The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 36- Over Calm Waters

Brave Tomato: Hey guys BT here. Now, last time we saw CB and the group… well… it’s a long story. How about we just get started, huh?

*curtains open*

*on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: How much longer till we get to Shark Tooth…?

Bendy Tornado: Shark Tooth Island is all the way on the other side of the map from Super Villain Island. I want to get there as soon as possible.

Curious Bee: Are you sure I wasn’t dreaming? That that actually happened back there?

Bendy Tornado: Everything that happened back there was real, unless we all had the same dream.

Alice: Not to mention that bandage on your leg.

Curious Bee: True. True.

*Bendy Tornado notices his home island in the distance*

Bendy Tornado: There! There it is! That’s Shark Tooth Island!

Blue Skull: Wait… Shark Tooth Island?

Nice Sword: You knew that we’re going to Shark Tooth Island. Why do you sound so surprised.

Blue Skull: Because that doesn’t look too much like the Shark Tooth Island I remember.

*The blimp docks at Shark Tooth Island. As soon as the blimp is docked, Bendy leaps out of the blimp and motions for the rest of the group to follow him. They do.*

Bendy Tornado: My house is over this way! We should- *sees Main Street* Oh… my…

*The Booga Shark statue is embedded in the tourist center and burn marks are everwhere. The Coconut Cafe has been cracked open and there are no salesmen in sight.*

Curious Bee: Last time I was here, there was a whole lot of salesmen here. Where is everybody? It’s safe now.

Bendy Tornado: They’re not taking any chances. I need to get to my house.

*Bendy Tornado runs again and the CB group follow. They eventually reach Palm Way, Bendy Tornado’s home street. Some of the houses’s have destroyed roofs, Bendy’s house, 14 Palm Way, being one of them. He runs up to the door and knocks on it.*

Bendy Torando: Mom! Dad! Laura! It’s me!

Quiet Snake: Laura?

Bendy Torando: My younger sister.

*Three faces peek out from the door, and Bendy breathes a sigh of relief. An eight-year-old girl runs towards Bendy, looks at him for a second, and hugs him.

Laura Tornado: Zack! It’s you! You’re okay!

Bendy Tornado: Laura! I missed you so much!

*The parents step closer to Bendy, tears filling their eyes*

Mom Tornado: …Zachary?

Bendy Tornado: Mom! Dad!

*They embrace Bendy. However, after a few moments, Bendy starts getting a little annoyed.*

Bendy Torando: Mom. Dad. That’s enough hugging. *The parents let their son go* I came here as soon as I could.

Dad Tornado: But what are you doing here, though?

Bendy Tornado: I wanted to come and see you guys. *looks at the hole in the roof in the house* I’m just glad all three of you are okay after what happened,

Laura Tornado: Yeah, that was scary! A flying man in a red dress demolished Main Street! What was that?! You seriously missed out on a lot!

Bendy Tornado: That was… *sigh*

Mom Tornado: That was what, Zachary?

Bendy Tornado: That was… that was… *grits teeth*

Curious Bee: Hi! I’m Curious Miranda Bee!

*The family blinks and looks at CB and the rest of the group quietly.*

Dad Tornado: It looks like you got a new gang, Zachary. You haven’t changed!

Bendy Tornado: This is not a gang, Dad! It’s a group… a group of friends. There’s a difference.

Alice: I’m Purple Alice Storm, but call me Alice, please.

Quiet Snake: Quiet Madeline Snake.

Blue Skull: Blue Eric Skull.

Nice Sword: Nice Gabriella Sword.

Quiet Snake: She meant to say Gertrude!

Nice Sword: Madeline, for the last time, just because my birth certificate was smeared doesn’t mean my name is Gertrude!

Dad Tornado: You all look familiar…

Curious Bee: Yeah, I might’ve been on the news. Especially after what happened…

*CB takes out her phone and finds an article on what happened. She shows the father.*

Dad Tornado: …that’s you?

*CB nods*

Dad Tornado: My oh my, you’re a brave young girl… *turns to Bendy* Zachary, can I talk to you in private for a second?

Bendy Tornado: Sure, Dad.

*Dad Tornado leads Bendy to the side of the house.*

Dad Tornado: I cannot believe I’m seeing you again… I thought…

Bendy Tornado: That I was still at the academy?

Dad Tornado: Yes… *sigh* I remember that call from the academy and the description how you and 4 others escaped its walls.

Bendy Tornado: *frowns* You want to send me back to the academy, don’t you?

Dad Tornado: It’s for the better, Zachary.

Bendy Tornado: I can’t go back there, Dad. I can’t leave behind my friends. That place didn’t do anything to change me! It was my friends that did.

Dad Tornado: Didn’t your friends also escape from the academy?

Bendy Tornado: Yes, but that was a long time ago. This isn’t 2010, Dad. It’s 2013. Things change.

Dad Tornado: Not all change is for the better.

Bendy Tornado: When was the last time you heard of a vandalizing?

Dad Tornado: I’ve been following vandalizing stories everywhere ever since I heard you escaped. But… none of them link to you or your friends.

Bendy Tornado: Exactly. I’ve changed, Dad. Please don’t send me back there. It’ll only make things worse.

Dad Tornado: … I know your story.

Bendy Tornado: Huh?

Dad Tornado: That day, your mom and I, after you went into the helicopter to the academy, the police showed us your comic about what happened. We didn’t know if you belonged there or not. We didn’t know we put salt on the wound. However, while your mom was hopeful, I wasn’t as hopeful. It was hard for me not to think of you as a bad kid from then on…

Bendy Tornado: If I were a bad kid, then would I be here right now?

