The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 35 Part 1- Lab Rats

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they went to Astro-Knights Island and discovered a coded message on the green orb. The message said that the next time he’s in Poptropica, he’ll be comatose. And so after finding out about, erm, Dr. Jupiter, they set course for Super Villain Island. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

*It is morning. The CB group get up and look around. Then, they look at the map.*

Curious Bee: We’re almost there. All we need to do now is just keep going in this direction.

Quiet Snake: Oh thank goodness! I’m starting to get really cooped up with this blimp.

Nice Sword: Yeah, me too…

Blue Skull: Hey! I think I see something over there! *points*

*The CB group look at the direction Blue Skull is pointing in.*

Alice: An oil rig? Miranda, are you sure you know where you’re going? I wouldn’t expect any sleep psychiatrist to work in an oil rig.

Curious Bee: Yup. This is it. The doctor said to ask the woman in the control center here about a chopper to go to his location.

Bendy Tornado: Why can’t we just take the blimp?

Curious Bee: Maybe because we wouldn’t have had any idea where we’d be going. Let’s dock for now.

*The blimp docks*

Curious Bee: I think I see the control center up there. We can now finally see what this is all about…

*The group gets off the blimp and heads for the control center. They approach the door. They can hear a conversation from the other side of the door, but muffled, until they open it.*

Dr. Jupiter: *on video transmission* It won’t take more than a day, Tara. I’ll pay double your usual wages!

Tara: Look, for the last time, Doctor, we’re already working night and day out here! I don’t have any manpower to spare!

Dr. Jupiter: You will. Shortly, a girl will arrive who’s come to see you to get a chopper to me. *exits transmission*

Tara: *sighs and turns* Oh, I didn’t see you there.

Curious Bee: Was that Dr. Jupiter?

Tara: Yes. He’s begging to send him workers from my rig again.

Curious Bee: Again?

Tara: Yes, again. Last time, they never came back!

Nice Sword: I knew I had a bad feeling about this.

Curious Bee: Well, I’ve scheduled an appointment with him. Can you by chance get us a chopper to go to whereever he is?

Tara: I can, but the chopper can’t fit all of you. Some of you will have to trail behind. Maybe use the blimp you used to get here and follow the helicopter. The pilot will arrive shortly to pick three of you up. The rest will just have to trail behind the chopper.

Curious Bee: I call chopper!

Bendy Tornado: Chopper!

Alice: Chopper!

Quiet Snake: Chopper-wait. Awww dangit!

Blue Skull: Welcome to my world, Madeline.

Nice Sword: So I guess the three of us will be going in the blimp then.

Quiet Snake: And you’re not the least bit phased about this, Gertrude?!

Nice Sword: My name’s Gabriella. Not Gertrude.

Tara: And if, er, when you come back, can you give me a report on what you see? I’d really appreciate it.

Curious Bee: No problem.

Tara: The pilot’s coming now. You should be on your way! Be careful, and make sure you come back right away!

Bendy Tornado: Great, thanks!

*The CB group exit the control room. Tara sighs*

Tara: I really hope they don’t end up like the others.

*Outside, the chopper docks itself on the roof. The pilot motions for three of the group to come on the blimp.*

Curious Bee: We’ll meet you there!

Nice Sword: You got it!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice go into the helicopter, while BS, QS, and NS head for the blimp. The helicopter and the blimp fly off.*

*in the helicopter*

Curious Bee: So… where are we going, exactly?

*The pilot doesn’t respond.*

Alice: Hello? Earth to pilot?

*a distant sound of thunder is heard*

Bendy Tornado: Was that…?

*the three start seeing black storm clouds in the distance*

Curious Bee: Pilot! You’re heading for those storm clouds!! Wake up!

Pilot: I’m awake and always had been, thank you very much.

Alice: Why are we going right for those clouds?

Pilot: I’m not authorized to answer any questions.

Curious Bee: 😐 There’s another way there, right?

Pilot: Again! I’m not authorized to answer any questions!

Alice: If you need us, we’ll be nervous wrecks.

*meanwhile on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: I don’t like the looks of those clouds…

Nice Sword: Why is the helicopter heading right for them???

Blue Skull: We can’t get this blimp through there, that’s for sure!

Quiet Snake: Turn around! NOW!!

Nice Sword: I-I can’t! The wind’s pushing us right towards it!

Blue Skull: You’re kidding me!

*Before both vehicles know it, they end up right underneath the looming storm clouds. Rain falls in sheets, gales of wind rush through the air, and thunder cracks and lights up the sky as the vehicles struggle*

*in the helicopter*


Pilot: *ignoring Alice* Oh great! It’s too windy! I can’t land! You’ll have to jump!

