This looks Wimpy Kid-ish, doesn’t it?

The new Creator’s post kinda confirmed  my thoughts.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess who?


This is a tough one!

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“History making”? Is it that they’re talking about
A. Poptropica’s first real sequel island (Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab didn’t count) or
B. Just the fact that Greg Heffley is coming to Poptropica again.
Yes, I get the fact that Jeff Kinney is one of the founders, but still. Third time. Ah well. We’ll just have to see.
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22 thoughts on “AGAIN?

  1. If you ask me, that’s from Monster Carnival, which is coming out mid to late 2012. And, rather obviously, it’s not a new island as they just released a new one yesterday.

  2. Captain Crawfish: I bet you can’t get it :o! And to make it even harder I’m going to put a picture there! 😮

    I wonder who it is…? xD

  3. The new Daily Pop sneak peek proves the carnival island has something to do with Wimpy Kid. Three possibilities:

    1. There will be a second Wimpy Kid Island AND Monster Carnival Island.

    2. Monster Carnival will have Greg Heffley and the Wimpy Kid stuff added into it.

    3. The creators wanted to bring back Monster Carnival, but decided to replace it with a wimpy-kid themed carnivalish island.

    I prefer Possiblity One. And don’t forget that space island the Daily Pop sneak peeks talked about.

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