The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 33- Reality is Key

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here…

Audience Member: Been a while!

Brave Tomato: Yeah, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Even during the summer? Well last time we saw Curious Bee, they met Alice and stuff. And-

Audience Member: *looks at title* Reality is Key? But Curious Bee was already on Reality TV Island!

*flashback to Episode 4*

Curious Bee: Hello?

Poptropican 1: Could ya be quiet for a second?! We are trying to watch Reality TV Island!

Curious Bee: Reality TV Island?

Poptropican 2: *gasp* You never heard of Reality TV Island??????!!!!!!

Curious Bee: I’ve never been to any island besides my home island Early Poptropica, Nabooti, and Shark Tooth Island before!

Poptropican 1: You don’t know anything tourist!

Poptropican 2: Now, could you go away?? The show’s back on!

Audience Member: Plus, she was treated pretty badly there.

Brave Tomato: Well, let’s start the episode!

*curtains open*

Alice: *fangirl squeals* Reality TV Island! Can we go there, Miranda??? PLEASE???

Curious Bee: Reality TV Island? I’ve already been there.

Quiet Snake: *also fangirl squeals* But that was before you met most of us in the academy! Come on, CB! Please???

Curious Bee: Uhmm… there are a bunch of rowdy people there who only care about TV and celebrities.

Alice: So what??

Quiet Snake: Can we go PLEASE???? And by the way, Alice, “So what” doesn’t follow the good manners handbook!

Blue Skull: Neither does constant begging after an unwanted answer is recieved.

Nice Sword: I’m fine with either decision.

Curious Bee: Well…alright… I guess I can take you guys there.

Alice/QS: YAYYY!!! We’re going to meet Bucky! We’re going to meet Bucky!

Bendy Tornado: Bucky as in Bucky Lucas? Don’t get your hopes up on that. He hasn’t shown his face in months. Only on those tabloids.

Alice: Don’t remind us. Please.

Curious Bee: Well, let’s just get this over with.

*CB and the group dock at Reality TV*

Curious Bee: *looks at TV store* Oh my gosh, it’s the same group of people who were watching that TV when I arrived the FIRST time!

Blue Skull: What do you expect from Reality TV?

Curious Bee: Some manners, at least.

Alice: That’s the last thing you’d expect here, unless you’re talking about TV shows to them.

Quiet Snake: The billiards place is relatively peaceful. I mean, when it’s not at night. That’s when Reality TV Island airs.

Curious Bee: If you say so…

Nice Sword: You know what? I’m a little thirsty. I think I’m going to get something from the grocery store. I’ll be right back.

Blue Skull: I’ll go with her. Besides, I’m not that into billiards anyway.

*CB and the group enter the billiards area. A few people are in the billiards place, and the sound of billiard balls hitting each other echo throughout the room.*

Curious Bee: Want to get a table?

Quiet Snake: Sure thing. *looks around* Well, all the tables near the TV are taken, no surprise there.

Alice: No surprise indeed. What can I say? People love the show.

Quiet Snake: There’s a good one over there! *points to a table*

*the group head over to the table and rent the balls and cues.

Bendy Tornado: It’s nice and quiet here. You know, CB, Reality TV Island is not as bad as you made it seem.

Curious Bee: I know, right? It’s just bizarre that things can change as time goes on.

*The TV flashes to a Breaking News segment*

Announcer: This just in! Due to physical violence, Lauren Hinder had been disqualified from the hit reality show, Reality TV Island!

Random Poptropican 1: Oh thank goodness!

Random Poptropican 2: She’d go that far?!

Random Poptropican 3: That’s DEFINITELY going to be crazy!

Alice: Wait, Lauren got disqualified?! She got what she deserved, uh-huh!

Curious Bee: Sounds like Lauren’s not really a like-able person on the show.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, to fans of the show, she’s a total jerk and a hothead.

*a group of three enter the billiards place*

Cuddly Coyote: Wait, what happened??

Chilly Turtle: Lauren Hinder got the cold boot from Reality TV Island!

Silver Noodle: That’s crazy talk. Didn’t Lauren win today’s competition?

Chilly Turtle: Yes, but she got rough against another competitor, so she got kicked off!

Cuddly Coyote/Silver Noodle: Yikes.

*the three walk over to the billiards table CB and the others are*

Silver Noodle: Oh, sorry! Didn’t know someone was already playing here!

Bendy Tornado: No problem.

Curious Bee: It’s alright. We haven’t really been playing billiards that much. The whole Lauren thing got our attention anyways. Or at least Quiet Snake’s and Alice Storm’s attention.

Silver Noodle: Look, they’re going to show her picture!