All Three: WHAT?!

Pilot: You’ll be fine! Put on the parachutes! Now!

*Frantically, CB, Bendy, and Alice grab their parachutes and put them on.*

Pilot: When this weather clears, call me on this walkie talkie and I’ll pick you up! I doubt that blimp will survive this storm! *gives CB the walkie talkie*

Curious Bee: *gasps* Blue Skull! Quiet Snake! Nice Sword! I really hope they turned around!

Pilot: Go! Jump!

Bendy Tornado: Well, this had been a fun life.

Pilot: GO!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice jump out of the helicopter and immediately activate their parachutes.*

*meanwhile on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: *cowering* Thisisnothappeningthisisnothappeningthisisnothappening…

Nice Sword: Hold on, everybody!

Blue Skull: *looks at chopper* Wait… did the others just… jump out of the chopper?

*As this happens, lightning cracks the sky and hits the blimp.*

Nice Sword: Oh no! We’ve been hit! May day! We’re going down!

*The blimp, losing altitude but still being pushed by the wind, lands on the rocks.*

*meanwhile in the sky*

Curious Bee: Oh no! The blimp’s been struck! I really hope they’re okay! We need to get down there as fast as possible!

Bendy Tornado: I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. Parachuting in a storm. I mean- I’ve done crazy things before, but this is ridiculous.

Alice: Hello? Earth to Zachary? Our friends just crash landed at some weird… woah.

*The three finally notice the dark tower and mounds of rocks that make up the small island.*

Curious Bee: Look! I think I see the three of them coming out of the blimp! They’re okay! Oh, thank goodness.

*Lightning continues to crack the sky, when all of a sudden…*

Bendy Tornado: Move, CB!

Curious Bee: Huh? *moves*

*Just as CB moves, lightning strikes where CB was before she moved.*

Curious Bee: *pants* Thanks… Zachary.

Bendy Tornado: No problem, Miranda.

Alice: Oh my gosh! Can’t this parachute go down any faster?

Curious Bee: We’re almost there!

*Before the three of them knew it, they land in the water.*

Blue Skull: *on land* Hey, over here!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice swim over to Blue Skull.

Blue Skull: Everyone’s okay, luckily, but the blimp… it’s pretty much destroyed.

Curious Bee: The blimp… this kind of thing happened before! About a year ago, I think. I was just cruising around on my blimp, and due to a flash of lightning, next thing I knew, I was on the beaches of Mythology Island! The tear is similar. It is fixable, though.

Quiet Snake: That’s great, now can we go find shelter? Look at what the rain is doing to me!

*The CB group start climbing up the rocks of the hill, and eventually, they reach the top. They notice a security camera peeking through.*

Curious Bee: *to security camera* Umm… hi. Do you by any chance know where Dr Jupiter is? Or some kind of shelter to wait out the storm?

*All of a sudden, the walls of the tower start to open up, revealing the entrance.*

Blue Skull: Woah!

Nice Sword: Should we go in?

Curious Bee: I guess…

*The group enters the prison, where a security guard guards the door.*

Curious Bee: Hi, sir, sorry to bother you, but we’re, um, lost. The storm threw us off course on our way to see Dr. Jupiter. You know, the sleep psychiatrist guy…

Security Guard #1: You’re in the right place, though. Welcome to Erewhon Prison-

Alice: Prison?

Security Guard #1: -the world’s most advanced supermax facility. We’ve got the worst of the worst criminals locked up inside.

Blue Skull: Supermax facility? Really?

Curious Bee: Dr. Jupiter works here?

Security Guard #1: Yes, his lab is just upstairs of here. He’s an extraordinary inventor and innovator as well. But the reason he called you here… well… I’ll let him explain. But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll turn around and leave right now.

Quiet Snake: Okay, great, bye!

*As Quiet Snake turns to leave, thunder echoes in the storm that still looms over the prison.*

Quiet Snake: … On second thought, why do you think we’re afraid? We’re not.

Security Guard #1: You should be.

Curious Bee: *starts moving* Come on, you guys, we’re starting to forget why we’re here.

Bendy Tornado: The Binary Code thing… yeah.

*The group moves forward, but a second security guard stops them and points at a security check station.*

Blue Skull: *looks* That’s a security protocol?

Security Guard #2: Do this or turn around.

Alice: Well, we can’t turn around. No turning back for us.

*One by one, the group go on the conveyor belt. They’re x-rayed, scanned, disinfected, dried, and had their picture taken. They move on to the security room.*

Security Guard #3: Looks like Jupiter’s brought in more suckers, huh?

