The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 32- Alice Storm and the Small Problem

Update: The Season 3 page is pretty crowded, especially with the Everred Plot in there, so this will be the first episode of Season 4!

Brave Tomato: Hey guys! Well, last time we saw Curious Bee, the end was cut off! Sorry about that!

Audience: It was intentional, though. You said so yourself.

Brave Tomato: Yeah, yeah, yeah… let’s just start.

*curtains open*

*the CB group help Cameron and Marcus up*

Quiet Snake: What’s this about?

Cameron: Lately, something’s been going on!

Marcus: It’s kind of hard to explain but we’ve been getting these weird feelings…

Curious Bee: What do you mean “weird feelings”?

Cameron: That something’s a little off.

Blue Skull: I’m confused.

Cameron: … I’d rather not tell you.

Marcus: Good point, sister. We shouldn’t tell them now. We should give them a break.

*Cameron and Marcus teleport away*

Curious Bee: What? What is it you need to tell us? I need to know!

Nice Sword: *sighs* We’ll never know.

Bendy Tornado: Maybe some things are better off not telling about.

Curious Bee: But still, I’m a little concerned.

*awkward silence*

Blue Skull: So… where do we go now?

Curious Bee: *points* What’s that island right there? I can’t make it out. *takes off glasses* I really need to clean these.

Quiet Snake: Oh, that’s Shrink Ray Island.

Curious Bee: Shrink Ray?? Why is it called that?

Quiet Snake: Don’t ask me. Heard it’s a nice place, though.

Curious Bee: Well, then let’s check it out!

*CB group docks at Shrink Ray Island*

Nice Sword: *gets off, and ends up on the slide* Wait, wha-

*the group gets off, ends up on the slide, and lands at various places*

Blue Skull: Why is the docking area over a slide??

Quiet Snake: Don’t ask me, that part I forgot about.

Curious Bee: It’s unique alright. *looks around* This island seems nice and quiet.

?: Coming through!!!

*the CB group look around and get confused. Little did they know that the source is just at the feet. A tiny girl with a braid in her hair stands by a toy jeep.*

?: Hey, would you mind?! I was trying to get by here!

Curious Bee: Oh! I’m sorry! Who are you, anyways?

Alice: I’m Purple Alice Storm, but people just call me Alice. Now’s not the time to be dilly-dallying! I need to get into that window! *points at a window*

Bendy Tornado: *picks up toy jeep with Alice in it* I think I can help with that. *about to throw the jeep*

Alice: No, no, no! Are you blind?! The window’s open!!

Bendy Tornado: *looks at window* Oh. It is open. *places jeep on windowsill and Alice runs through the window opening* … you’re welcome?

Quiet Snake: That was a little rude, wasn’t it?

*Crashes and flashes can be seen and heard through the window*

Curious Bee: What in Poptropica…?

*CB group sees Mr. Silva, holding a shrink ray gun, trying to shoot at Alice*

Alice: Aw come on! You’ve already shrunk me and CJ once! Can’t you just call it a day?! *gets on cabinets*

Mr. Silva: Not just yet! You’re still a threat to my fame, and you will continue to be one until you are invisible to the world! *attempts to shoot the shrink ray gun, but hits the microscope instead*

Curious Bee: What a weird teacher. I mean- who would shrink his own students?

Blue Skull: Apparently, he would.

Quiet Snake: The yearning for fame makes people do strange things.

Nice Sword: Yup.


*Alice looks up and sees the mirror, then gets an idea*

Alice: Oh, Mr. Silva! Yoo-hoo! Over here!

Mr. Silva: I got you now! *shoots at the mirror Alice is hiding behind, and the mirror reflects the beam back to him* Oh… great.

*Mr Silva shrinks and falls into the ant farm. A girl comes over and closes the lid*

CJ: Case closed.

Alice: Now we can get back to normal size!

*CB group watches as CJ and Alice use the shrink ray’s reverse switch to get back to normal size*

*Alice looks at the ant farm and picks it up*

Alice: *picks up the ant farm* So what now?

CJ: I think I have an idea on what to do…


Bendy Tornado: So, what just happened?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. *looks around* I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t my mom allow me to be here? I mean- besides that teacher, this island is relatively nice. The school seems good and it’s a nice neighborhood.