*on TV, the announcer continues talking as the picture of Lauren comes up*

Cuddly Coyote: She deserved to go home!

Chilly Turtle: But isn’t her home here?

Cuddly Coyote: Oh yeah! She’s from here!

Curious Bee: *thinks to herself* Huh, she looks a little like Nice Sword. Funny.

*Finally, Nice Sword enters the Billiards place with a water bottle in her hand. As soon as she walks in, everybody at the tables stare at her and stop whatever they are doing.*

Nice Sword: Umm… hi?

Random Poptropican 1: It’s Lauren!

Nice Sword: Wait, huh??

Random Poptropican 2: GET HER!!!!

*The small crowd at the other billiards table crowd around Nice Sword and push her out of the billiards place.*

Curious Bee: Oh no! Wait-wait-wait-wait!!!

Bendy Tornado: Oh dear.

Alice: Identity crisis alert.

Quiet Snake: You said it.

Cuddly Coyote: Lemme at her!

Curious Bee: No-no-no-no! She’s not Lauren! She’s my friend, Nice Sword!

Chilly Turtle: She’s not really Lauren? Oh crud.

Silver Noodle: My goodness, she looks a lot like her.

Curious Bee: That’s the problem! We should go.

*CB and the others leave the Billiards, and they see Blue Skull, who was waiting by a stop sign*

Blue Skull: Oh there you guys are! Over here! I just saw Nice Sword being pushed around like a ping pong ball!

Silver Noodle: Because people think Nice Sword is Lauren Hinder from Reality TV Island, the show!

Blue Skull: *looks at Cuddly Coyote, Chilly Turtle, and Silver Noodle* Who are they?

Cuddly Coyote: I’m Cuddly Coyote!

Chilly Turtle: Chilly Turtle.

Silver Noodle: Silver Noodle. Nice to meet you guys!

Bendy Tornado: They pretty much want to help.

Blue Skull: Oh, okay.

Quiet Snake: I think I have a plan on what we are going to do in order to get Nice Sword out of that mob.

Alice: What are you waiting for, Madeline? Let’s go!

*The group goes to look for Nice Sword*

*Meanwhile in an alley, the small crowd from the billiards building surround Nice Sword*

Nice Sword: What’s this all about?

RTV Fan #1: You know exactly what this is about, Lauren!

Nice Sword: But my name’s not-

RTV Fan #2: Congratulations, Lauren, you have become the dislikeable one on the show.

Nice Sword: I’m-

RTV Fan #3: Shaddup you little-

*Quiet Snake emerges from the corner of the alley and throws some water from her water bottle at the mob. The mob glimpses at QS for a second or two, then go right back to Nice Sword.*

Alice: *glares at QS* That was your plan?

Quiet Snake: I don’t get what went wrong! Water’s supposed to soothe a fiery crowd!

Alice: Yeah, only if the crowd is literally on fire!

Curious Bee: It seemed that the… indirect approach didn’t really work well. Let’s just try to calm them down verbally.

*The group go in and try to calm down the crowd. Instead of peace, however, chaos emerges. The mob starts accusing the group as being “supporters” of Lauren.*

Cuddly Coyote: Supporters?! We never liked Lauren!

RTV Fan #4: Well then how come you’re going against us instead of with us?!

Chilly Turtle: Because that’s not Lauren!

RTV Fan #4: Again with this?!? Look, stranger, we know Lauren when we see her.

Silver Noodle: Some people just end up looking like other people.

RTV Fan #4: Just shaddup, Lauren Supporter.

*over where Nice Sword is…*

Nice Sword: Umm.. guys? CB? I don’t think you’re helping too much.

Curious Bee: We’re trying our best, Nice Sword. Just hang in there.

RTV Fan #5: *to CB* What are you doing being nice?! You can’t go near this woman without something mean to say!!

Curious Bee: But she’s not-

RTV Fan #5: Goodbye!

*Nearby the alley, a girl walks by. She stops when she hears the sounds of arguing, and peeks into the alley. Then she sighs to herself.*

Lauren: People these days…

*Lauren walks into the alley bravely.*

Lauren: *shouts* Hey!!

*Everybody stops talking and stares at Lauren. Her physical attributes are very similar to Nice Sword, except for her clothes, and the fact that she’s older. The mob looks back and forth between her and Nice Sword, with a blink.*

RTV Fan #2: Okay, you’re definitely Lauren.

RTV Fan #3: But if you’re Lauren…

RTV Fan #5: Then who’s this chick?

Nice Sword: My name’s Nice Gabriella Sword!! I’ve been trying to tell you guys!

RTV Fan #1: Well then why didn’t you just say it, then?!

