what they all say, young man.

*CB, out of nervousness, grips the handle of her sword, without unsheathing it.*

Curious Bee: Don’t you dare harm any of us. Not all vampires want to be vampires.

CVG: It’s not like there is any cure to the Vampire’s Curse.

*Christopher and Drew, human again, run toward the CB group and stand in between them and CVG*

Drew: No, wait!

Christopher: Don’t hurt them!

CVG: What the? You’re not vampires anymore?

Drew: Yup! There’s a cure- 3 parts garlic, 3 part wilted wolfsbane, and 1 part mandrake root.

CVG: *puts away crossbow* I- all my life, I’ve been hunting the bloodsuckers. I thought the only way to get rid of its curse was to kill its carriers.

Drew: We don’t need to kill them. Instead, with the antidote, we can actually help the vampires. With this simple recipe, I helped Count Bram and Christopher, as well as myself. Maybe you can help the vampires also?

CVG: Great idea! From now on, I’ll be known as Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Savior!

*CVG runs off*

Alice: What a weirdo.

Drew: Thank you so much for helping me and Christopher break our curse.

Blue Skull: No problem.

Curious Bee: Hey, Drew, Christopher, sorry we tried to catch you. Cactus made it seem like you were bad guys, but you were actually not that bad- for the most part.

Drew: Hey, you didn’t know. I didn’t think any of you could speak bat. *laughs a little* Yeah, I know, I’m not funny.

Christopher: Well, we have to go now. I have to find and reunite with Katya and Drew… can go back to whatever he was doing. Bye and thank you!

*Drew and Christopher run off.*

Alice: Can we go back to the blimp now?

Curious Bee: Good idea.

*They walk in the forest, heading back to Main Street*

Blue Skull: *to Nice Sword* Hey, good call on the bat-not-so-bad thing.

Nice Sword: Thanks, Eric! I just knew from looking at it, that’s all.

Alice: Well, I’m glad that someone other than Miranda is useful for something.

Quiet Snake: Ahem.

Alice: And Madeline’s potpourri bag.

Curious Bee: Hey, Alice, are you okay? Ever since we rescued you from being lost, you’ve been acting a little… off.

Alice: Define “off”.

Curious Bee: Well, first of all, you regained your attitude (no offense), and secondly, you seem to have… a little bit of a grudge against especially me.

Alice: It’s nothing. Really.

Curious Bee: *sighs* If you say so…

*They finally reach Main Street*

Quiet Snake: Look! Main Street! Our blimp! Finally! Let’s get out of here!

*The CB group get on the blimp*

Curious Bee: So where to, now?

Quiet Snake: Let’s not go to any more threatening-sounding islands.

Bendy Tornado: You do remember that going here was your idea, right?

Quiet Snake: This island was an exception. Young Vampires in Love 3 is not to be missed!

*cell phone rings*

Curious Bee: Oh, hold on a second.

*CB answers her cell phone*

Curious Bee: Hello?

Adam: Hey, Miranda, it’s Adam. Mind if you stop by Game Show Island for a bit? I need your help with my job, if you’re not doing anything else.

Curious Bee: Sure thing. I’ll be right there. See you then.

*hangs up*

Alice: Who was that?

Curious Bee: That was Adam. He wants our help on something.

Alice: Who’s Adam?

Curious Bee: Adam, formerly known as Alamar, was originally the yellow member of REd, remember? After we put Krimson into the portal, he wanted to make up for everything she made him do. He wants us to go to Game Show Island.

Quiet Snake: Game Show? Well, at least it doesn’t sound threatening!

Blue Skull: Well, it’s an island ruled by a robot revolution.

Quiet Snake: Oh. Spoke too soon. Well, he does specialize in machinery and electricity…

Curious Bee: Let’s head over there.

*The blimp flies off*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: So that was the episode! Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next time! BT out-

*more tomatoes are thrown at BT*

Brave Tomato: Two rounds of tomatoes in a row? Really? Well, bye.

*walks off stage*

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12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 38- Hassle in Bram’s Castle

  1. Alice seems to be listening to little Miss Everred. Stop listening Alice! A true hero does things for the good of the people, not the fame! And that you did- the Black Widow, Mr. Silva.

  2. Nice story, BT! ^-^ I would throw bananas at the people who threw tomatoes at you.. Especially the one who threw at the face… -_- -aims- -throws-

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