The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 37: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Guy

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here again. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they paid Shark Tooth Island a visit, and found that things were destroyed. Luckily, Bendy Tornado’s family is alright, and the group got to see Mira, Isadora, and… Viola again. Well, let’s get started.

*curtains open*

*The CB group look at the map laid out in front of them on the blimp. All of a sudden, Quiet Snake squees with excitement.*

Alice: What are you acting so giddy about?

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires in Love 3! It premieres today! I have to see it!

Alice: The Young Vampires in Love series? Are you kidding me?

Curious Bee: Where are they showing it?

Quiet Snake: Vampire’s Curse Island! Where else?

Blue Skull: Okay, can we please go to an island that doesn’t sound threatening?

Quiet Snake: Well, that’s the only place that shows that movie! Can we go there? Please?

Alice: Can we not go there? Please?

Curious Bee: Well, might as well. I haven’t seen a movie in a long time…

Quiet Snake: Oh! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

Alice: I can’t believe this.

Curious Bee: Setting course for Vampire’s Curse Island!

Bendy Tornado: So we’re going to Vampire’s Curse to see a movie?

Blue Skull: *turns to QS* You out of all people want to go there?

Quiet Snake: Of course!

*the group awkwardly looks at QS.*

Quiet Snake: What?

Bendy Tornado: Let’s just go.

*after some traveling, the blimp docks on Vampire’s Curse.*

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires 3, here I come!

*QS leaps out of the blimp.*

Nice Sword: Wait for us!

*CB and the group follow QS to the cinema*

Quiet Snake: What time is it, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Um… *checks time* it’s 7:47 PM.

Quiet Snake: The next show time is 8! We need to get those tickets! NOW!

Alice: Please don’t get me one. I’m not a movie person anymore.

Quiet Snake: Why? What made you not like movies?

Alice: Vampires in Love 1.

Blue Skull: Check it out, Zack! Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Hunter starts at 7:55! We can see that if you want!

Bendy Tornado: I guess.

Alice: I’ll wait out here.

Curious Bee: You sure?

Alice: Positive. Have fun in La-La Land.

*Everyone except for Alice buy their tickets and enter the theater*

Alice: Well, I know I can’t just stand here the whole time.

*Alice looks at the dark forest nearby*

Alice: Maybe I’ll take a little walk. The movies will definitely be longer than an hour…

*meanwhile in the theater, the room showing Cactus Von Garlic*

Blue Skull: When was the last time we had some guy time? I mean, all the girls, except Alice, are seeing Young Vampires in Love.

Bendy Tornado: I don’t think we ever had any alone time, just us guys. We were always with the girls.

Blue Skull: Yeah, it’s about time. *thinks* I wonder what Alice is doing outside all alone?

*Meanwhile back outside…*

*Alice has navigated deeper and deeper into the wood. At one point, however, she could’ve sworn something was following her.*

Alice: Hello?

*No response*

Alice: Okay, going here was a bad idea. I think I should go back.

*She looks around*

Alice: Wait… which way was back again?

*No matter what direction she turns, she sees nothing but forest.*

Alice: …oh great.

*Back at the theater, during the showing of YVIL3*

Quiet Snake: *Shouting at the screen* Della! You know how it’s gonna end up being!

*The rest of the audience shush QS.*

Curious Bee: You know, Della Crow can’t hear you.

Nice Sword: Let’s just watch the movie. Let’s not get kicked out.

Quiet Snake: Fine…

*During the movie, the vibrator on CB’s phone goes off*

Curious Bee: Dang it! My phone’s going off! *picks up phone* It’s a text from Alice.

Nice Sword: What’s going on?

Curious Bee: It says “Miranda, I’m in a tight situation right now! Lost in the wood nearby the theater! Can you guys find me?”. *gets up* Okay, movie time’s over. Alice needs our help.

Quiet Snake: Aw, come on CB!

Nice Sword: Maybe we can save the movie for another day, Madeline. Let’s go.

Curious Bee: I’ll let the boys know.

*CB texts Bendy*

*in the Cactus Von Garlic showing room*

*Bendy could feel his phone vibrate. He picks up the phone.*

Blue Skull: What’s up?

Bendy Tornado: It’s Miranda. She said “Alice lost in woods. Help us find her.”

Blue Skull: Well, there goes our guy time.

Bendy Tornado: Let’s go.

*they get up and exit the theater and meet up with the girls*

Quiet Snake: There you guys are! I don’t understand why this has to happen while we were watching the movie! Really???

Curious Bee: Friends come first. Come on, let’s go find her.

*The CB group enter the forest, calling out Alice’s name*


Alice: Okay, I wasn’t planning to be lost in a big, creepy wood tonight. Nope. Not at all. No clue where I’m walking. No clue which way is back. If I were in a horror movie right now, I’d be the perfect prey.

*As Alice walks, she hears a twig breaking.*

Alice: Hello? Miranda? Is that you? I’m over here!

*no response*

Alice: Great. I’m hearing things! Way to go. Way to go.

?: Are you sure you’re hearing things?

Alice: *looks around* Huh? Hello? Who said that? Miranda? Madeline? Gabriella?

*No response.*

Alice: Okay, I definately heard that. I definately did. I’m not crazy. I heard that. “Are you sure you’re hearing things?” That’s what the voice said! I definately heard it! *she feels like someone is behind her* Wait… is someone behind me? I feel like someone is behind me.

?: Boo.

