Night Watch Island Walkthrough

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Hey Everyone,

SkyBoy303 here, if you haven’t heard the new Night Watch Island has been released to members over the last 24 hours.  If you have a member account your are probably looking for a guide on how to beat the island so I’ve put together a pretty easy to follow video for all the itsapoptropicablog readers!

Let us know what you think of the new island by leaving a comment on this post!

– SkyBoy303


47 thoughts on “Night Watch Island Walkthrough

  1. i started to pratice one of my mlp (my little pony friendship is magic) and ppg (powerpuff girls) so i can be on youtube! 😛

  2. If anybody is friends with me, you will notice I got a new set of clothes, with a butter sword. I am now playing again.

  3. Can anyone help me? i am stuck in the air duct and the robber has ran away. i can’t get out and my blow torch is not in my items. what can i do?

    • Go to the Managers Closet or office or whatever it is and click on the employee of the month pic and there it is. To get out of the duct, just click that little blue botton with an arrow on it just above files and you`ll go back outside the duct.

  4. Walkthrough for Great Pumpkin: (You dont have it yet)
    Fly your trusty blimp to The Great Pumpkin Island and go all the way left.
    You will find yourself in a pumpkin patch where Linus and his sister Lucy will be talking.
    Linus will ask for your help to pick out the heaviest pumpkin and you do it.

    Heavy Pumpkin:
    Set the lighter pumpkin off to the side so you won’t pick it up again, and keep weighing the pumpkins until you get to the heaviest one (the last one remaining), and give it to Lucy.

    Afterwards Lucy dares you to bring that pumpkin back to her home in one piece, Linus again asks for your help and tells you if you do it, He will give you a trick or treat bag.
    What will you do? As a nice poptropican, you will say Sure.

    Pumpkin Rolling:
    Roll the pumpkin carefully to Lucy’s home. When you reach the rabbit holes, Be careful not to roll it on the rabbit hole when the rabbit stick their heads out. When you do that, there will be a log. Give the pumpkin a boost and it will go through the log. Then you will see three kids swinging. When they’re all the way to the back…ROLL!!!!
    Congratulations, You have safely rolled the pumpkin to Lucy’s house.

    Linus gives you the trick or treat bag, which you again being a nice poptropican, Give it to the dusty bow outside. In return he will give you a Lemon-Flavored Sucker, Why? Cause he doesn’t like the flavour lemon.
    (Jeez, so you wouldn’t get anything if he didn’t like lemon -.-)

    Go back to Lucy and Linus’s house and give the Lemon Flavoured Sucker.
    (Guess your poptropican doesn’t like the flavour lemon too :P)

    He gives you his invitation to the Halloween Party and talks about the Great Pumpkin, and how it picks a pumpkin patch at night and blah blah blah, when he walks way, pick up the pen. Exit the house and go straight left and go to Charlie Brown’s backyard.
    He will tell Snoopy (his dog) to help him pile up the leaves.

    Piling up Leaves:
    You will now play as snoopy. Go near the tree and when a leaf falls, with your breath, move it towards the pile. This is really easy and you just gotta do it 5 times.

    Then Linus, will come and drop into the pile and go back to Main Street to deliver his mail to the Great Pumpkin. Now, go to the main street where Linus will be standing beside the mailbox. He will wonder where his blanket went. Go to Charlie Brown’s backyard again and click the leaf pile. Move your mouse to move the leaves revealing Linus’s blanket. Click on it and go to the main street and give it to Linus.
    (He will use it for openening the mailbox, Sheesh. Couldn’t he do it by him self?)

    Go to Charlie Brown’s backyard, where Lucy will be telling Charlie she wants to practice the football trick with him even signing a contract saying that she wont trick him. Charlie Brown does not have a pen so you give him the pen you collected.
    Unfortunately for Charlie Brown, Lucy plays the trick on him and saying that it was never notarized.
    Pick up the football and go near Snoopy. Use the football and a costume will drop for Snoopy.

    World War I Flying Ace:
    You will now be playing as Snoopy again, and you will be flying a thingy…:P
    Be Careful though! The enemy might shoot you. Last 60 seconds without your flying thingy getting damaged too much. This is very easy.

    Can’t Be Spotted:
    This is too easy, you will land in the Enemy’s territory and have to hide behind things.
    Hide behind the rock, then the trench, then a bush, then a haystack, in the river, in the bush and then go top of the house and hide behind the chimney.

    Take the green creepy face mask on the scarecrow and wear it.
    Go inside the House and someone will greet you saying “Come on in, and join the party!”
    You have to win in all the games to go trick or treating:

    Apple Bobbling: When the apples are up in the water click them, Don’t get 3 Strikes or your out!
    Charlie-o-Lantern: Model a face for the pumpkin on the back of Charlie Brown’s head.
    Pin the face on the Pumpkin: Stare at the pumpkin and then it will be dark, Place the pumpkin’s face parts close to where they belong. Get 80 or 81% accuracy to win!
    Schroeder’s Piano: Balls will land on the keys of the piano and you have to press the piano keys in time. Get to the red line and make Snoopy dance to your music. OH YEAH!

    Sally goes off with Linus so she can also wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive and you all go trick or treating.

    Trick or Treat:
    You can now go trick or treating. Knock on doors and each person will get a candy except you and Charlie Brown. (Charlie will always get a rock and you can’t get candy cause you don’t have the trick or treating bag)

    You then take the Candy to share with Linus and Sally and a short cutscene will appear.
    Sally stroms off angrily because there was NO Great Pumpkin after all!
    Lucy will come and thank you for taking care of her little brother and will give you the Island Medalion! HOORAY (:

    Hope you like my walkthrough and hope you put it in your Island Guides! Thanks

  5. Hey STB how do you make a sticky post? I have a wordpress blog but I just cant figure it out… Please let me know? PRAWSMNS

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