Nice Sword: Only your mom knows.

Alice: *exits school, normal size* Aw great you’re still here?! I mean- you saw that I was in a tight situation in there and you didn’t bother to help?!

Curious Bee: We didn’t know what we would do.

Alice: *mutters to self* Excuses… excuses… *turns back to CB group* It’s alright. I wouldn’t have gone in there if it wasn’t for you… um…

Bendy Tornado: Bendy Zachary Tornado.

Alice: Zachary. *turns to CB* And I would’ve gone in there earlier if it wasn’t for you… um…

Curious Bee: Curious Miranda Bee.

Alice: Miranda.

Curious Bee: Well, um, we have to get going…

Alice: Going? Going where?

Curious Bee: I don’t know.

Alice: Oh, um, I don’t know how to say this, but can I come with you? You see, I’m having a little bit of trouble right now- I mean I ran away from home and such…

Curious Bee: Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, you held a little bit of grudge for me.

Alice: Oh, that-excuse it. I believe I can get a little crabby. Especially when Mr. Silva’s been taken care of just minutes ago.

Blue Skull: I’m assuming that’s the teacher.

Alice: Yeah, him. Put him on display at the science fair as a shrunken man. Got what he wanted: fame. Just in a different way. Anyways, can I come?

Curious Bee: *thinks* Alright, sure.

Alice: Yayyy! Thank you so much!

Curious Bee: But can you promise me that you can lay down the attitude?

Alice: I can promise, but I’m really unsure if I can keep it.

Quiet Snake: You can. I’ll help you.

Blue Skull: *turns to QS* You? This isn’t-

Nice Sword: *covers BS’s mouth* That sounds like a good idea!

Alice: Great!… um…

Quiet Snake: Quiet Madeline Snake.

Alice: Madeline! I hope you can solve it!

Blue Skull: Do you know the words “please” and “thank you”?

Alice: Don’t get into this,… um…

Blue Skull: Eric.

Alice: That’s it? Your name’s just Eric? I’m going to need some more information.

Blue Skull: *sighs* Blue Eric Skull. As far as I can tell, you’ll only call me by the middle name.

Alice: Like I said, don’t get involved in this, Eric.

*Blue Skulls sighs, annoyed*

Curious Bee: *glumly* We should go.

*CB group gets into the blimp, now including Alice*

Quiet Snake: Tsk tsk tsk Alice! You should say thank you and please, and also, receive only necessary information, please.

Alice: Whatever.

Quiet Snake: Blimey! “Whatever” violates rule number 23 in the politeness handbook…

*as Quiet Snake continues “teaching”, Alice looks ready to fall asleep, and the others look at her oddly*

Blue Skull: I don’t get why Madeline’s doing this. Half of those things she would offend herself in that handbook.

Curious Bee: Just play along.

Quiet Snake: … are you listening to me? Eye contact please, so I know that! Now, you shouldn’t…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: And Quiet Snake continues on with that for about 15 minutes. I decided to cut it off here, cause I don’t want you to die of boredom. The other members certainly got annoyed. Ah well, BT out and tune in next time!

Now that Alice is with the CB group, what will happen next? Find out next episode: Episode 33!

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46 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 32- Alice Storm and the Small Problem

  1. I LOVE IT BT! Btw, I made my own Series called “The Adventures Of Noisy Seal”, and mainly the closest it is to your series is the title. I might make a blog, and can I put it on there if I say “Inspired by The Adventures of curious bee by Brave Tomato?

  2. You are am amazing writer in the way that you paint a picture for the audience. That’s pretty hard to do for even the most experienced. In the wide world of Poptropica fan-fiction, you’re with no doubt Number 1.

    ~Balloon Boy

  3. What’s with the drama here??? Come on, guys! Can you all please just leave the drama to the story characters and not start any trouble in the comments section?

  4. Yeah, although I didn’t say anything rude, I did anger Herman, making it slightly my fault as well. Well, the best thing to do is simply to put this all behind us. the point of this blog is to have fun while discussing, sharing adventures, and learning about the wide wonderful world of Poptropica, so let’s just forget this and get back to that.

    ~Balloon Boy

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