The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 35 Part 2- Tenebri, Totems, & Tyranny


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Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! Last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Sure! Start the episode right away without an intro!

Audience Member: Move out of the way!

Brave Tomato: Okay! Sheesh…


*Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword follow Dr. Jupiter into his office.*

Dr. Jupiter: You see, Mr. Tornado, ghosts don’t have totems.

Bendy Tornado: If they don’t have totems, then what do they have?

*Dr Jupiter finds a file in a cabinent in his desk.*

Dr. Jupiter: They have tenebri.

Nice Sword: Tenebri? What the heck are those?

Dr. Jupiter: Tenebri are dark soul-like creatures that prey on the ghosts that have lost themselves to insanity. They usually appear as a weapon that the victim suddenly wields. If the victim uses the weapon in any way, then the tenebri who lives inside overpowers the spirit. If the victim doesn’t use the weapon, then the soul is safe. *continues looking through files* That’s all I have about the tenebri. I am more focused on the totems of the living than the tenebri of the dead.

Bendy Tornado: I’ve heard of ghosts possessing mortals, but I’ve never heard of anything that possesses the ghosts.

Nice Sword: It is rather strange. We should tell the others about this.

Dr. Jupiter: And make sure your friend actually finds a totem! Go on ahead. I need to put everything away.

*Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword exits the room. Dr. Jupiter looks at the tenebri folder he had taken out. It is clear that there is more in that folder than he has told them.*

*Back in the lab, Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword return from Dr. Jupiter’s office.*

Alice: So how did it go?

Bendy Tornado: Dr. Jupiter told us some… interesting information.

Quiet Snake: Like…?

*At that moment, Curious Bee briefly returns from Dr. Hare’s dream*

Curious Bee: *looks around* Where’s Dr. J?

Bendy Tornado: In his office.

Curious Bee: Oh. I was about to ask if this sprayer I found is a totem.

Nice Sword: Doesn’t seem like it. But maybe you can pour the turpentine in the sprayer.

Alice: Head for Black Widow’s dream next. She was an art theif. Maybe you can use that turpentine in there somehow.

Curious Bee: Thanks for the advice, Alice! *pushes buttons and heads off in the dream machine again*

*Dr. Jupiter exits from his office.*

Dr. Jupiter: Was there anything I missed?

Blue Skull: CB just passed by here a moment ago-

Dr. Jupiter: Did she find any totems yet?!

Blue Skull: Er, I don’t think so. She found an empty sprayer. She’s in Black Widow’s dream right now.

Dr. Jupiter: *sighs* She better find some soon, otherwise, I have nowhere to go in my research!

Nice Sword: Um… yeah.

Bendy Tornado: Okay.

*Nice Sword and Bendy Tornado look at Dr. Jupiter with a hidden peculiarity.*

Quiet Snake: Hey, by the way, what the heck was going on in Dr. Hare’s dream?! I saw an… anthill?

Alice: Miranda said that she was the one that dealt with Dr. Hare, but he didn’t even pay attention to her. Maybe because he was being carried by ants. If I were in Black Widow’s dream, she’d recognize me in a heartbeat. Luckily, she doesn’t know Miranda…

*The dream monitor statics into Black Widow’s dream*

Nice Sword: There’s the dream! *looks* I thought you said she was an art thief, Alice. Here, it looks like she took on vandalizing.

Dr. Jupiter: Black Widow’s dream focuses on what she wants the most: to display her art to the world.

Alice: She was always such a ham. But I didn’t know she could paint.

Dr. Jupiter: Exactly- in reality, she can’t.

*meanwhile, inside of Black Widow’s dream…*

Black Widow: The only painting worth looking at is this one I painted here!

Curious Bee: *dully* Mhm.

Black Widow: There’s nothing else here worth seeing but my masterpiece!

Curious Bee: *dully* Mhm. And about these other paintings- you know, Starry Night…

Black Widow: Oh, those. I have no idea how people prefer those messes over my masterpieces! Just look at mine! The color palette was spot on, and it has meaning. The others are just splotches of paint formed together and decided to be sent in as “art”. Nobody understands true art when they see it! Nobody but me!

