New Series

I was originally gonna enter it in the writing contest, but then I realized I already work here and I could post it without even entering! I’m such an idiot.

The title is Loud Whispers.

Plot: Two best friends, Blue Ice (female) and Trusty Hawk (male), find a mysterious green orb in a foggy cave. The orb turns in a ghostly Poptropican, Red Tornado (female), who sends them on a quest to save Poptropica turning into a field of darkness. But, they must defeat evil spirits with voices that sound like they’re whispering loud whispers to the world. Will Blue and Trusty save Poptropica? Or will their home die into darkness? Will the friendship be torn? Or become something more?

Okay… here’s something about it…

This series will replace White Wolf The Spy Princess. Sorry! Please don’t hate me!

It will be airing every weekend day because of school. Good plan right?

First episode will air tomorrow!

~White Wolf


4 thoughts on “New Series

  1. I love this for 2 reasons:
    1:I could’ve been 1st person to be in WWTSP but I didn’t(STUPID ME!)so I hated myself:(.
    2:I LOVE THE PARANORMAL.(Ghost Hunters,Ghost Adventures,Fact or Faked,Paranormal Witness,A Haunting,Destination Truth,Haunted Highway…..Ooh and I loved Grave Encounters.)

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