Alice: Suckers? You know we can hear you.

Curious Bee: Look, the elevator says Dr. Jupiter’s lab!

Bendy Tornado: Let’s go.

*Curious Bee presses the button, and the elevator shortly arrives and opens. They go in and up. The group peek through a window and see some familiar faces in prison cells…*

Curious Bee: *sees Copy Cat* Hey, you were the one that stole my wallet!

Copy Cat: *sighs* All stolen property is in the front desk, main lobby.

Alice: *sees Mr. Silva* Look, crazy psycho teacher guy’s here, too!

Mr. Silva: *still small* You know, I still can hear you.

Blue Skull: *sees Gretchen Grimlock* Gretchen? She’s been apprehended? Finally.

Gretchen: *to Betty* Look, I told you that this entire place is filled with weirdos!

Curious Bee: *sees Betty Jetty* And the one who’s knocked me out of my blimp that one time is there, too…

Betty Jetty: *to Gretchen* Wait…are you calling me a weirdo?

*Finally, the elevator stops and opens. The group exit the elevator and enter a large, complex lab. They look around, facinated. Then Curious Bee turns to see the man she’s been searching for. He has a white, cloud-like beard with peach skin and black-rimmed glasses. He wears a lab coat over a yellow shirt with red tie and black pants.*

Dr. Jupiter: Are you the one who called me yesterday?

Curious Bee: Yes, sir, Dr. Jupiter. I’m Curious Bee, and this is my boyfriend, Bendy Tornado, and my friends Quiet Snake, Blue Skull, Nice Sword, and Purple Storm. Purple Storm prefers to be called by her middle name, Alice, by the way.

Dr. Jupiter: Welcome! I’m so glad you could make it! Now, Curious Bee, you said in your phone call that you’ve been having nightmares?

Curious Bee: Yes… but I have a feeling it means much more than that. In it, it talks about this prophecy…

Dr. Jupiter: Prophecy? What prophecy?

Curious Bee: It goes like this…

“Citizens of Arturus, you shall have no fear
For the Bard is defeated and Elyana is here
But this isn’t the last time, don’t take this joy for granted
For he’ll be comatose next time he’s on this planet.”

*Dr. Jupiter looks at Curious Bee, and she looks back.*

Curious Bee: What is it? Do you know what it means?

Dr. Jupiter: I need your help for something.

Curious Bee: Huh? Why do you need my help? You know about it?

Dr. Jupiter: You’re about to participate in the most important science experiment the world has ever known!

Alice: Since when? We didn’t sign up to be lab rats.

*Dr. Jupiter waves somewhere, and lights start flashing on. A whirring sound is heard as a machine turns on. A screen flashes on and one by one, the sleep chambers light up, revealing the ones who are inside. The CB group stares at the sleep chambers, mouths open and awestruck. Alice recognizes Black Widow, while the rest of the group recognize Captain Crawfish and Dr. Hare.*

Quiet Snake: Watch out!

Dr. Jupiter: You are perfectly safe. Each of these fiends is fast asleep.

Quiet Snake: Oh! Um, I knew that!

Curious Bee: Dr. Hare… Black Widow… Captain Crawfish… and Binary Bard. The prophecy…what are they doing here???

Dr. Jupiter: I believe that deep inside the minds of each of these villains is a totem representing their evil. If we remove the totems, we remove the evil!

Nice Sword: And then we analyze and destroy the totems, right?

Dr. Jupiter: Er, of course!

Curious Bee: But how do we go into a mind? That’s virtually impossible!

Dr. Jupiter: That’s where you come in. Using my dream machine, you’ll go into the minds of these four fiends and then return them here to me.

*The group starts going closer to the machine, but Dr. Jupiter stops them.*

Dr. Jupiter: Only one person at a time could go into the dream machine. Now, Curious Bee, follow me…

*Curious Bee trails behind Dr. Jupiter closer to the dream machine.*

Curious Bee: So I’m going into villain’s minds!? Two of them would recognize me! I was the one who took Dr Hare down in the end, and Captain Crawfish would just recognize me from when he was trapped on Skullduggery Island!

Dr. Jupiter: You’ll be fine. Captain Crawfish is asleep in his dream and Dr Hare, well, he’s got other things going on.

Curious Bee: You sure I’ll be fine?

Dr. Jupiter: Trust me, you’ll be fine. Now go! Collect the totems!

*Curious Bee looks at the control panel, hits a few buttons, and goes under the headpiece that transports her into the dream. Blue light emerges from the headpiece, teleporting CB away.*

Bendy Tornado: She’s gone! Where is she?!