Curious Bee: So you take on this life?? These other paintings you wrote on were pinnacles from history. And they need to be preserved… and restored. Although I know this is a dream and those aren’t the real things, this still needs to be done. Besides, I’m not here to check out your gallery- I’m here to take away your source of evil. *takes out turpentine sprayer*

Black Widow: *stares at sprayer, angrily* You little-! Don’t you think I know paint thinner when I see it?! I should’ve known- you’re just like all the rest! But you won’t ignore my genius.

*Black Widow raises her hands with her fingers curled like spider legs. Then, spiders start coming from the ceiling, hanging down and being annoying in CB’s attempts to go to the paintings.*

*Back in the real world*

Alice: Black Widow could never do that! She’s an ordinary person!

Dr. Jupiter: Remember, Alice, they’re in a dream. Anything is possible in a dream.

Nice Sword: Reality has a ton of possibilities, too, though! You never know who you are going to encounter. We certainly weren’t expecting to be involved with this, that’s for sure.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah… *looks at Dr. Jupiter* You never know until it’s too late.

*Dr. Jupiter observes the dream monitor carefully, watching CB.*

*back in the dream*

*At this point, CB has cleaned up all of the infamous paintings. Black Widow’s face reddens with anger.*

Black Widow: I won’t let you destroy my work!

*Black Widow starts to chase after CB. CB tries to spray Black Widow’s “masterpiece” with the turpentine. Although knocked around a couple of times by both Black Widow and the spiders that still linger, CB eventually gets the masterpiece to melt.*

Curious Bee: Looks like somebody’s spider got squashed!

*Black Widow cries out as she vanishes, along with the spiders. A paintbrush remains on the place where the masterpiece laid.*

Curious Bee: Is that…?

*CB picks up the totem and involuntarily gets out of the dream.*

*back in reality, CB emerges from the headset of the dream machine*

Curious Bee: *holds out paintbrush, crystal key, and shrinking potion* Are any of these-

Dr. Jupiter: Yes! The paintbrush is a totem!

Curious Bee: Finally! Hey, can any of you hold on to this thing?

Alice: I will! *CB gives paintbrush to Alice*

Dr. Jupiter: *seriously* Just give it to me when she has retrieved the other three.

Alice: Alright, Dr. J.

Dr. Jupiter: *glares at CB* You still have three more totems to get for me! What are you waiting for?!

Curious Bee: Okay, okay, I’m going! *CB presses buttons and exits reality*

Nice Sword: Um, Dr. Jupiter? Do you know where the guest bathroom is?

Dr. Jupiter: Not too far from here. It won’t take long to find it.

*Nice Sword exits the lab and finds a bathroom. She approaches the sink to wash her face. When she looks in the mirror, she sees a familiar face.*

Callie: Gabriella! Oh thank goodness you’re finally alone!

Nice Sword: Aph…-Callie! What are you doing here?

Callie: I tried to get to you back in Astro-Knights. There’s something you don’t know about Dr. Jupiter.

Nice Sword: I knew that there was something off about that man.

Callie: Look around you! Look at him! Look at his name!

Nice Sword: *thinks* Lightning/cloud design, Jupiter… wait a second. *looks at her Poptropica Traveler’s Guide* Hey, that statue kinda looks like… Jupiter. *drops guide*

Callie: *nods*

*Nice Sword turns to leave to tell the others, but Callie stops her.*

Callie: You can’t tell anyone else about it- especially not in front of Dr. Jupiter. When you go back there, be normal, and pretend that everything is alright. Until, of course, he acts.

Nice Sword: Wish me luck on that. But if it’s such a close-guarded secret, then why did you tell me?

Callie: You’re the only one who knows my true identity, remember? Though, at this point, I’m not sure if this identity can stay with me.

Nice Sword: Yeah…

Callie: I need to go before Daddy realizes I’m talking to you. Be careful! *Callie disappears*

*Nice Sword takes a deep breath and exits the bathroom and goes back to Dr. Jupiter’s lab. When Dr. Jupiter sees Nice Sword, he looks at her suspiciously. She smiles, nervously.*

Alice: What took you so long, Gabriella? You missed Miranda dropping off two more totems- Binary bozo’s and Captain Craw-selfish’s. She’s back in Dr. Hairy’s dream, right now.

Nice Sword: You know, handling all of these totems at once isn’t a good idea. Dr. Jupiter, can’t you view the totems right now and then destroy them as you go?

Dr. Jupiter: I need to view all four totems side by side for accurate research. See how they compare and contrast.

