Lights, Camera, REAction!

Oh, and apparently, Poptropica Friends is back! This means that I can go stalk Poptropicans’ profiles to see what the new fashions are… 😀

Well, I’ve actually got better things to do that to stalk others. I can be redoing islands for all those pictures… *takes a look at Astro Knights*


That lava dragon… Well, I’ll have to defeat you someday, won’t I? (:< Why not now?


Um, okay, on second though, maybe not now, now… I can do it later. Once I get an ice suit to wear… And someone to hide behind.

Monday, May 7, 2012

We’re back up!

Just in time for the week to begin, all of the Poptropica Friends features are back up and running! Sorry about that, folks. We’ve got our team of trained monkeys working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
avatar image
Well, I’m certainly happy that they’re back. I just wish I could take more than one quiz a day. And I wish I could delete costumes in my closet, ’cause I end up clicking too many times “save” and end up with like a thousand of one outfit. :/
~Christine (Super Thunder)

6 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, REAction!

  1. So now the creators are trained monkeys..? But I’m glad that Poptropica Friends came back :)!

  2. STALKER!!!!! 👿 😛 If you want to stalk people, just get a Twitter/Facebook account XP.

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