Just to let you know…

I am okay. My area got lucky and received little damage. I’m just saying this because I heard that some parts of the east got hit pretty bad. Power’s out and I’m bored out of my mind, but I’m okay. The worst of Sandy is gone, happily, but I’m just not excited about spending Halloween unintentionally in the dark.

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About Brave Tomato

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 19-year old girl from New Jersey. I’ve been a Poptropica Help blogger for 5 years, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

37 thoughts on “Just to let you know…

  1. YES!!! you’re okay! 😀 Heheh sorry 😛 I heard that New Jersey got struck pretty bad (as well as NY) and I was kinda worried that you’d REALLY be hit hard. BUT YAY YOU’RE NOT X3

    • I’m so glad you’re okay BT!One time in 2007 we were hit by a mini hurricane.We had no power at all.Luckily,our house wasn’t damaged,but some trees fell over.But nobody knows about it because I live in Svensen.

    • also rita put a trampoline right through our roof (me and samwow5 are brothers) it was the neighbors FAULT they didn’t want to take it down so they put BEACHBALLS in it
      seriousy BEACHBALLS come on they could do alot better than that!

      • Beachballs? BEACHBALLS?!! Why don’t they just put plastic and air in the trampoline! I was being sarcastic, by the way.

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Well here in WA I feel really bad about the East Coast. Sadly were having a ‘mini’ storm.

  3. I heard about it on the news. Since I am currently in South Korea, not WA where I’m from, I don’t have any weather reports about the USA.

  4. Y’know… I guess Nova Scotia might be one of the best places to live in weather-wise. Sometimes flooding (in September there was REALLY bad flooding since we got a lot of rain for, like, 3 days straight), not really a place for hurricanes, and tornadoes and earthqueakes are EXTREMELY rare. Hmm… 😛
    (Idk why I typed this xD)

  5. Hurricane Sandy left a lot of damage. My mom’s USA friends kinda got my mom a little worried. One of them got part of their roof plucked off and hit their Mustang. But some of them have electricity already. Hope you’ll be alright.

    P.S. This is Red Leopard. Just using my cousin’s account. Happy Halloween!

  6. ST,
    I got an email saying I won runner-up of the Poptropica Story Contest ’12 and that confirmation was needed before my story would be posted. However, my email account is very glitchy right now, so is it possible this message can account for the fact that there’s no email?

    • Hi!

      I was waiting for your reply; it’s okay that your email account is glitching. However, the I have to receive the story to post it. Will you just post it here in a comment? Thank you!


      • Sure thing. Here’s the story:

        Ah. Time Tangled Island. The natural beauty of it is astounding. The trees, the sand, the grass, well, forget about it. It’s a tiny island full of buildings, sand, trees, grass, and one crazy scientist who unleashed the power of his time machine on the world accidentally-twice. But it’s home. With all time-space-continuim problems fixed, it was perfectly pecaful like pizza pie. Practically, at least. After months of non-stop adventure, it was time for a break. Golden Star was out searching for her lost family members, who had been lost in a shipwreck. She was somewhere around 24 Carrot. But my dog Mitzi and I had no such concerns. We were ready to chill out for months on end. To make sure she exercised, I took my dog for a walk along Time Tangled Highway. After less than a couple hundred feet, the other side of the highway veered off into the trees. “That’s odd,” I said. “Shouldn’t this highway keep going to the beach?” Then the 3rd lane disappeared, followed quickly by the second. What was supposed to be a giant highway was now a one-way, one-lane road with scarcely any cars. But it only get weirder from there. The road turned from cement, to gravel, to dirt, to mud. A few cars drove past me, and then I saw no other people. I decided to turn around and ask for directions, but no matter how far back Mitzi and I walked, the road stayed small and muddy, and no one was to be seen. Eventually I gave up and decided to keep going forward. The already narrow road narrowed more and more until it was little more than a steep, rocky path climbing a hill. The path was covered with grass and weeds, and soon I had trouble distinguishing it from the rest of the landscape. I ducked under a bramble thicket, to find myself in a clearing surrounded by trees, no brambles or path in sight. Mitzi was missing.

        Balloon Boy

  7. Guys, I know this is offtopic but I was simply making an account for a girl on Poptropica. That is, my Mom, for the stories I write. I changed the name and guess what? The name was Super Thunder. Is that a glitch?

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