Quiet Snake: Okay.

*CB comes out of the dream machine again, carrying Dr. Hare’s Golden Carrot totem. NS’s eyes widen.*

Curious Bee: *pants* I got it! The last one! Woo- all that dream travel made me a little dizzy!

Dr. Jupiter: *firmly* Give me the totems.

*Alice, carrying Black Widow’s paintbrush totem, Bendy Tornado, carrying Binary Bard’s astrolabe totem, Blue Skull, carrying Captain Crawfish’s model ship totem, and Curious Bee, carrying Dr. Hare’s golden carrot totem, give the totems to Dr. Jupiter. Nice Sword tries to tell them no, but she couldn’t do anything about it.*

Dr. Jupiter: *carrying the totems in wonder* Such power! This is the most concentrated source of evil in the history of Poptropica.

Curious Bee: Yeah… congratulations. Now we’d better destroy this stuff!

Dr. Jupiter: Destroy? Oh, no-

Nice Sword: Yeah, CB. We can’t destroy the stuff right away. Dr. Jupiter’s got to analyze it first!

Curious Bee: Oh yeah, right! Sorry, Dr. J! Forgot about that.

Dr. Jupiter: -I got other plans! *glares* I know you talked to her, Gabriella.

Blue Skull: Talked to who? “Plans”? Okay, Dr. J, you’re starting to freak me out now.

Nice Sword: So I talked to her. So what? I should’ve known all along. The lightning and cloud design around here. Your appearance, it’s similar to a statue I saw before. Your name, Dr. Jupiter.

Dr. Jupiter: *frowns* Your point being…?

Curious Bee: What are you talking about?

Nice Sword: Everything’s a clue here, Dr. Jupiter, or should I say Zeus?

*The others look at Nice Sword with an expression hard to recognize. Then, the rest of the CB group, except CB, NS, and Bendy burst out laughing. The laughers and CB are facing away from Dr. Jupiter, who’s got a ticked off look on his face. He mutters something, inaudible. A flash of gold briefly appears in his irises.*

Alice: You’ve gone out of your mind, Gabriella!

Blue Skull: Good one, NS!

*At this point, Dr. Jupiter’s irises fully turn a gold color and he lifts his feet off of the ground, transforming into the assumed, correct identity. At this moment, Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword are the only ones who notice the transformation.*

Bendy Tornado: Umm… guys?

Quiet Snake: Not now, Bendy Tornado! We’re on a roll, here!

Bendy Tornado: But-

Curious Bee: What is it?

*Nice Sword motions for CB, Blue Skull, Alice, and Quiet Snake to turn around. They finally recognize the look of worry on their faces and laughter trails off, nervously.*

Alice: Is it me or has that shadow gotten larger?

Curious Bee: It’s not just you, Alice…

Zeus: Turn around.

Blue Skull: Umm…. Dr. J?

Quiet Snake: Why don’t I want to turn around???

*They slowly turn around and look straight ahead. However, they found themselves looking up instead of ahead. Their expressions turn from nervousness into fear in two seconds flat.*

Zeus: Behold! It is I, Zeus! Thanks to you, Miranda, with these four totems, I can finally rule all of Poptropica!

*Zeus forms a large orb of energy from the totems, and uses its blast to breach through the prison ceiling. That blast also affects the CB group and shatters the sleep chambers of the 4 villains. They all get blasted out into the air, over the seas and eventually land in the frigid waters. The 10 break through the surface of the water, gasping for air.*

Quiet Snake: *traumatized* What… just… happened?

Alice: Dr. Jupiter turned out to be a super villain incognito. That’s what happened.

Curious Bee: *startled* Okay… there are *counts* 10 people here, so we’re all okay. *thinks* Wait… ten?

Captain Crawfish: How did I get here?!

Black Widow: You took the words right out of my mouth…

*Attention draws to the 4 villains*

Curious Bee: Umm… hi. Now, this situation is gonna require a lot of explaining-

Binary Bard: *not wanting to be involved* Uh…freedom!

*The villains start swimming away*

Dr. Hare: I’m out of here!

*The originally comatose villains had fully swam away from the situation*

Alice: *sarcastically* Thanks for the help!

Curious Bee: *pants* What have I done? What have I done? What have I done????!

Nice Sword: It’s not your fault, CB. You didn’t know that Dr. Jupiter was actually Zeus.

