Olympics- Poptropica Style.

So, as you probably know, right now the Olympics are going on in London.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been spending most of your spare time in front of the TV watching all those amazing athletes doing amazing things.  Or sometimes amazingly stupid things.

It looks like the Creators have gotten into the Olympics, as well.  Though of course being the Creators they have to advertise Poptropica in their post about something completely different.

Stars of track and field, you are beautiful people

If you’ve got summer games fever, you’re not alone. Everyone’s excited to see the world’s greatest athletes coming together to go for the gold in some of the toughest sporting events ever devised.

I’m talking about Poptropolis Games, of course, the Poptropica Island that lets you compete for glory in a variety of track and field events. Why settle for watching other people run, jump, and throw, when you can visit Poptropica right now and be a champion in your own right? Poptropolis Games is free for everyone to play!

avatar image

See?  Always advertising.

Well, that’s about it until next time!



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"You find your faith has been lost and shaken, you take back what's been taken. Get on your knees and dig down deep, you can do what you think is impossible. Keep on believing, don't give in. It'll come and make you whole again. It always will, it always does. Love is unstoppable." -Unstoppable By Rascal Flatts I'm just a teenager who loves music, singing, playing my guitar, dancing, playing on my 3DS, playing Poptropica, and playing Neopets. I work on a few different Poptropica blogs, mainly my blog (Icy Comet's Blog), the PHB, and Super Thunder's Blog. My favorite kind of music would have to be a tie between Contemporary Christian music and Country music. My favorite series of books/movies is The Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit included). My favorite video game would probably have to be Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. And I'm a huge fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. So, yeah, that's about all there is to know about me. See ya!

5 thoughts on “Olympics- Poptropica Style.

  1. Go USA! I do find it annoying how they seem to mock the Olympics by implying Poptropolis Games Island is a bigger deal.

  2. I didn’t post that on my blog cuz I didn’t know that the Olympics are going on. I live in Bangladesh. PS Pls pray for Humayun ‘A Born Storyteller’, he died. Many people cried.

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