Wimpy Boardwalk is Open…

For members…  Yup. Not much to say… Bye!

26 thoughts on “Wimpy Boardwalk is Open…

  1. aaaahhhhhh!!!! When I read the title, I got so excited!!! but then i read yr “for members…” and i got all “ohh man! why only members???”😦 ……I can’t wait to play…

  2. Wow, Creators, that came out of nowhere. The Creators just wanted to surprise us. Wowzers.

    I just finished the main quest and… I just saw something in Wimpy Boardwalk that I haven’t seen since Vampire’s Curse: a classic adventure. I mean- you get stuff to help others and more interaction with other characters is involved. Humor returns as well. I’m stuck on the Bonus Quest right now… dang Thunder Volt is hard.

  3. I got my membership activated today, so of course started playing WB. I haven’t finished it yet, but what’s the fun of finishing an island on the first day? Astro-Knights took me 4 months to complete. Of course, I never use cheat codes, which is probably why I take longer.

    ~Balloon Boy

    • Yay for not using guides! I agree with you Balloon Boy, the islands just aren’t as fun or satisfying to finish when you use a guide every step of the way. OK, I admit I use those guides, especially when I’m stuck on some minigame where you have to jump across this and sneak past that. But only if I’m REALLY stuck.

      – Magic

      PS: Astro Knights took me about a week, using a cheats video to help get past those Space Sharks.

  4. Brave Tomato and Super Thunder,
    I think for all your island guides, you should have a page saying “Have you tried your absolute hardest? If not, don’t read this review! have fun solving it yourself!” or something like that. Many people read the review before they even play the island.

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