Bendy Tornado: I know how you feel. Over one year ago, I was just as timid as you were, honestly. And I still am.

Blue Skull: Hey, guys, you should check this out- this is on the news.

*Blue Skull shows the news on his phone, showing pictures of devastation brewing over Poptropica, including shots of Mythology Island, Shark Tooth Island, and Mystery Train.*

Bendy Tornado: Shark Tooth’s my home! I really would want to check on my family, but… they still think I’m at the Academy.

Curious Bee: I promise we’ll go there.

Alice: After we find a way to defeat Big Z, of course!

Curious Bee: *reality sets in to her* We can’t.

Nice Sword: What do you mean, CB?

Curious Bee: Look at us. We’re just six ordinary mortals. He’s Zeus, the same guy in our literacy textbooks and all those other things. Plus, he’s a god. Immortal. Powerful. Knows what he’s doing.

Quiet Snake: What about the person that did defeat him?

Curious Bee: She had help.

*the area starts rumbling*

Blue Skull: What’s going on?

*A small island emerges from below their feet. The CB group stumble, trying to regain their footing. When the island finally stops rising, the group finally has the chance to see Poseidon.*

Bendy Tornado: You’re-

Nice Sword: You must be Poseidon!

Poseidon: I am. *sighs* My brother’s up to his old tricks again, I see. Some people never change.

Curious Bee: Yup. *looks around* Where’s Quiet Snake?

*CB looks around the island, and eventually sees QS cowering behind the statue of the top of a trident.*

Quiet Snake: CB!

Curious Bee: What are you doing back there?

Quiet Snake: You have no idea how traumatized I am, right now! *looks up and ahead* Umm, guys? You might want to see this…

*CB goes to get the attention of the rest of the CB group and points out behind the island. In the distance is the great city of Manhattan. However, attention draws to the Statue of Liberty. They could see Zeus in the distance, remodeling the monument, replacing Lady Liberty’s physique with his own. He grins in vanity at his work. As he works on it, Black Widow’s totem, embedded in the book part glows.*

Curious Bee: *turns to Poseidon* Can you stop him?

Poseidon: No, this is your mess to clean up. But I will give you the power of my trident to aid you.

*The sea god hands his trident over to CB.*

Poseidon: Which, by the way, thank you for returning it for me earlier.

Curious Bee: No problem. *looks ahead* Honestly, I’m a little bit nervous about this… Okay, a lot nervous.

Blue Skull: Aw, CB, you can do it!

Curious Bee: Just one question before I go..

Poseidon: Yes?

Curious Bee: How do I use this?

*As Poseidon shows CB how to use it in this situation, Zeus notices the island Poseidon formed in the distance.*

Zeus: So my brother wants to interfere again? Ha- this time around… *looks at the totems he embedded into the statue* I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve.

*back at the small island*

Curious Bee: I shouldn’t waste any more time. I got to get over to the Statue of…um…Tyranny?

Bendy Tornado: You can do this!

Quiet Snake: Go CB!

Alice: Good luck out there, cause you’re going to need it!

*CB group stares at Alice*

Alice: What?

Nice Sword: *to Alice* Not a big fan of the way you said that. *to CB* Let’s do this!

*CB forms pink clouds around her feet, and uses the pink clouds to carry herself over to the remodeled statue. Zeus is right in front of his face on the statue.*

Zeus: Everyone in Poptropica will kneel before me! Starting with… *looks down to CB* …you!

Curious Bee: *bravely* No. I don’t think so.

Zeus: Determined, aren’t you, Miranda? This will be fun. I can finally have my revenge on you.

Curious Bee: Revenge? What are you talking about? I never did anything to you!

Zeus: You did- you just did not notice. All that time ago, you crash-landed on Mythology Island. I was planning to turn my brothers against the one mortal that had defeated me, since they did not have their weapons back, yet. You got in the way. You returned that thing in your hands now and the crown to their rightful owners and my plan was a dud!Now, after months of trickery, lying, and deception, I can finally get what I want: all of Poptropica and bittersweet revenge- on you! *grips his master bolt*

Curious Bee: I still have no clue what you’re talking about, but I’m not going to let you rule all of Poptropica. Let’s end this once and for all.