Dad Tornado: Zachary…

*Alice peeks out from the side of the house*

Alice: Hey, Zachary! We’re waiting on you!

Bendy Tornado: Give me a second, Alice!

*Alice heads back*

Dad Tornado: By the way, Zachary, you never answered your sister’s question: who was that that attacked our island?

Bendy Tornado: Do you want me to show you through another drawing? Because I’m having a hard time saying…

Dad Tornado: Of course.

*Bendy Tornado starts sketching on a piece of paper the two identities of the same guy, and he showed how he and the rest of the group were fooled by his disguise. The sketch was done very roughly. Once finished, he shows his dad. He observes the drawing, trying to make out what it is.

Bendy Tornado: The one on the left was who he appeared to be at first, the one on the right was who he really is.

Dad Tornado: Zachary… I’m so glad your safe.

Bendy Tornado: Well, he’s locked away now, so we’re all safe. At least for now.

Dad Tornado: I’ll let you get back on your friends. Keep in touch and try to stay out of trouble!

Bendy Tornado: Got it.

*Bendy Tornado and Dad Tornado go back to the front of the house.*

Bendy Tornado: So what are you planning to do about the hole in the roof?

Dad Tornado: Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that. Be on your way! And good luck on your adventures!

Bendy Tornado: Thanks, Dad.

*Bendy heads back towards the group, but not before he waves good-bye to his family.*

Curious Bee: Come on, guys, let’s go.

*The CB group head for the left and for the blimp. However, Quiet Snake looks at the beaches.*

Quiet Snake: CB! Can we go to the beach? Pleease?

Curious Bee: *looks at the beach* I don’t think that’s a good idea. The waters are infested with sharks, hense this island’s name.

Quiet Snake: Of course I’m not going in the water. I just want to lay in the sand for a while.

Curious Bee: We need to go, QS. Maybe another day.

Quiet Snake: Aw… okay fine!

*As the CB group continue passing by the beach, they see two familiar faces out of the corner of their eyes. It’s Viola and Isadora, formerly Violet and Indigo. They’re in beach chairs right by the oceanside.*

Viola: What a great day at the beach!

Isadora: You said it, Viola.

Blue Skull: Viola? Isadora?

Isadora: Well well well! Miranda and company! And a new one! What’s your name, sweetie?

Alice: I’m Alice. And don’t call me sweetie, sweetie.

Isadora: How’re ya doing?

Curious Bee: Okay. How’s your making up for everything going along?

Alice: Making up for what?

Viola: It’s going along perfectly!

Isadora: Just perfectly!

Alice: Making up for what?

?: Viola! Isadora!

*Mira appears and glares at the two*

Mira: What are you guys still doing here! You haven’t budged from this island for months!

Alice: *whispers* Did she just appear from thin air?

Viola: Yeah, we’ll get to it… *turns and lays on back*

Isadora: Technically, we did budge though, when what’s-his-face randomly appeared and attacked this island with he-knows-what.

Mira: Whatever. *facepalms* Uggh…

Curious Bee: Mira!

Mira: Miranda? *turns* Miranda!

Curious Bee: How are you?

Mira: Doing good. But the thing is, Cameron, Marcus, and Adam already have found ways to try and make up for everything you-know-who did. These two, however, haven’t budged.

Alice: Mira, right? I’m Alice. Question: HOW did you do that?

Mira: Do what?

Alice: Appear out of nowhere like that?! Are you a magician?

Mira: Oh. I’m a spirit. Or ghost. Whatever you want to call it.

Alice: … what?

Mira: Yeah, that’s how everyone reacts. We’re harmless, though. The only one you truly have to worry about is trapped in nowhere right now.

*Viola secretly raises her eyebrows.*

Alice: Long story?

Mira: Yeah. *turns back to Viola and Isadora* Alright, tanning time’s over! You have a reputation to rebuild!

Isadora: Maybe in a few hours…

Mira: *facepalms* Come on, you two.

*Mira tugs on the two’s ears out of the chair.*

Viola: Owowowowowow!

Isadora: Stop it!

*Isadora let’s out a free hand toward the water and a wave crashes onto the coast, knocking over all who are near it, that being Mira, Viola, Isadora, and the CB group. However, no one get’s pulled into the water. Mira has lost grip of the ears from the wave crash.*

Mira: *coughs* Was that really necessary, Isadora?!

Curious Bee: Wait, Isadora, you did that?!

Isadora: Yes, that was necessary! And yes, I did that. I can control water.

Alice: You can what?

Quiet Snake: Thanks a lot, Isadora! I’m soaked!

Curious Bee: *awkwardly* You know what? We really need to go. See you guys around!

*The CB group slip away and head for the blimp.*

Nice Sword: You know, it was nice to see those three again, but… it was pretty much under awkward circumstances.

Blue Skull: Let’s go.

Quiet Snake: And I really need to dry off. I have towels.

*Quiet Snake takes out towels.*

Nice Sword: Wow, you really do have everything in that bag.

Curious Bee: I’ll let the blimp go. Now to see where to go next… *takes out map*

*The blimp heads off*

*Curtains close*

Brave Tomato: So yeah. That’s the end of this episode. Tune in next time for episode 37! Oh my word… I’m shocked that I’ve made that many episodes over the course of a little over 2 years.. BT out!

*Walks off stage*

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    • See Episode 26, Cryptic in Thought for her full backstory. She was originally supposed to be the orange member of REd but she betrayed them and helped guide the CB group during the episodes leading up to the Everred Plot. After the Everred Plot, she’s helping the former members of REd make up for everything Krimson made them too.

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