*Alice finally turns around and finds herself face to face with the girl with the blood-red hair.*

Alice: Woah! Sorry, chick! Didn’t see ya there. You lost in the woods too?

Krimson: *scowls* Don’t call me “chick”, Alice.

Alice: That voice… wait… how did you know my name?

Krimson: *smugly smiles* Why do you waste your time with the Miranda Bee group?

Alice: You didn’t answer my question. How did you- *she sees Krimson’s blade* -woah. Are you lost on your way to a costume party or something? I like your costume. And that blade looks so real.

Krimson: That’s because it is real. I can prove it to you.

*Krimson swipes her blade across the surface of Alice’s arm. Alice almost screams but Krimson shushes her.*

Alice: Hey! ….ouch… what was that for?!

Krimson: You wanted to know if it’s real or not.

Alice: I never asked if it was real.

Krimson: *frowns* Even after all that.. you have no idea who I am?

Alice: You never said your name. But, just stay away from me, okay? It’s creepy enough you know my name and who my friends are.

Krimson: *rolls eyes* What if I choose not to stay away?

*In the distance, the two could hear the CB group call out Alice’s name. Krimson now knows that the rest of the CB group is also in the woods. She grabs Alice’s wrist and teleports her to a different part of the woods, farther away from the group.*

Alice: How… where…

Krimson: I feel I needed to be as far away from them as possible. You, Alice, on the other hand…

Alice: I think I know who you are, now. You’re… that cheerleader who committed suicide, right? I know your name is a red color… Rose? No… Scarlett? No… Magenta? Wait, that’s not red…

Krimson: I’m known as Krimson Everred, with a K.

Alice: Krimson. Right…I was about to guess Ruby.

Krimson: Don’t call me that! You’re lucky I only brushed my blade against your arm. Anyways, back to why I am talking to you… *walks in circles around Alice* Why do you waste your time with Miranda?

Alice: Look, they’re nice people.

Krimson: I thought my fellow cheerleaders were nice people, too. But… look at where I am now.

Alice: The brink of insanity?

Krimson: I passed that brink long ago.

Alice: So if you’re really that Krimson… didn’t everybody say that you were in some sort of portal?

Krimson: A little friend freed me.

Alice: Who?

Krimson: You think I’d tell you?

Alice: True.

Krimson: The reason why I was looking for you… I have an offer you can’t refuse.

Alice: No way, Krim.

Krimson: You haven’t even heard the deal, yet. And you already refuse, not knowing of the consequences. Just listen. Back there on Super Villain, Curious Miranda Bee proved that she’s not a good friend.

Alice: Huh?

Krimson: She’s the hero. You’re the bystander. All you did was carry around that paintbrush and gave it to the doctor. And since the doctor was evil… you only contributed to the problem.

Alice: Well, considering that you supposedly saw everything, you should know that we didn’t know who that guy was, okay?

Krimson: Miranda’s setting you up, you see? She’s making sure the spotlight is on her the whole time. She has the innocence. She has the bravery. She has the leadership. She has the boy. And to her, you’re just a load of weight she’s lugging around. Don’t you want to have that spotlight?

Alice: Well, yes, but let’s face it, you’re not the good guy here.

Krimson: Actually, there is no such thing as a truly “good guy”. Everyone has darkness inside of them, including the supposed hero. Some just choose to use their darkness more than others.    

*in the distance, Alice’s name is called*

Krimson: I’ll only get you started, but the rest is up to you. You’ll have the innocence. You’ll have the bravery. You’ll have the leadership. You can even have the boy. What will the Miranda Bee group give you?

Alice: Um… good point. I guess.

Krimson: My first order of business, never tell the Miranda Bee group that I talked to you or even that I’m in this world- or else blood will be shed. Secondly, think about what I told you- they’re not true friends, they’ll only leave you in the dust. The rest is up to you, my dear Alice. Don’t disappoint me.

Alice: And?

*Krimson disappears*

Alice: And you’re gone. Wonderful.

*in the distance, Alice’s name is called*

Alice: *shouts* Miranda?

Curious Bee: *shouts* Alice?? Is that you?

Alice: Get me out of here!

*The CB group run in the direction of Alice’s voice and see her. However, the first thing they see is the slice on Alice’s arm.*

Curious Bee: Alice, what happened to your arm??

Alice: My arm? *looks at arm* Oh! Yeah. Don’t worry about it, you guys; I only, um, scratched it on a branch.

Quiet Snake: Why do you have to be lost in the middle of the forest now of all times?! I had to miss the movie!

Alice: Young Vampires 3 isn’t the world, Madeline. Now can you take me out of here?

Curious Bee: Yeah, that’s what we’re planning to do, anyways.

*The CB group start heading through the wood. However, through the thick wood, they don’t realize that they aren’t heading for Main Street- they’re heading right for a looming castle in the distance.*

*curtains close*

*The audience glares at BT*

Brave Tomato: WellThatWasTheEpisodeSeeYouNextTimeBye! *runs off the stage and pants* If I had stayed on there a few seconds longer then I definitely would’ve had tomatoes thrown at me.

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14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 37: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Guy

  1. Aaa agh!!!!!!!! Krimson’s back, everybody run and hide!!!! No one’s safe from Miss K! Seriously though, as soon as I saw the words ” girl with blood-red hair” I knew.

  2. BOO!!!!!! *THROWS 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TOMATOES AT BRAVE TOMATO*

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