*Zeus lets fly a thunderbolt at CB, who swiftly dodges it. CB, moving around, sees the places where Zeus has embedded the totems in the statue. She sees one, Dr. Hare’s, embedded in the torch of the Statue of Tyranny. Using Poseidon’s trident, she attacks the totem until it pops out and falls. It shatters like glass on the ground.*

*back on the small island*

Blue Skull: Hey, um, Gabriella?

Nice Sword: Yeah?

Blue Skull: Back at the prison, what did Dr. Jupiter mean by you talked to her?

Nice Sword: Well… um…

Alice: Eric’s got a point. Who’s she?

*the sound of a totem breaking is heard*

Nice Sword: Um…

*Callie lands ashore.*

Callie: She’s talking about me!

Bendy, Blue, Quiet: Callie?

Alice: Who are you?

Poseidon: Aphrodite? What are you doing here?

Blue Skull: Wait- Aphrodite?

Callie: It’s true. Might as well show you guys.

*Callie, staying mortal size, transforms into Aphrodite.*

Aphrodite: Poseidon, I’m here to explain some things to the group here.

Quiet Snake: So… the whole time, you disguised yourself as Callie?

Aphrodite: I did.

*the sound of a totem breaking is heard*

Aphrodite: Sounds like Daddy’s starting to have a déjà vu moment over there.

*Back by the “Statue of Tyranny” there is only one totem left embedded in the statue: Binary Bard’s totem.*

Curious Bee: Just one more totem…

*CB goes over to the totem and starts attacking it. As she attacks it, suddenly, the totem begins to glow. Meteors start to fall around the Statue of Tyranny. Zeus, not far away, makes a small smirk.*

Zeus: Such power!

*CB, startled by the meteors, tries to dodge the meteors, still trying to hit Binary Bard’s totem. In her effort to do so, one of the meteor scrapes the back of CB’s right leg. She holds in the scream from the burning pain and continues shooting at the totem until it pops out and falls, like the others had.*

Curious Bee: *pants* Now… to deal with you!

Zeus: Try me.

*CB starts shooting towards Zeus using the trident. Since he no longer has the totems to rely on, he goes back to what he knows. He shoots thunderbolt after thunderbolt towards CB. At the current time, CB has 10 clouds and Zeus has 12.*

*Back on the island, Poseidon has left, but left the island for the CB group to watch the fight. Aphrodite still is there.*

Aphrodite: *gleefully* Isn’t this exciting?!

Bendy Tornado: Kinda. *looks closer at CB* She got pretty hurt from that meteor attack. Look at her leg.

Quiet Snake: How is CB able to remain strong like this?

Nice Sword: This isn’t the first time she’s been a fight. She must’ve learned from that other time.

Alice: *counts* Miranda has 11 clouds and Big Z has 8. Looks like she’s finally getting an upper hand at this- wait- Miranda’s back to 10, now.

Blue Skull: Do you want to be a commentator one day?

Alice: Just because I notice and comment on what’s going on doesn’t mean you should make assumptions, Eric!

Blue Skull: Okay! Gee….

Alice: Miranda’s now at 9, Big Z’s got 6…

*Back by the statue, the battle continues on.Before either of them knew it, Zeus has 2 clouds remaining and CB has 2. CB shoots at Zeus two last times. Even with the clouds gone, Zeus remains floating and doesn’t have any look of defeat on his face at all. Instead, he looks more confident. He flies in front of the face of the statue.*

Curious Bee: Give up, yet?

Zeus: *snaps* I don’t need totems to defeat you!

Curious Bee: I’m taking that as a no…

Zeus: I am the god of thunder!

*Zeus goes into the statue. All of a sudden, the statue’s eyes blink and start to move. It shoots giant bolts in different directions.*

Curious Bee: Okay then…

*CB shoots into the eyes of the “Statue of Tyranny”. She’s super careful, for she only has 3 clouds holding her up.*

*back on the island*

Alice: It looks like we finally made it to the home stretch. Big Z has apparently possessed his statue, and is using it to attack Miranda with larger than average lightning bolts. But Miranda’s not giving up. She’s shooting at those eyes! Oh, wow, keep it up, Miranda! This could be it, folks! This could be it!

Blue Skull: Are you sure you don’t want to be a sports announcer?

Alice: It’s not my thing, Eric, okay?!

*Quiet Snake giggles at Alice.*

Alice: What’s so funny, Madeline???

