Interview with a Security Guard

Hey guys, BT here. Now, this’ll be a fun glitch-show-off post… some of you have noticed this, and I just noticed it, so I’m just having a lot of fun with it 😛

Question 1: Do you play any sports?

Question 2: Do you like my shirt?

Um… no it doesn’t… 😐

Question 3: Can you draw?

Question 4: If you had a time machine, where would you go?

Question 5: Are you a puzzle genius?

Question 6: Do you wear makeup?

Question 7: If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?

Aww… how sweet! An NPC wants to give me money! :3

Question 8: Have you ever been in a school play?

Question 9: Would you parachute if you had the chance?

Well, I parachuted in a thunderstorm a while ago. I don’t reccomend it.

Question 10: Where’d you get that outfit?

Thank you, Miss Security Guard for doing this interview! BT out!

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Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 20-year old girl from New Jersey. I'm a former PHB author, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

19 thoughts on “Interview with a Security Guard

  1. ok… that’s cool! i think i should go check it out… oh yeah i have recently joined a blog and i dont really know how to get pics from the actual poptropica game. i tried doing it before and i kinda failed. :/ yahh…. thats it. BYEEEZZZ!

    • Instructions for taking screenshots:

      1. Press alt + prt scrn (don’t press the + button press alt and prnt scrn :P)
      2. Go on Paint (program on computer BTW)
      3. Press ‘paste’.
      (*4. Edit if needed.)

      Hope it helps! :3

  2. You know, this has actually happened with me two times. The first was with that hotel lady who tricks you on Ghost Story Island. The other time was in Vampire’s Curse Island. No joke. I actually chatted with Count Bram. It’s impossible to talk to someone and/or customize them during a cutscene, so this is a serious glitch.

  3. Okay, what island was this on?
    P.S. Add me on poptropica i have 7 poptropicans add all of them to ur friend list plz their usernames are:

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