♥Short Story♥ Dancing In The Moonlight

Hey guys!I decided to write a short story. When you ♥ to write, you got write, right? XD


Plot: A girl is a survivor in the woods. She and her parents were in a plane when it suddenly crashed landed when she was 3 years old. 12 years after that, a boy her age camps with his friends in the same wood as the girl. They met during the night of a full moon. From that night on, they danced together until the unexpected happens.

Well, I hope you enjoy this! ^w^

NOTE: This starts with the girl starting the story, then when it say “FLIPPED,” it’ll go to the boy telling the story. So on and on that pattern goes.

My name is Icy Annabelle Lightning. I’m 15 years old and I live in the woods.

My parents and I were on a plane when it suddenly impacted into the ground. There were no survivors…except for me.

How does a 3-year-old survive such a crash? Well, by being a wise one instead of an ignoramus.

I was afraid of outsiders of my society. I believe they were just taking a short vacation from the technology of outer civilization, filled with thugs, jokers, and others. Who doesn’t want to get a breath of fresh air instead of the stuffy smoke kind.

One day, 3 boys came in a blue sports car with a woman. They looked like regular outsiders looking for fresh air.


My name is Green Cody Ant. I’m 15 and I remember meeting the girl of my dreams while camping.

Was she another camper? No. She was a survivor.

A girl with shoulder length hair of black, sparkly green eyes, and a heart of pure gold.

There was a problem; she was afraid of outer society. But, why separate each other just because of our neighborhood? That wouldn’t be a healthy relationship, would it?


The woman in the blue sports car opened the door and stepped out. She took a deep breath, then a sigh of relief.

“Come on boys,” she said in an optimistic voice. “Step out and take look at this beautiful nature!”

3 boys stepped out. One of the boys made me stare blankly with my heart pounding fast as a hornet. His hair was blonde, his eyes were a baby blue; oh, how I was starstruck!

Judging by the way he looked, I figured he was from the technology society.

I walked away with a rustle and heard “What was that?” I always expect those. But, I didn’t expect a boy following me. I stopped an turned. It was the boy that made me starstruck.

“Who are you?” he asked with a sweet but bold voice.

I froze solid in my place. I opened my mouth to say my name, but no words at all came out of my mouth. I turned around and ran to my shelter. I heard rustles behind me.  The full moon shined brightly, appearing the path to my home.

I stopped at the tree with a life raft and blankets circling it. I climbed up the branches but slipped. I was caught by the boy.


I caught the girl. I looked into her eyes. Green like grass except more vivid and sparkly. Her black hair went to her shoulders.

I stood her on her feet.

“Who are you?” I asked her.

She stared at me for a few moments then she said in a small voice, “I’m Icy Annabelle Lightning and you are?”

“Green Cody Ant,” I reply.

I heard ripples in the water, crickets singing, frogs croaking softly. This was a perfect song.

I grabbed her hand and twirled her.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?” Annabelle asked in a scared angry voice.

“We’re dancing.”

She remained silence for a minute as we danced. She finally started singing.

In the moonlight, we save each other

In the moonlight, we share a story

In the moonlight, we can be ourselves


A beautiful singer she was. We both leaned in close to each other and we kissed. Annabelle flinched back and flashed a sulky frown.

But, then leaned back in and kissed me again.


For the remainder of the week, we danced in the moonlight.

Finally, he had to leave.

“Come leave this place with me,” he asked.

I thought, and said “Okay, but only for you.”

He took me to the city. It looked scary but I was brave. Cody’s mother bought me some new clothes. I stayed there for a week until something terrible happened.


We went to get ice cream. Annabelle got vanilla and I got chocolate.

2 kids nearby lost their ball onto the street. She handed me her ice cream and went to get it. But, a car was rolling down the street she was on. “ANNABELLE! NO!” I screamed. She looked at me. I dropped my ice cream and went to save her, but it was too late. We both got hit.

We were rushed to the ER. I looked around for Annabelle and saw her.

We went into different emergency rooms.

2 hours later after being knocked out, I awoke.

I sat up  and saw my mother. “Annabelle! Where’s Annabelle?!?” I asked her.

“Cody, Annabelle died,” she replied in a soft sad voice.

I couldn’t believe it. My first true love is dead.

2 months later, I found another girl, but she wasn’t enough to fill the puncture in my heart.

Annabelle, I love you. It maybe late, but still. I’ll always think of you. ♥

♥♥♥The End♥♥♥


47 thoughts on “♥Short Story♥ Dancing In The Moonlight

    • That was a bit random. P.S White Wolf AKA Poison, Demigod Daughter of Hades,
      i liked ur story, and no offense but u might wanna work on ur skillz just a little. Some sentences u could’ve: 1.added commas 2. added more/different punctuation 3.flipped words 4.paraphrased ur idea and/or 5. Added more words
      Example:(This is your sentence before i fixed it) Who doesn’t want to get a breath of fresh air instead of the stuffy smoke kind.
      After fixing: Who doesn’t want to get a breath of fresh air, instead of the stuffy smoke?

  1. It’s not more dramatic, it is rather out of place with the rest of the story, if you ask me. And the story seems to rush too quick. But it is a short story. Interesting plot setting. Overall, 4 out of 5 stars.

  2. It’s a nice story. I don’t know about the Poptropica names, especially since you described them with eye colours and stuff, but that’s not a big problem. Eh, just I don’t get the ‘my heart was pounding fast as a hornet’. And I agree with Balloon Boy that it seemed to go pretty fast. I guess a little more detail. And I also don’t get that the others didn’t survive because they were ignoramuses. A three year old girl wouldn’t be very wise and you don’t really remember much from when you were three. But other than that your story was fun to read! 😀 I really liked it.

  3. The entire Poptropica main screen has changed! And Greg Heffley is in color for the new island! Maybe this was what they meant by history-making changes.

  4. i liked it but i think it was too sad it should of been she had amnesia nad forgot who he was and then he tries with all his might and heart to remind her that they loved eachother!! That would be so romantic and a not so sad ending! But hey its your story and you wrote what you wanted! 5 stars1 i really liked it! It would be a great book if you made it longer and published it!

    • Well i have saw a movie like that O.o but instead of the happy ending. The guy gets into a accident and also loses his memories and the girl helps him remember what they have gone through.
      Well that’s it. 😀

  5. also i believe that it is a little bit too odd for a 3 year old to be surviving through the forest without food. Hey , Raw Food! How can a 3 year old know what kind of mushroom it is! Poisonous mushrooms , she can’t even start a fire! How can a 3 year old do that ? Without even knowing anything.
    Or maybe she still drinks milk?
    Where does she drink?
    Where does she live?
    I know which is where? But btw. Nice story. Needs a little more details , yet , it was good. But i dunno.
    And she could just have looked around and see if there were cars passing by.
    Details , Details . I liked it! It was Great.
    I didn’t like it , i loved it 😀

  6. It seems unlikely a 3 yr old can survive. Also, its tacky to start off like ”Hi, my name is ______ and I’m ____ and I like ____ and this is what happened to me ______” Also, why does the boy want to know about her? Because she was just walking in the woods? And why does he love her so fast? Is it for her looks and voice? What about her personality. Eh.

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