Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to Poptropicans everywhere! We at Super Thunder’s Blog wish you a marvelous Thanksgiving and we hope you all enjoy your day off. Remember to check the Poptropica Help Blog for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory walkthrough!

Picture Credit: Poptropica Creator’s Blog

And speaking of the Creators, they’re giving thanks too! We’re glad that out Creators are taking a moment to acknowledge what their thankful for. Here’s an idea: comment on what you’re thankful for!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and before the Poptropica Creators pack it in for a long weekend of food and fun, we wanted to take a minute to tell the world what we’re thankful for. It’s a long list. We’re thankful for:

And much more. But most of all, we’re thankful for YOU!
Poptropica would be nothing without the millions of Poptropicans who log on every month. It would just be a bunch of sad islands full of woebegone characters with nobody to solve their problems, and thousands of clothing items never to be costumized. So thank you for playing Poptropica, and for giving us the chance to create it for you!
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P.S. Have you guys eaten yet? It’s four in the afternoon where I live, and I’ve been waiting all day to eat. But apparently I have to wait till dinner. Thank goodness for Halloween candy and my box of Ritz hidden under my bed.

~Super Thunder

34 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. It’s 9:00 where I am,which is Hawaii,so it would really be…I don’t know!But I’m sure that someone who knows their time zones better than me can figure it out!Now lets see…on the west coast it’s two hours later…*Walks away muttering*

      • I don’t live in Hawaii!!I live in Oregon but I’m staying at my grandma’s condo for Thanksgiving.Also I messed up on the time,it was really 7:00.My clock was still set to Oregon time.:)

      • Still lucky, OMG, I only live in Arkansas, Nowhere close to the sea 😦 The closest was when I visited my Grandmother in Alambama.

      • Contrary to popular belief, a life in Hawaii isn’t a tropical paradise. It’s virtually the same as living in the Phillipines or Bahamas, besides the fact it’s a US State.

      • t just feels like you’re in Florida!I’ve never actually been to Florida,but I’m sure it feels like Hawaii!And it isn’t all fun and suntans and surfing.I just went to the beach and got a ton of sand in my swimsuit and practically everywhere on my body!!!

      • Florida isn’t very sandy. Sure, at the beach, but otherwise, it’s mostly marshlands (hence the everglades)

    • Thats not true, The mayan calender is wrong if thats what you’re believing and we are not going to be hit by an astroid 😉
      I like ICarly, I watch sometimes even though I’m ten LOL 😆

      • Um, I watch iCarly and I’m gonna be 11 on 11nth December.
        Um and Friendly Paw, I once ate at 3pm. My friends eat 4pm daily.
        Who is Muslim? Just askin’

      • Well,it’s nice to know that I can at least get a drivers license before the world ends!And how did the Mayans figure out when the world was going to end,anyways?

      • @Silver Noodle: No Mayan records specifically mention the world ending on 12/21/12. Because of the unique structure of the calendar, it just happened to not show any date of 12/22/12 and past.

      • I also read somewhere that it turns out that the end of the world is not that day- its just the beginning of a new cycle.

  2. Why did no one post about Canadian Thanksgiving in October? ( :() It’s not like it’s a very big holiday or anything but still… :\ (Partly my fault because I forgot since we were away lol)

  3. I gues pretty much everyone (including me) is thankful for Poptropica :P. Like Purple Berry said, it’s the reason we’re here. I guess that also means I’m thankful for Evanesence also :P.

  4. I’m thankful for POPTROPICA. With out it I would have no point in life. It would be dull, grey and would suke!
    BT!!! 1 question!!!!
    Oh and I’m Thankful 4 U BT + ST 4 Making this blog and adding a splash of color in my life (;

  5. It’s official. The 32nd Poptropica Island will be….

    I’m anticipating this island more than any former island.
    Also, the Poptropica Creators said “Christmas” instead of “holidays” for the first time.

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