Lauren: *laughs* Well I’ll be. A doppleganger! More or less, I’ll say. You alright? I saw that chaos you’ve been through.

Nice Sword: I’m alright, thanks.

Lauren: *looks around* Can I talk to this group alone for a second, please?

*the mob, giving looks of disgust to Lauren, disperses, which leaves the CB group and the guest group with Lauren*

Lauren: Listen, you know how I was all mean and snobby during the show?

Cuddly Coyote/Chilly Turtle/ Silver Noodle: Umm… yes?

Lauren: The truth is, I wasn’t really like that.

Nice Sword: What do you mean?

Lauren: Before I came onto the show, the developers made me sign a contract that I would be the mean girl in this season of Reality TV Island. They said that it was for the ratings and all that stuff. At first, I refused, but the developers offered to pay me some money to be the mean girl part.

Alice: You were the mean girl… for money?

Lauren: I guess you can say that.

Nice Sword: But what about the fact that you fought someone or something like that?

Lauren: Oh, yeah. That was just an idiotic move on the developers’ part. They thought that I started the fight when it was really Sarah Snooty who did. I lifted my arm and she fell back like she’d been punched. Then, she ran around saying that I punched her, so here I am today.

Nice Sword: Yikes.

Lauren: Well, now that I’m back, without any more pay from the developers, I hope that I can just move on from that.

Nice Sword: Even with a ruined reputation?

Lauren: Even with a ruined reputation. Don’t believe what you see on TV for when it comes to life, reality is key.

Curious Bee: Reality is key, indeed.

Lauren: *turns around* I got to get going. It was nice meeting you guys, especially my doppleganger! 😛

Nice Sword: Umm… nice to meet you too.

Lauren: Bye!

*Lauren walks away*

Cuddly Coyote: We got to get going, too. This little mission was kind of fun!

Chilly Turtle: We have our own things to do, like trying to convince people who Lauren is inside.

Silver Noodle: It was nice meeting all of you, and thanks for allowing us to help out!

Curious Bee: No problem.

*The three wave goodbye and walk away*

Bendy Tornado: So what do you think of Reality TV Island now, Miranda?

Curious Bee: You know, this island isn’t as bad as I thought it was back then. Although it has its TV geeks and all, the billiards place came to my liking.

Blue Skull: Well, when there’s nothing on TV.

Curious Bee: Let’s head back to the blimp.

*CB and the group go on the blimp*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: I hope you enjoyed this episode! Once again, congratulations to Cuddly Coyote, Chilly Turtle, and Silver Noodle for winning the Luck of the Draw Audition! BT out!

*the audience exits the theater*

Brave Tomato: So much to do… so much to do…

*Brave Tomato get off the stage and looks at the camera. It’s still rolling.*

Brave Tomato: Umm…. cameramen? Cameramen?! You left the camera running! *sighs* Do I have to do everything myself?

*As Brave Tomato approaches the camera, the lights flicker in the theater.*

Brave Tomato: Uhh…. electrical control?! Not funny guys! Not funny!

*The presence of being watched overcomes BT.*

Brave Tomato: Who’s there?? You’ve missed the show! Sorry, just look up the episode on the blog!

?: I didn’t come for your stupid show.

*Brave Tomato turns and sees someone on the stage. She sees Viola on the stage. However, as soon as she sees her, her clothes changed to her old REd clothes. Viola, erm, VIOLET leaps down and goes into Brave Tomato. She screams out a cry of help, unheard. A possession is occuring. As soon as Violet fully gets in, she gets a small black curtain and cloaks herself.*

Violet: Now to focus on the task at hand.

*She teleports herself to REd HQ, where some things haven’t been touched for a while. Some dust started appearing and the atmosphere is just as dreary as ever.*

*Violet, in Brave Tomato’s cloaked body, runs over to the device where the portal is and hits a few buttons and switches. The portal to Nowhere opens its gaping hole once again, sucking up thing around it. Then, a pale white hand reaches out of the portal and grabs onto the rim. Violet smirks. The other hand grabs onto the other side and Krimson exits the portal and back into Poptropica. She lands on her feet, her blood red hair blowing in the direction of the portal. She looks at Violet, still in Brave Tomato’s body and looks, confused.*

Krimson: Stargirl?

Violet: Miss Everred. Excuse this form. I’ve possessed her.

Krimson: *eyebrow raises* Violet? Well, well, Didn’t expect for you, heck, any of you to come back for me. Guess you figured out about the fact that I lied about not being able to come back from “Nowhere”.

Violet: It was a successful lie, Miss Everred. The foolish Miranda Bee group thinks you’re gone for good.