Quiet Snake: Oh, the way you kid!

Alice: Huh? Aren’t you supposed to be traumatized or something?

Quiet Snake: I still am. But I know that CB can do it! That’s the thing!

*Alice sighs and look back to the Statue.*

*Meanwhile back by the Statue of Tyranny, CB shoots at the eyes of the statue. Despite her injury from the meteor, she shows no sign of weakness. She continues shooting at the eyes until Zeus comes out from the statue.*

Zeus: Not again! I was so close…

*Zeus falls to the ground by the statue and reduces himself to mortal size. The statue glows and reverts to the original Statue of Liberty. Back on the island, the CB group cheers. At this point, Aphrodite made herself Callie again so she can reveal herself to CB.*

Alice: And she has done it! She has done it!

*CB looks around and pants. She actually did it. She actually did it.*

Curious Bee: Wha… I… did it…?

*CB, overcome with emotion, faints, and the candy clouds gently bring her to the ground.*

Alice: And… Miranda’s down.

*A motorboat from Erewhon Prison goes over the water. The boat goes over to the small island. The security guards on the boat picks up the CB group and Callie. Then they go toward the Statue of Liberty and bring CB and Zeus, both unconscious, to the boat. They go to Erewhon Prison, without a word said, and go into a dock. They enter the prison from an alternate entrance and go back up to Dr. Jupiter’s lab. They put Zeus in a sleep chamber, and CB on the floor. They bandage the back of CB’s leg.*

*CB opens her eyes and finds herself staring at what’s left of the ceiling of the lab. She shoots up and finds herself back in the lab. Bendy Tornado goes over to CB and helps her up.*

Bendy Tornado: You okay, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Bendy… *groans* what happened?

Bendy Tornado: You saved the world.

Curious Bee: Again? That’s nice… *turns and sees Zeus in the sleep chamber* How…?

Security Guard 3: We managed to lock him up before he came to. Thanks to you, Zeus won’t be bothering anyone ever again.

Callie: You know that you can’t keep him here forever.

*CB finally notices Callie*

Curious Bee: Callie?

Callie: Hi, Miranda. *turns head back to security guard* For now, you don’t have to worry. However, as much of a tyrant as he wishes to be, he’s still the king of the gods and god of the skies. If he’s in there too long, well, I have no idea what would happen. Plus, Daddy needs to learn to appreciate what he has at Mythology Island.

Curious Bee: Wait… Daddy?

Callie: I’m sorry, Miranda. This whole time, I haven’t formally introduced myself. Although you already know me.

*Callie, staying mortal size, transforms into Aphrodite. It took CB a few blinks to finally realize it.*

Curious Bee: Aphrodite?

Aphrodite: Yes, it’s me.

Curious Bee: But…um… uh…

Aphrodite: All I’ve done as Callie Comet was a thank you.

Curious Bee: For what?

Aphrodite: A thank you for bringing my mirror back.

Curious Bee: But… you’ve done so much…

Aphrodite: That’s what Daddy said, too.

Curious Bee: Hm?

Aphrodite: Except in a disapproving tone. Here’s what happened before I talked to Nice Sword.


*Flashback to earlier, the time when Dr. Jupiter said he was putting papers away after he told Bendy and Nice Sword about the Tenebri. He actually heads out of the prison and sighs to himself.*

Dr. Jupiter: At this rate, they’ll end up like the others…

?: What do you mean, Daddy?

*Callie appears in front of Dr. Jupiter*

Dr. Jupiter: What are you doing here, Aphrodite?

Callie: I-

Dr. Jupiter: You’re going to help them again, aren’t you? Tell them who I am?

Callie: Daddy-

Dr. Jupiter: That girl has caused nothing but trouble to us, Aphrodite.

Callie: You, Daddy. She only caused trouble to you, and she doesn’t even know it.

Dr. Jupiter: So why do you help her?? She’s nothing more than a foolish mortal!

Callie: She gave me my mirror back, Daddy. You know how much that means to me.

Dr. Jupiter: And she gave me embarrassment. When I get the totems, every mortal man will kneel before me. She and her friends will be first!

Callie: Daddy, you know how well that turned out last time.

Dr. Jupiter: *snaps* Don’t talk to me about last time! They will kneel before me. Curious Miranda Bee fainted at the sound of my name and Bendy Zachary Tornado wouldn’t want any more trouble with us- he met Hades once before.

