Hey, look! New Items In The Pop Store!

Well, the Creators released the Lunar Colony gear.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Members, get your exclusive Lunar Colony gear!

Now in the Poptropica Store, Members can get their exclusive Lunar Colony gear! There are three out-of-this-world items available: a handheld moon rock, the Alien Archaeology power, and the epic “Zaggy Moondust” costume. The costume is available only for a limited time!

More information about Lunar Colony is coming soon. Keep it right here for the latest!

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*looks at Zaggy Moondust costume* Woah, woah, woah, WOAH. I am NOT wearing that thing!
Well, members, go ahead get the freaky deaky costume, some moon rocks, and that lunar archaeology thingamajig.
Peace out, bros! *brofist* (I watch too much PewDiePie)

10 thoughts on “Hey, look! New Items In The Pop Store!

  1. I agree. For a limited-edition, members-only, gold card costume to be that, well, lame is just ridiculous. You’ll never catch my Poptropican with a costume like that.

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