Lunar Colony is Out for Members!

That’s right! As of yesterday, Lunar Colony had been released for members to play! Now, I have a little review of the island:

Brave Tomato’s Island Reviews- Lunar Colony:

Throughout this year in Poptropica, we’ve seen some highs (Vampire’s Curse) and lows (Twisted Thicket) when it came to the Poptropica quests. Happily, to me at least, this quest was a high. After being duped by a nervous astronaut to go into space, you end up behind the control panel of a space shuttle headed towards the moon, with no experience what-so-ever. However, with the help of Slayton at Mission Control, you’re able to get through it from the launch procedure to avoiding asteroids to finally landing on the moon. You’re on the search for an astronaut named Salerno who had gone missing. Once you find her, however, she starts blabbering about “number 4” and aliens that could possibly exist in the Poptropica universe (cough cough, Astro-Knights). You can tell that she’s gone into a case of space madness. You end up on a wild goose chase, meanwhile learning of the secrets of the lunar surface you are on.

Although this quest has no true villains, this is one that can be remembered. The puzzles do take some time to get used to, but you can get the hang of it. Also, you get to color your eyes! That’s a unique features. However, when you leave the moon, your eyes are back to that normal black, which I expected, since you can’t go back to the moon after you finish the quest. The bonus quest looks complicated, but the truth is, it’s really easy. All you need to know to succeed is the order of the alphabet.

When it comes to original stories in the Poptropical style, this island is a breath of fresh air to players. All in all, although the challenges and puzzles can get some getting used to, the island is still enjoyable. The storyline is also memorable as well. It was clear that the Creators are listening to us because as Captain Crawfish said in a post:

“It can’t come soon enough. We think you are really going to like this one.”


P.S: I’ve spotted a Portal reference in this quest!! A program that Salerno used during her time on the moon (and what we’ll eventually use) is called GaTOS; namewise, a nod to the character GLaDOS from Portal 1 and 2.

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    You CAN change the colour of your eyes!!! :O 😀

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