Callie: Daddy, Miranda’s a deserving girl. They’re-

Dr. Jupiter: Deserving?!?! Aphrodite, have you lost your mind?! You’ve done more for them than they have done for you!!! They are undeserving then, now, and they always will be!!! *pauses* Leave my sight, Aphrodite- and don’t you dare protect them from me!

*Callie disappears*

~Back to present time~

Aphrodite: As much as Daddy is wrong, he is also somewhat right.

Curious Bee: Hm?

Aphrodite: Now that you know who I am, I can’t directly help you, anymore. *sighs* It’s for the better of both of us.

Curious Bee: Aphrodite… How can I ever thank you for everything?

Quiet Snake: You helped me mend the relationship between CB and Bendy on 24 Carrot Island.

Blue Skull: You helped us out of a tight situation on Steamworks Island.

Nice Sword: And you helped me feel useful when we confronted Krimson.

Aphrodite: You did repay me- I don’t have to listen to Daddy’s “I want to take over all of Poptropica!” blabbering for a while. *giggles* You all are very special people. Remember that. *pauses* I must go. Farewell, everyone!

*Aphrodite disappears in roses.*

Curious Bee: Goodbye…

*She takes a deep breath and looks at the CB group. She smiles, and they nod.*

Quiet Snake: Okay, can we go now?!

Curious Bee: *remembers* Oh yeah! The blimp! It was torn in the storm!

Security Guard 4: We already took care of that. We docked it back at the oil drill. Three of you can go in the chopper, and we’ll get the rest of you a boat.

Curious Bee: Since Bendy, Alice, and I went here on the chopper, you guys can go on it this time.

Quiet Snake: Thank you!

*Time passes. BS, QS, and NS go on the helicopter, while CB, Bendy, and Alice go on the boat for the oil rig.*

Alice: That was quite a trip, wasn’t it?

Curious Bee: It sure was.

Bendy Tornado: I’m just glad it’s all over.

Curious Bee: *remembers* Oh yeah, I just remembered something!

*She reaches into her bag and takes out the trident. She then puts it back into the seas. She smiles. Also, she sees something else in her bag- her wallet.*

Curious Bee: My wallet?!

Security Guard 3: Copy Cat had it in her possession when we apprehended her. We saw your name in it, and I guess you got lucky.

Curious Bee: Thanks so much!

*Finally, they approach the oil rig. Tara, the woman with the sunglasses, greets them as they come it.*

Tara: You came back! Oh thank goodness!

Curious Bee: Yeah, but, um, well…

Tara: What’s the report?

Curious Bee: That Dr. Jupiter… he was actually a super villain in disguise, so I had to stop him and stuff. Look it up on the news or something. It’s a long story.

Tara: I knew that there was something off with him. Who was Dr. Jupiter?

Curious Bee: Zeus.

Tara: *blinks* Come again? I should’ve known… *shakes her head* Thank you for going out there.

Nice Sword: No problem.

Curious Bee: I think we should go.

Quiet Snake: I agree. Let’s.

*CB and the group go on the blimp.*

Curious Bee: So… where do we go now?

Alice: I want to go to the land of Nod, that’s where! *she sits and tries to take a nap*

Bendy Tornado: I really want to visit my home, Shark Tooth Island. See if my family’s okay after what happened.

Curious Bee: Good idea, Bendy.

*The blimp sets off.*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Whew! That… was long… part one and two together makes this episode longer than The Everred Plot, and this part alone is the second longest singular thing in the series (behind A Curious Bee Christmas Carol) o.o Now here’s what I have to say about the whole Zeus thing- doing this was my last resort. I tried to come up with something original for Zeus’ revenge on CB, but I couldn’t. To those disappointed by this, I’m sorry. At least now, after almost 2 years, I finally answered some questions- in a way. BT out!

*BT runs off stage.*

Note: I am very aware that Aphrodite isn’t Zeus’ biological daughter. However, I had her call him Daddy, because I noticed that in Mythology Island, she calls Athena her “smarty-pants sister”, despite the fact that they’re not biological sisters. I figured she’d do the same with Zeus, calling him Daddy and all.

