POPular in POPtropica


You’re gonna be popular!

You’ll hang with the right cohorts,

You’ll be good at sports,

Know the slang you’ve got to know!

So let’s start;

‘Cause you’ve got an awfully long way to go…

The only real way to be popular in Poptropica is by being in the social circle: this means friends. 😉 This meaning that you need to go to extreme measures to add every single Poptropican that you can possibly see-

Okay, yes, I’m kidding. But for the sake of doing a song-post, let’s pretend that’s the idea, okay?

Don’t be offended by my frank analysis,

Think of it as personality dialysis!

(cue me shutting up and showing the picture)

So, Captain Crawfish has pretty much just said to all the Poptropicans; try to add us. But oh dear, where could we get their usernames?

Remember, if you want to add the Creators or any other interesting friends, check out the PHB’s Friend Finder. Not only can you find important friends, but you can also see the comments and discover other friends you might want to add. If you want people to add you, then leave a comment saying a little about your Poptropican and your username!

Laaaaa laaaa, laaa laaaa!

We’re gonna make you pop-u-lar!

So what do you think about having friends in Poptropica? Was it a good idea or a fail from the Creators? Comment with your opinion!

~Super Thunder


You’ll be popular,

Just not quite as popular…

as ME!

21 thoughts on “POPular in POPtropica

  1. Yea. The name says it all even though I was looking forward to saying something like EPIC FAIL. I think Pop friends was a gr8 addition to Poptropica, especially those awesome quiz things you can answer. I’ve waited since March 2009 for this sort of thing! Wat I DON’T think was a good idea was the fact that the Creators didn’t tell us their usernames so we could add them 😦

    • You can add them. I know how. Just type their Poptropican name, such as sharkboy and then add creator. So Shark Boy’s username is sharkboycreator, Black Widow’s username is blackwidowcreator, so on. 🙂 Hope you got the answer.

      • 🙂 Yea, I visited the PHB’s “Creator Database Page” and found their usernames when Friends came out, however thx for the thought Brave Eye :D. What I actually meant was, why bother telling us we can add them and not post the usernames?

  2. Once I looked on the friend finder thingey and I was gonna add the Creators and dummies ( :P) but there were too many names X3. (FAIL. MEHHHH.)

  3. i added some of the creators and blog members the day before my cousin was supposed to come to our house.

    both of us r poptrogeeks (FAIL), which means we LOVE poptropica and we have this small contest who finishes the islands first.

    we also LOVE this blog, but we don’t use it for walkthroughs (that would be cheating in the contest), we use it for news, costumes and glitches.

    when i showed her my friend profile, she was freaking out about how I got the creators and blog members 2 be my friend. XD

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