Loud Whispers – Prologue/Ep. 1 – The Ghost


Blue Catrina Ice and Trusty Kevin Hawk were the best of friends since they were little tykes. They never left each others’ side. Some were rumoring at school they were dating. Of course that wasn’t true. But, they both wanted it to be. They would hide their feelings from each other. Whenever somebody asked “Are you two going out?”, Blue and Trusty would blush and reply “No!!” at the same time. One day, they were exploring. And this is their story….

.,.,:;:;Episode One;:;:,.,.

Blue Ice climbed the rocks in the creek. Her best friend, Trusty Hawk, was right behind her. Blue stood on the last rock and stared at a cave filled with fog. She quickly jumped into the eerie rock structure. “Blue!” said Trusty. “Wait for me!” He hopped on the last few rocks and ended up in the cave.

In the center of the cave, there was a green orb. They both stared at it with suspicious minds. Trusty and Blue walked slowly to it. As they were close enough to touch it, a bright light emerged from it. The two friends both fell on the ground. As they looked up, a beautiful ghostly Poptropican floated in the place of the orb. “You two are the saviors of our planet.” she said. Trusty and Blue looked at each other then at the ghost. “What?!” they heard their mouths say at the same time.

.,.,:;:;To Be Continued In Episode 2;:;:,.,.


16 thoughts on “Loud Whispers – Prologue/Ep. 1 – The Ghost

  1. I LOVE IT! I like your choice of story style. 😀 Although, in the end, you wrote; they heard their mouths said at the same time. It should be; They heard their mouths say at the same time. But i really love it!!!! 😀

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  3. A bit quick into the action, especially for a first episode, but the concept is interesting, seeming to be an actual original Poptropica Fanfiction (not something we see that often anymore, sadly). All in all, this looks like it could live up to some of the story plots of Poptropica itself, although I hope I’m not thinking too far ahead.

  4. Although this has nothing to with the post, what just happened to the header? Also, will you freind me on Poptropica? Username is IndioZia.

  5. Them touching the orb reminds me of the MLP movie I have xD. (Pinkie Pie and this ponie named Wysteria accidentally went into a cave and touched a (really pretty) flower and then Spike came out from under it and he was like “You’re the princess!!! :D” xD (BTW G3).)

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