50 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 35 Part 2- Tenebri, Totems, & Tyranny

  1. hey guys! when i was watching the powerpuff girls they got aressted! then they ended up in jail!i fell bad about bubbles,blossom and buttercup they got in jail!:(

  2. That means that Krimson’s knife is her (What do you call it?) tenebri! Huh… now to steal it from her..

    • The tenebri once lived in Krimson’s knife. Once Ruby used the knife to cut underneath her eye, the tenebri took over, messing with her. You know, the fun dark stuff.

  3. Awesome BT! Widely enjoyed! I actually made another account and did SVI there! 😆 (I know I can do it on my account again, but I did not feel like leaving the island I am currently on ;-))

  4. The whole “Greek gods family tree” thing is confusing.Aphrodite was born from sea foam (don’t ask me how,it’s kind of weird)and then she married Hephaestus,who was Hera’s son,and Hera was Zeus’ wife,so Aphrodite would be Zeus’ daughter-in-law.Right?

  5. Hey guys, I want to go a little semi-off-topic for a second here to talk about my thoughts on Zeus’s return.

    I’ve had a lot of history with Mythology Island- it’s the first island I’ve ever witnesses open for members and then to the public. I remember that it took me a while to realize that “Ohh… It’s like those Percy Jackson things.” When it finally came out, it took me a while to finish it- I finished it on another account before I did on my Brave Tomato account. Over time, the island’s theme started to grow on me, and I was starting to learn about Ancient Greece in school, making me more curious. Then, I started adding books such as the Goddess Girls series, the Pandora series, The Cronus Chronicles trilogy, and ultimately the Percy Jackson series to my bookshelf. I replayed Mythology Island numerous times since then.

    Remember when I had suspicion about Poptropolis Games being related to all this all that time ago? Well, I remember my awkwardness about being wrong. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was going to be correct, I just predicted it a few islands too early.

    When I found out that the inverted picture for the bonus quest was actually from Mythology Island, I was stunned. I noticed how in the comments, you were talking about Zeus and had come up with theories about his role. At first, I refused to believe it. First of all, Zeus is, pretty much, the least original villain in all of Poptropica. However, he did take the second place title in the Favorite Villain Tournament back in April-May 2011, losing only to Binary Bard in the end. Secondly, I remembered my embarrassment about the Poptropolis thing, and I tried not to connect.

    When Super Villain Island came out, I totally forgot about the picture and just went for it. I was wandering around, and in the common room, I saw the flyer that says “Is counting sheep not getting you sleep? Call 1-5DR-JUPITER. I disregarded the poster, thinking it was just there for decoration. I eventually found the control center and saw the conversation between a doctor and a woman. Growing concerned, due to the doctor’s appearance, I talked to the woman. “It was that Dr. Jupiter.” My eyes were wide and my jaw was to the floor. There’s no more denying it- Dr. Jupiter could be Zeus. When I saw the Suez helicopter, I found myself shouting “SUEZ!!!!!”, knowing that SUEZ was Zeus spelled backwards. I played the island more and eventually got to the part when I gave the totems to Dr. Jupiter. I played “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence on my iPod, just in case. Then, when Dr. Jupiter said “Destroy? Oh no, I got other plans!”, I was like o.O .

    Then, Dr. Jupiter transformed into Zeus.

    At this point, I lost it. I literally had to pause the game to recollect myself. “Everybody’s Fool” still rung in my ears, and I was just like “Ahhhhhhhh…….” Besides, I think Zeus transformed at the same time as when the guitars entered on the song. Without thinking, I posted a screenshot of that moment on STB (later, I would take it down due to spoiler disappointment). I finally pushed the play button and continued playing with my eyes still wide. I went through the final battle with ease, since I played Mythology Island tons of times before.

    After Super Villain Island, I drew a whole lot of fan art for the island, some of those published on my deviantART page. Then, I thought about Curious Bee. I was thinking about doing an island play-through episode, finally answering some long-unanswered questions. Plus, I was relieved to see that Zeus lying about promising to be good became canon. I waited for a little bit of time, and then wrote The Binary Code, Lab Rats, and this episode: Tenebri, Totems, and Tyranny. In those episodes, I enjoyed alluding back to the olden days of the series first episodes, before Krimson, before even Sasha.

    I’m really proud of these episodes, and I grew a loving for Super Villain Island- replaying it multiple times, like I had with Mythology. It was a tri p down memory lane for me.

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