It’s just a larger Magic Mirror

Okay, more of Poptropica Friends! It looks like it’s going to come out pretty soon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trapped in the closet?

We can admit that we’re not perfect. One thing Poptropica is missing right now is an easy way to save the best costumes that you’ve put together. With Poptropica Friends, that will no longer be the case!

Another new feature with Poptropica Friends is the Costume Closet, which allows Members to store up to 30 unique costumes at a time. Not only that, but you can look through your friends’ closets and borrow their best costume ideas, as well.

There you have it! The days of putting together a spectacular costume and then having to get rid of it are almost over.

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You know, the fact that I can’t save outfits does bug me. But that’s JUST FOR MEMBERS!

I mean, I understand. Members do spend money on a kids’ game they might just outgrow someday. They need some privileges. But being a non-member, I feel rebellious. Eh. Whatever.

But I try to remember the components of the outfit and save rare pieces in the Magic Mirror. It’s not that hard. So while you can save a lot of stuff in the Costume Closet, don’t feel too bad about not getting this feature, non-members. You’re not missing much.

But looking through friends’ closets does seem nice. D:


13 thoughts on “It’s just a larger Magic Mirror

    • They could’ve kept it, but they removed it because Members get the special opportunity to save the costumes. The Costume Collector Card is in fact rare. I have one, but, it still is rare.

      We don’t know if they will bring it back, but I’m hopeful…

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