Hey everybody! SkyBoy303 Introduction!

I’m Skyboy303 and I’m really excited to start join the team at itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com on this site!  I’ve played Poptropica for years and started my own poptropica cheats website for it called Poptropicaworld.com.  My website gets about 3-5 thousand visits a day and I am hoping to bring some new visitors to SuperThunders blog as well!


My specialty is creating guides and walkthroughs to help people beat the islands. I also like to give away poptropica memberships as much as I can. Finally I am also a graphic designer and coder (not the best yet but I can code some programs for windows and mac that work pretty well.) I stay up to date with all latest promo codes for the game so I plan on keeping you up to date with those on this blog as well as the new island guides!

I’m looking forward to posting here and talking to some of you.  Hopefully I can help you out and here’s to making Super Thunder’s blog the number one wordpress.com blog in 2013!

If you have any questions leave them on this post and I’ll be sure to answer you as soon as possible!

Also I hope you all are excited to see what SuperThunder has planned for the blog in the future!


39 thoughts on “Hey everybody! SkyBoy303 Introduction!

  1. Hiya Skyboy! I haveb’t heard of you or your blog, surprisingly (3-5 thousand views a day is very, very impressive). From the sound of it, look of it, whatever, you’ll make a great author 🙂

    • It pretty new actually, not even quite 3 months old. I just have some good rankings in Google so it gets a lot of traffic. Stuff like Poptropica Cheats Blog 2013 so that sends me a lot of visitors. Thanks for the welcome!

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