The Third Wheel rolls to Poptropica

So I’ve wandered around Poptropica, and on Super Villain Island, I found my favorite type of advertisement: a Wimpy Kid advertisment!

It’s promoting the new Wimpy Kid book, The Third Wheel, coming out November 13th!

When you enter, you’re in Greg’s middle school gymnasium in a Valentine’s Day dance. Come on- my middle school didn’t have Valentine’s Day dances like this! Rowley is hanging out by the photo booth thing, wearing his tuxedo… a scarf… and a cowboy hat. Oh, Rowley…

To the right, there’s Greg and a couple of other boys. They’re worried because they’re being graded for Phys Ed on dancing. Talk to Greg to start this advertisement’s minigame.

It’s another memorization game. You have to keep your eyes on the numbers and look at which ones Greg uses. Once Greg does his sequence, repeat his sequence (you can repeat the sequence using your keyboard as well as your mouse!) You have three strikes. After a few sequences, you’ll eventually get the prizes!

If you’re a girl, you’ll get the Wimpy Girl Dance costume.

And if you’re a boy, you’ll get the Greg Dance Outfit.

If a boy carries the fruit punch glass, he’ll say the following:

But if you’re a girl carrying the fruit punch glass, well…

Brave Tomato! I am disappointed in you! Did saving the world multiple times get into your head after 30 islands???? Sheesh. Well, then again, we did call Cactus Von Garlic a weirdo.

Both genders also get a silly dance power:

If you click dance, you’ll do a little dance move.

I think our Poptropicans have done this dance before, but what can I say? It’s still awesomesauce.

Oh, and if you click on the chocolate fondue to the right, you’ll get splattered with chocolate until you leave the room.

BT out!

PS: The Poptropica Adventures DS game is OUT! 😀 I’m going to get it when I get the chance to, cause I am NOT waiting for the holidays!

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About Brave Tomato

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 19-year old girl from New Jersey. I’ve been a Poptropica Help blogger for 5 years, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

25 thoughts on “The Third Wheel rolls to Poptropica

  1. Prima! Sono stato il primo volte! Che fortuna!
    P.S Questo sta Rapidamente Fuoco steso che parla Italiano!

    Brave Tomato: Translation: First! I was the first comment! What luck!
    P.S: This is Fast Fire that speaks Italian! (I’m learning Italian in school right now, and I think this is what it says as well as a little bit of guessing…)

  2. Lucky you that you can get that before the Christmas!! D: I’ll have to wait until Christmas to get Trust no One since it comes out at the start of December :\ (BTW I’m talking about a book xD).

  3. I just noticed, out of the past 10 PCB posts, only 2 of them had to them with the actual Poptropica info. And one was just listing spooky islands while another one named a new costume. The other 8 had to do with DS Games, Poptropica Books, Mad Libs, Pumpkin Walks, etc. Does anyone one else think the creators have become too merchandise-oriented and nearly forgotten about the game itself?

    • I know, right? I liked it when there was only the store (and we actually got 100 credits for finishing islands) and membership (and maybe the Guide Book). And it’s not like Poptropica needs EXTRA publicity. I mean, isn’t there alread like over a million players??

      • 500 million and counting, according to a recent PCB Post. I’d say 10% thereof are members, who pay $10 every 3 months. So 50 million times 3 is 150 million per 3 months. That’s an approximate income from membership.

      • @ Magic Star and Icy Crush
        Giving everyone 50 credits per island is a clever marketing gimmick to get more people to buy membership. One of the key features of membership is access to all gold cards and costumes in the store. But, not many people care about every item in there. So, after completing a decent amount of islands, most Poptropicans would be able to buy everything in the store that they actually cared about. And suddenly a huge reason for buying membership is gone. Getting only half the amount of credits, however, makes it harder to get all you really want from the store without the aid of membership, therefore in theory more Poptropicans will become members, more members will stay members, and Poptropica will be more profitable. I still find it annoying though.

  4. BT I have something to tell you:
    When you were first using Krimson, onine Krimson came. Then when she was destroyed in CB, online Krimson stopped. Now that she is coming back, Krimson is back and she deleted TAF. You need to destroy her QUICKLY!!

  5. A quick glance at the PCB reveals that yet ANOTHER piece of Poptropica merchandise has been released. Lately, islands have taken longer and longer to come out. I thought it was because the creator’s were taking their time, making the islands perfect, yet now I fear the islands are coming more slowly because everyone on Poptropica is busy with the un-related moneygrabers that are Poptropica Toys, Books, The Game, etc. I really don’t think anyone is devoting their attention to THE ACTUAL GAME anymore. Anyone agree?

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