Last Week’s FLASHback

So here are the posts that have been released last week that no one’s posted about yet:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Under construction

We’re putting the finishing touches on Lunar Colony. It will be available very soon!
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How an island is born

We’re in the earliest stages of a planning a new Island — one that is still months away from becoming reality. All we’ve got so far is an idea, and the pile of sketches you see above. Hard to believe, but one day this simple black and white schematic will become a full-blown Poptropica Island!
*sniff* They grow up so fast…
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Lunar Colony is coming next Thursday!

The wait is almost over. Lunar Colony will be available next Thursday, August 16, for Poptropica Members.
Visit the Poptropica homepage to follow along with the second-by-second countdown until liftoff!
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The first post shows a screenshot from the island, probably when you have to fix something on your rocket or something. Looks interesting enough.
The second post gives us a little hint as of what might be coming our way a couple of months from now. I see… um… lab, Chinatown, Brownstone’s, Wharf, Subway (probably not the resturant), and some other stuff. What’s going to be going on?
The third post reveals the dates the island will come out for members and non members. For members, it comes out this Thursday, but the non-members will have to wait until September 6th to play. That must stink.
Also, here are some Daily Pops from last week and today’s as well.
I hope that pirate’s just a model…
Looks like that’s from Lunar Colony!
Wait… is that the Skullduggery Island logo on that boat that says HMS Searching or something?
The caption says “Maybe you can help someone out of their shell.” Veruca Salt?
And the last one… the reason why flash is captalized in flashback (other than being the title of the Daily Pop).
Are. You. Kidding. Me? AGAIN?? What’s with the Creators and lightning stuff? There are two lightning-related villains (Zeus and Dr. Cumulo Nimbus) and *counts* 5 quests that involve lightning (Time Tangled viking times, Mythology, Mystery Train confrontation finale, Blimp Quest, Vampire’s Curse). Looks like we are going to need umbrellas yet again…
BT out!
Update: I found out that blogger Fuzzy-B made a observation in the Lunar Colony trailer. If you look closely, you can see a floating Rabbot head in the backgrorund. Is it just an easter egg, or is this when Dr. Hare will return?? We’ll have to see.
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4 thoughts on “Last Week’s FLASHback

  1. 1. I think that there will be a Willy-Wonka type island. Theres a ton of evidence towards it. 2. I think the Rabbot heads just theere, cause we will be in space. Sort of like the Ballon Boy sightings, they dont really have to do with the actual island, just an extra. ♫♥

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