Happy Birthday!! :D

Happy birthday, ST! X3

I’ll give you a present soon as I can, but here’s a little note! ^~^

ST, I have to thank you for two things. The first one is for inviting me to this one of kind, epic, and cool blog. It was one of my dreams to come on here. c:

The second thank you is for starting my love for Phantom Of The Opera. I recorded it on my TV, I know the theme song by heart, and I’m starting a fan fiction sequel of the story. It wouldn’t be possible for me to do those things if it wasn’t for you, ST. ^3^

Later, I’ll try to make something on the computer. But I don’t have a tablet or a computer mouse, and this computer is small! D:

I’ll try to make something simple.

Happy birthday once again, ST! Get lots of presents, enjoy cake and ice cream, and just be the normal, awesome person you are!


White Wolf ♪

Update: Here’s your present, ST! 😀

I made this while I played POTO on TV. c:

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!! :D

      • I’m a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera music. I’ve been playing piano for 12 years (since age 3) and I love playing the original Music of the Night. ST, what is your favorite song from it?

      • Oh, I’m gonna start ranting!

        Well, I think that the piano version for Think of Me is the most beautiful of them all, but there’s something cool about Phantom of the Opera, the song. Music of the Night is beautiful too, of course, but I think my favorite would be Think of Me. Have you tried playing from Love Never Dies, the sequel? It has fantastic music!

      • No, put I will probably buy the music for Love Never Dies soon. I also enjoy playing the music from The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and Peanuts (Charlie Brown.)

    • ST, as I can’t seem to find a link to the interview pages, I’ll ask you here:
      1. Are you a Mickey Mouse fan?
      2. Do you like ragtime music.
      3. What is your favorite book of all time?
      4. Do you know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is?
      5. Will you audition for a role in my story on the Reader’s Page?

      Thanks you
      ~Balloon Boy

  1. Speaking of The Phantom of the Opera…
    The ending is onfusing. Can someone explain it? 😛 (At the black & white part)

    • Yes! This isn’t in the stage version, but it shows that Raoul is still alive, and still loves Christine, even though she’s dead. That’s why he visits her grave. The rose shows that the Phantom is still alive and still loves her.

      • I first thought that the old guy was Phantom, but then I realized it was Raoul. I saw a ring on the rose and thought Phantom most likely gave it to her.

      • Oh, I thought that was the Phantom and his face was better. I wasn’t sure if it was Rauol or him :P.

  2. Super

    Unique(sorry ’bout this…)
    Dangerously awesome
    Epic(sorry again :mrgreen:)
    Rosy(you get it by now, I have no imagination)

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