Krimson: Well, they’re just too gullible.

Violet: Sasha Rider, after you went into the portal, she left Poptropica for good.

Krimson: As in vanished completely, huh? Rested in peace? That’s quite a heart wrencher. Besides, we would’ve been the only two REd members left. I’m not focused on world domination anymore.

Violet: Then what are you focusing on? Although I know your answer.

Krimson: *smirks* Bittersweet revenge. Miranda Bee shattered my life even more, especially with the lure, Gabriella Sword, reminding me of my past. I want her to feel my pain, what I’ve suffered and ultamately ended up leading to my death. And through not just what she feels outside. Her state of mind deserves to perish as well. I’ll drive her mad, summon her dark spirit. And then I’ll kill her.

Violet: I have an idea on how to do that. There’s a new girl in the Miranda Bee group, named Alice Storm. The Miranda Bee group haven’t told Alice about how they dealed with us and all. She’s perfect for a pawn.

Krimson: Alice Storm, huh? That’s perfect. I can use her to drive Miranda Bee into the darkness. After all, I DID tell her that I’ll get her for this.

Violet: You did, indeed. Although the others had left, I’ll still be right by your side. After all, I was a second in command.

Krimson: You were always my favorite, Violet.

Violet: What should I do with Little Miss Stargirl, here?

Krimson: Leave her lost here. She has no idea what happened. Besides, she probably saw you when you possessed her.

Violet: But she’ll blab about it to that wretched audience!

Krimson: Focus on the task at hand, Violet. We’ll deal with that later. In the meantime, I’ll leave behind a little message for Stargirl.

*As Violet leaves Brave Tomato’s body, Krimson creates a fire in the shape of a K. Then, she vanishes and Violet vanish.*

*Brave Tomato wakes up*

Brave Tomato: *tired* Uggggh… where am I? Oh, that nice, electronics everywhere, an open portal… *shoots up* Wait, an open portal?! *She turns and sees the flaming K next to her.* Oh no. Oh no no no no no!!! This is not good! Not good at all! I can’t believe it! *she stumbles and falls backwards towards the portal* Oh crud!

*She gets in, but a few seconds afterwards, she gets out with a little bit of effort.*

Brave Tomato: What in Poptropica’s name… the Portal to Nowhere is a scam?! I don’t know what to do! The audience will kill me if they found out Little Miss K is back… and that Violet was still on her side. If I tell the world, well, I’d be in trouble. I’ll lay low for now. I hate to do it, but I have to…

*end of Episode*

Author’s Note: Okay okay okay! Before you start raging in the comments, let me tell you something: this was going to happen eitherways, fake Krimson or not! I had the important plot points written on paper! But don’t worry guys: the villains eventually always fail in Poptropica. Besides, the Curious Bee series still needed something to work off of. I hope you understand. BT out!

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Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 20-year old girl from New Jersey. I'm a former PHB author, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

40 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 33- Reality is Key

  1. I love it 😀 This my favorite part :b

    Alice: *glares at QS* That was your plan?
    Quiet Snake: I don’t get what went wrong! Water’s supposed to soothe a fiery crowd!
    Alice: Yeah, only if the crowd is literally on fire!

    But i think fake krimsy will come back in our chat D:

  2. I love this 🙂 BT you are one of the greatest writers EVER!!!!!!!! Im making a series a little like this………..not that I can compare!!!!!! MAKE THIS INTO A BOOK!!!! XDDD

    ♥Noisy Seal♫

  3. These lame stories are BORING! Start posting something useful! Sorry if that was rude. I just don’t like these types of posts.

  4. *It’s a classic day in Mrs Leaf’s history class. Various poptropicans are slumped over their books, painting their nails with white-out, or staring out of the window*
    Magic Star *in history class*: zzz
    Mrs Leaf: so then Hitler… hmm. I would continue if Miss Star could be bothered to listen!
    Magic Star: Huh? Oh… *yawn* sorry Mrs Leaf *looks at clock* HUH? I forgot! I need to check Super Thunder’s blog for the newest episode of Curious Bee!
    Mrs Leaf *disaprovingly*: detention! How dare you-!
    *But MS is already gathering up her books. She sprints down the corridors to the library, where she runs to the nearest available computer. On Super Thunder’s blog, she sees the latest post: a Curious Bee episode!*
    Magic Star: YAY!!!

  5. †ℌяεℯ2子3 ÅḲÅ ℜℯ∂ḟ☺ø☂ ƒ ℝ☤ṽℯя☾łαᾔ (Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan) on said:

    Sorry about this but it’s kinda a coincidence at the end because before I remember fake Krimson & (fake) Violet were like best friends or something in real life ._.

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