Virus Hunter Island?

Hey guys, BT here with an update. PHB reader Aang recently found a blog of a Poptropica character and scenery designer, and there’s an interesting picture in it:

Virus Hunter Island? Cool.  But… um.. there’s something that I feel is a bit off about this cast of characters. One person in particular: Dr. Lange.

Poptropica has a poor history in trusting people with doctor as a title. Two of them are villains (Dr. Hare and Dr. Cumulo Nimbus). One of them is a villain incognito *highlight in between parentheses for spoiler* (Dr. Jupiter). And two others, when you first encounter them, aren’t normal (Dr. Salerno, who’s undergone space madness and Dr. Romero, who’s a Zomberry when you first meet him). It’s not helping that this chick has blood-red hair like Krimson’s (o.O), a red version of Dr. Hare’s googles, and that she was carrying a red liquid-filled vaccine when she was a stand-in.

I’m keeping an eye on her. Just saying.

Anyways Virus Hunter Island. Woot.

BT out!

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