I’ve decided…


a tribute of the Black Flags.

It was between that and the Seraphim, but then I noticed that orange wasn’t really my color, so I chose the Black Flags.

When it comes out for the public on June 14th, CB will be a Yellow Jacket member and Krimson will be a Wildfire member. So it works out, kinda.

So… which tribe did you choose?

Update: I almost fainted when I saw this:

Update 2: I screamed when I saw this:


Update 3: I cheered when I saw this:

Now let’s see…

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Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 19-year old girl from New Jersey. I’ve been a Poptropica Help blogger for 5 years, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

37 thoughts on “I’ve decided…

  1. First I chose Wildfire, but their costumes were weird. So I restarted and chose Flying Squids. :3 XD

    • And ikr about the archery! 😀

      …For some reason I came in second to last for that :\. I prefere it in real life. Harder on computer.

  2. Two things:

    1. I am Flying Squid, because they have the best uniform AND are first on the list.

    2. Has anyone noticed the recent islands are, well, different? See, in all Poptropica islands from 2007-2011, (excepting Reality TV) there was a problem on the island, you used items, exlpored, talked to people, and did things to help everyone out, and got the medallion in the end. But of the last 4 islands, only one of them has that. I call any islands like that Classic Poptropica.

    Let’s take a look at the islands:
    S.O.S.: Pretty basic. Rescue person, go back in ship, rescue person, go back in ship. Minimal item use. Not much interacting with other characters. Simple map. I’m not saying it wasn’t FUN. It may be my favorite island on Poptropica. But it still isn’t classic.

    Vampire’s Curse: Classic Poptropica. This is the only one of the four to be like that. Talking to people is minimal, but in other terms, complicated plot and map, problem-solving to help people, much use of items. This island was VERY unique in other ways. But it is classic.

    Twisted Thicket: Probably the most UNclassic island ever. Walk into the woods, enter the tree and watch the story unfold, then stop the construction people. It really is that simple. It took my about an hour the first time, 20 minutes the 2nd time, 14 minutes the 3rd time. Not counting the runes and amulet, no item use, no people interaction except while in story mode (where your cursor shows a loading symbol), basic map, no minigames (as stopping the consturctioners doesn’t really count as a minigame.)

    Poptropolis Games: As I’m only about half-way through this island, I can’t talk about all of it, but from what I can see so far, you just compete in tournaments over and over ’till you win.

    Poptropica is definitely changing. For the better or for the worse? It’s a matter of opinion. I do like the new islands, but I like the islands like Mythology, Cryptids, Superpower, and Astro-Knights better. I think this is something MAJOR going on in Poptropica. What does everyone think of this (including ST, BT, FD, IC, and all the rest, what do you guys think too)?

    -Balloon Boy

    P.S. Check out my story on the reader’s pages.

    • I agree. Also, I’m noticing Poptropica’s changing in another way too. Look at an early islands (1-23) as compared to the new ones (24-27) . Look at those pairs of scissors that almost killed you on Mystery Train. Look at the evolution of villains (although most of them have the cliché “take over the world” idea).
      I think the creators are rushing. And I think it may be semi-our faults. And by that, I mean, us fans.
      I mean, we always ask “When’s the next island coming out? When’s the next island coming out?”
      I would rather have the Creators spend more time on a “classic” adventure than to rush in a two month time period to release a “mediocre” quest, recycling stuff from old islands.
      I loved the islands like Ghost Story and before (I also liked Vampire’s Curse) more than these islands like SOS (something about that island I wasn’t crazy about), Twisted Thicket (needed something more) and Poptropolis Games (too much like Reality TV Island, and recycled a bunch of stuff).

      • I couldn’t have said it better, BT. The creators are rushing. I also think it might be they are focused on things besides islands, such as Poptropica Friends, Poptropica Toys, mini-quests, daily pop, store items, membership items, commercial advertisements, etc. Maybe they’re putting too much effort into the other stuff and not enough into the islands.

      • yes i agree with both of you. i mean…look at what was happening in poptropica about say 5 months ago. us poptropicans were doing fun islands like mystery train (you almost get killed), mythology( fighting Zues- AWESOME),and all except rtv was classic stop the villain poptropica. now look at it:
        SOS- not my favorite, very boring in my opinion, not much item use or talking, suggestion: when you are trying to get the captain out, you find out he is evil and he tries to sink you and escape by himself
        vampire curse- i actually loved that one. it was hard, fun, there was a villain, you had to have certain items, vampires are awesome
        twisted thicket- you dont need specific items, the villain is really boring, the story doesn’t go that deep, suggestion: idrk
        poptropolis games- very much like rtv except you dont get or need ANY items, no talking except the announcer, suggestion: the announcer turns evil and captures all the people after you win and you have to rescue them

      • Yeah, I agree with BT, too. Something changed between Ghost Story Island and SOS Island. It seems like it was around that time, maybe a little bit before, when the Creators started trying to mass produce islands. SOS and all the islands after it were definitely not as awesome as the islands before them. I don’t think membership is helping much, either. The Creators seem to be more focused on pleasing members than non-members, when they should be concerned about what everyone thinks.

      • for the worst and better kinda…… some islands are WAY to easy now, wheres the challenge!? and for the better because some (like vampires curse) are sorta still challenging (even tho i used a walkthrough for like the whole thing)

  3. If Prashant is here, I am joining Yellow jackets. I couldn’t decide, so I went random and got Yellow jackets.

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