*Dr. Jupiter goes up to Captain Crawfish’s sleep chamber and points to him.*

Alice: No way.

Dr. Jupiter: Anything’s possible with science on your side. Now, let’s put on the dream monitor to see Curious Bee’s progress.

*Dr. Jupiter goes to a monitor and presses a few buttons. A tv screen appears, showing the Erewhon Prison logo. After a few moments, its statics into Captain Crawfish’s dream.*

Quiet Snake: That’s awesome! Freaky…but awesome!

Dr. Jupiter: Everything’s the state of the art.

Blue Skull: *watches screen* Wait… so that’s Captian Crawfish’s dream? Weird.

Dr. Jupiter: Just wait until she visits Dr. Hare’s dream. That one’s even weirder.

Nice Sword: Wait… how DID Binary Bard get here anyway? Last I heard, he was lost in deep space.

Dr. Jupiter: How I get to these fiends is top-secret information. I would just say that I have my ways.

Nice Sword: Okayyy…

*Inside Captain Crawfish’s dream, CB had recieved the two items from the treasure chests and looks around.*

Curious Bee: How do I get out of here…? Maybe if I pinch myself… *pinches herself*

*back in the real world, Curious Bee returns in a blue light from the dream machine*

Curious Bee: *holds up the turpentine and stopwatch she got* Are these totems?

Dr. Jupiter: *gives a serious look* Neither the stopwatch or the turpentine is the totem. When you pick up and find a totem, you’ll immediately get out of the dream.

Curious Bee: Dang it! *sighs*

Dr. Jupiter: By the way, you know that another way to get out of the dreams is to exit the way you came, right?

Curious Bee: Oh, um, okay.

Dr. Jupiter: Now go and collect the totems! What are you waiting for?

*Curious Bee presses the buttons once again and goes into the dream machine once more.*

Alice: *whispers* Someone’s a little bit of a bossy-pants.

Bendy Tornado: Um, Doctor? What are you going to do with those totems anyway?

Dr. Jupiter: First of all, keep it out of sight and hand of the evil. They’re raw sources of power after all! I need to analyze them to continue on with my studies. They’re a vital part of it. Once I’ve gathered all of the details I need, I’ll throw them out to the rocks.

Blue Skull: But aren’t the totems just self-explanatory? Concentrated sources of power?

Dr. Jupiter: Oh, I’m not just getting the totems for research. How would you feel if just by the removal of an object, these fiends would no longer be bad?

Alice: Making villains good? That’s a weird thought.

*Bendy Tornado thinks to himself for a moment, then turns to Dr. Jupiter.*

Bendy Tornado: What about the dead?

Dr. Jupiter: Hm?

Bendy Tornado: Ghosts. Do they have totems?

Dr. Jupiter: Ah, ghosts. Ghosts don’t have totems, but they do have something. Two of you follow me into my office, the rest of you keep an eye on the dream machine.

Nice Sword: I’ll go.

Bendy Tornado: Me too.

Alice: So great! Leave us here with sleeping villains! Wonderful.

*Dr. Jupiter goes into his office with Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword following behind.*

*in the CB viewing auditorium, the screen gets all staticy*

Brave Tomato: What the heck?? Hey! Sorry guys. This episode’s too long to be one whole episode, so I guess I’ll have to divide it up into parts! Unless it’s a special or something, the TV can’t take more than 3000 words… so yeah. That’s today’s episode. Tune in soon for Part 2!

*The audience leaves the auditorium, but not before an audience member throws a tomato at BT.*

Brave Tomato: *catches tomato* Gee, thanks! This may not be a Christmas special, but at least it’s an episode 😉 BT out!

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Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 20-year old girl from New Jersey. I'm a former PHB author, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 35 Part 1- Lab Rats

    • Sorry, I didn’t know what to do CB wise for a Christmas special. And besides, it’s too late to start working on one, now. I will do something for Christmas, I can’t do a CB special.

      • Mmkay. (BTW I’m gonna do the Christmas Countdown* again this year so maybe if you can’t come up with anything we could do it together…? Dunno, just an idea.)

        *Last year I did this thing called the Christmas Countdown on my blog (The Poptropica Costume Blog) and Poptropica Stuff.

    • I have 3 reasons of dividing this episode into parts:
      1) If this was a full episode it would be pretty long, and since it’s only an island episode, I wanted to just divide it into parts.

      2) I wanted to release a CB episode as an early holiday gift. Although it’s not a Christmas special, I wanted to release it and stuff.

      3) I got too eager to share the ep. XD

  1. BT, you are an EPIC writer! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the next part of the episode! You are serious epic awesomesauce! (as said in the comment above)

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